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Insta Mass Account creator (Not being maintained, feel free to fork)

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Actively not being maintained, due to different challenges. if you would like to maintain this project contact me!

Create a new virtualenv

  • Requirements:
    • run pip install -r requirements.txt

Download chrome driver
configure it to path


open in modules

Config Usage
chromedriver_path Path to chromedriver
bot_type Default is 1 to use selenium to create accounts or use 2 to use python requests
password General password for Each account generated to be able to login
use_local_ip_address using local Ip to create account, default is False
use_custom_proxy use your own custom proxy, Default is False change to True add list of proxies to Assets/proxies.txt
amount_of_account amount of account to create
proxy_file_path Path to the proxy file .txt format
amount_per_proxy for custom proxy, amount of account to create for each proxy
email_domain for custom domain name, is useful for use own email_domain
country the country of account
identity the complete name of created accounts

run python
All username are stored in Assets/usernames.txt


this script create account with random name get by the web and doesn't use random name or random usernames. All user created are older 18 years


  • The new fake Instagram account with an unverified phone number after ~ 1-24 hours could not do any requests. All requests will be redirected to the page


  • Fork this repo.
  • Add new features.
  • Create a new pull request for this branch.


Matteo Gaito

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