Fabulously Optimized

A Fabric-based Minecraft modpack focusing on performance and graphics enhancements.
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Sodium Fabric3,927
3 days ago387lgpl-3.0Java
A Fabric mod designed to improve frame rates and reduce micro-stutter
a day ago181lgpl-3.0Java
(WIP) A modern shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing OptiFine shader packs
8 days ago67apache-2.0Java
A set of Minecraft mods that provide a real time web-based map system for various Minecraft server implementations.
Lithium Fabric1,629
13 days ago25lgpl-3.0Java
A Fabric mod designed to improve the general performance of Minecraft without breaking things
24 days ago3
📝Minecraft developer Chinese guide,我的世界开发者中文指南
Fabric Carpet1,384
13 hours ago268mitJava
Fabric Carpet
Meteor Client1,295
13 hours ago465gpl-3.0Java
Based Minecraft utility mod.
Applied Energistics 21,180
8 hours ago88otherJava
A Minecraft Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..
Phosphor Fabric1,035
10 days ago6lgpl-3.0Java
A Fabric mod designed to dramatically improve the performance of Minecraft's lighting engine while fixing many bugs
a day ago42gpl-3.0Java
Allows the connection of newer clients to older server versions for Minecraft servers.
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Fabulously Optimized

A Fabric-based Minecraft modpack focusing on performance and graphics enhancements.

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Download from CurseForge Modrinth

Supports CurseForge Launcher, MultiMC, Prism Launcher, GDLauncher, and vanilla launcher. Install instructions

Alternative downloads

These downloads do not yet support the modpack or the mods :(

Not sure which edition is right for you? Check this handy table! | Feature/Edition | CurseForge Launcher | MultiMC | MultiMC (auto-update) | Prism Launcher | GDLauncher | Vanilla launcher (manual install) | |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| | Installation tutorial | Tutorial | Tutorial | Tutorial | Tutorial | Tutorial | Tutorial | | Easy install | | | | | | | | Easy pack upgrade | | | | | | | | Easy pack upgrade for newer MC | | | | | | | | Add mods with few clicks | | | | | | | | Supports the modpack and mods | | | | | | | | Can be used offline | | | | | | | | Linux support | | | | | | | | Unique feature | 1-click install | Nostalgic UI | Always up to date | Steam Deck support | Modern UI | Familiarity |

Supports the modpack by increasing its download count, but not with monetary benefits.


By using this modpack, you agree to the following:

  • The modpack has been set up to be compatible with the rules of most public third-party servers, but it is your responsibility to verify whether you are allowed to use it or not. By installing this modpack you agree that the modpack author, the mod developers and Mojang provide no warranties for using this modpack, every action you do with it is your own.
  • This modpack is using Starlight for chunk optimization and due to the way it works, disabling (or replacing) the mod will make your existing worlds initially load a bit slower. This is harmless, it simply means the game is calculating the lit up areas again with a different algorithm.
  • This modpack disables the third-party server disclaimer, so if you are using the multiplayer function, you also agree to the following:

    Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang Studios or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone.

    • The "social interactions" screen can be used by pressing the key P in-game or the Player Reporting button in the pause menu.
    • On servers where Mojang's chat reporting is optional, the modpack opts out of it for the playing user. Chat status icons are changed to provide more accurate information about the signing state of the server. Read more.
  • Fabulously Optimized does not host any capes or other cosmetics, nor does it encourage users to buy them from any provider. Instead, the modpack encourages users to prefer free cosmetics, while also giving them options to use any paid cosmetics they've previously obtained from certain providers.
  • Yes, you can fork/remix this pack according to the license. You cannot, however, use the "Fabulously Optimized" name or logo to represent your fork (but you can mention that you forked it).

Free badges for forks by Devin

Built on Fabulously Optimized

Markdown and HTML for Modrinth/GitHub below; for CurseForge just select and copy the image to get it with the link.

<!-- Markdown -->
[![Built on Fabulously Optimized](https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@intergrav/[email protected]/assets/cozy/built-with/fabulously-optimized_64h.png)](https://github.com/Fabulously-Optimized/fabulously-optimized)

<!-- HTML (resizeable) -->
<img alt="Built on Fabulously Optimized" height="56" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@intergrav/[email protected]/assets/cozy/built-with/fabulously-optimized_vector.svg">

Built on Fabulously Optimized

Markdown and HTML for Modrinth/GitHub below; for CurseForge just select and copy the image to get it with the link.

<!-- Markdown -->
![Built on Fabulously Optimized](https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@intergrav/[email protected]/assets/compact/built-with/fabulously-optimized_46h.png)
<!-- HTML (resizeable) -->
<img alt="Built on Fabulously Optimized" height="40" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@intergrav/[email protected]/assets/compact/built-with/fabulously-optimized_vector.svg">
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