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Dataset Release time # identities # cameras # images
VIPeR 2007 632 2 1264
ETH1,2,3 2007 85, 35, 28 1 8580
QMUL iLIDS 2009 119 2 476
GRID 2009 1025 8 1275
CAVIAR4ReID 2011 72 2 1220
3DPeS 2011 192 8 1011
PRID2011 2011 934 2 24541
V47 2011 47 2 752
WARD 2012 70 3 4786
SAIVT-Softbio 2012 152 8 64472
CUHK01 2012 971 2 3884
CUHK02 2013 1816 10(5 pairs) 7264
CUHK03 2014 1467 10(5 pairs) 13164
RAiD 2014 43 4 6920
iLIDS-VID 2014 300 2 42495
MPR Drone 2014 84 1
HDA Person Dataset 2014 53 13 2976
Shinpuhkan Dataset 2014 24 16
CASIA Gait Database B 2015 124 11
Market1501 2015 1501 6 32217
PKU-Reid 2016 114 2 1824
PRW 2016 932 6 34,304
CUHK-SYSU 2016 8,432 - 18,184
MARS 2016 1261 6 1,191,003
DukeMTMC-reID (offline) 2017 1812 8 36441
Airport 2017 9651 6 39902
MSMT17 2018 4101 15 126441
RPIfield 2018 112 12 601,581
LS-VID 2019 3,772 15 2,982,685
PersonX 2019 1,266 6 273,456
COCAS 2020 5,266 - 62,382



  • Person search: New paradigm of person re-identification: A survey and outlook of recent works (IVC2020) [paper]
  • Deep Learning for Person Re-identification: A Survey and Outlook (arXiv) [arxiv]
  • A Survey of Open-World Person Re-identification (T-CSVT2019) [paper]
  • A Systematic Evaluation and Benchmark for Person Re-Identification: Features, Metrics, and Datasets (T-PAMI2018) [paper][github] [arxiv]
  • Person Re-identification: Past, Present and Future (arXiv2016) [arxiv]
  • A survey of approaches and trends in person re-identification (Image and Vision Computing 2014) [paper]
  • Appearance Descriptors for Person Re-identification: a Comprehensive Review (arXiv2013) [arxiv]
  • People reidentification in surveillance and forensics: A survey (CSUR2013) [paper]
  • Intelligent multi-camera video surveillance: A review (PR Letters2013) [paper]

Methods dealing with the lack of labelled data

  • Unsupervised Person Re-Identification via Softened Similarity Learning (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Unsupervised Person Re-identification via Multi-label Classification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Asymetric Co-Teaching for Unsupervised Cross Domain Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Domain Adaptive Attention Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020)
  • Tracklet Self-Supervised Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020) [paper]
  • [SHRED] Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Person re-ID via k-Reciprocal Clustering and Large-Scale Heterogeneous Environment Synthesis (WACV2020) [paper]
  • [CamStyle] CamStyle: A Novel Data Augmentation Method for Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • [DGM+] Dynamic Graph Co-Matching for Unsupervised Video-Based Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [t-MTL] Tensor Multi-task Learning for Person Re-identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [UTAL] Unsupervised Tracklet Person Re-Identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper][github]
  • [MAR] Unsupervised Person Re-identification by Soft Multilabel Learning (CVPR2019)(Oral) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • [E2E] Unsupervised Person Image Generation with Semantic Parsing Transformation (CVPR2019)(Oral) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • [PAUL] Patch-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [BUC] A Bottom-Up Clustering Approach to Unsupervised Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) (Oral) [paper] [github]
  • Weakly Supervised Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Distilled Person Re-identification: Towards a More Scalable System (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [SSG++] Self-similarity Grouping: A Simple Unsupervised Cross Domain Adaptation Approach for Person Re-identification (ICCV2019) (Oral) [paper][arxiv]
  • [UCDA-CCE] A Novel Unsupervised Camera-Aware Domain Adaptation Framework for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Self-Training With Progressive Augmentation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [UGA] Unsupervised Graph Association for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • [CFCL] Unsupervised Person Re-Identification by Camera-Aware Similarity Consistency Learning (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • [PDA-Net] Cross-Dataset Person Re-Identification via Unsupervised Pose Disentanglement and Adaptation (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Deep Reinforcement Active Learning for Human-in-the-Loop Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019)(Oral) [paper]
  • [TJ-AIDL] Transferable Joint Attribute-Identity Deep Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Unsupervised Cross-Dataset Person Re-Identification by Transfer Learning of Spatial-Temporal Patterns (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [DAsy] Domain Adaptation through Synthesis for Unsupervised Person Re-identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [RACE] Robust Anchor Embedding for Unsupervised Video Person Re-Identification in the Wild (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [TAUDL] Unsupervised Person Re-identification by Deep Learning Tracklet Association (ECCV2018)(Oral) [paper]
  • [CAMEL] Cross-View Asymmetric Metric Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification (ICCV2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Stepwise Metric Promotion for Unsupervised Video Person Re-Identification (ICCV2017) [paper]
  • [UDAP] Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-Identification: Theory and Practice (arXiv2018) [paper]
  • [ECN] Invariance Matters: Exemplar Memory for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [CDs] Clustering and Dynamic Sampling Based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification (ICME2019) [paper]
  • [ARN] Adaptation and reidentification network: An unsupervised deep transfer learning approach to person re-identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • [HHL] Generalizing a person retrieval model hetero-and homogeneously (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [DECAMEL] Unsupervised person re- identification by deep asymmetric metric embedding (PAMI2019) [paper]
  • [SPGAN+LMP] Image-image domain adaptation with preserved self-similarity and domain-dissimilarity for person re-identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • [MMFA] Multi-task mid-level feature alignment network for un- supervised cross-dataset person re-identification (BMVC2018) [paper]
  • [CycleGAN] Unpaired image-to- image translation using cycle-consistent adversarial networks (ICCV2017) [paper]
  • [PUL] Unsupervised person re-identification: Clustering and fine-tuning (TOMM2018) [paper]
  • [PTGAN] Person transfer gan to bridge domain gap for person re-identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • [proposed] Video-Based Person Re-Identification Using Unsupervised Tracklet Matching (Access2019) [paper]
  • [DAL] Deep association learning for unsupervised video person re-identification (BMVC2018) [paper]
  • [SMP]* Stepwise metric promotion for unsupervised video person re-identification (ICCV2017) [paper]
  • [PAM+LOMO] Multi-shot person re-identification using part appearance mixture (WACV) [paper]
  • [DGM+IDE] Dynamic label graph matching for unsupervised video re-identification (ICCV2017) [paper]
  • [MDTS] Person re-identification by unsupervised video matching (PR2017) [paper]


  • COCAS: A Large-Scale Clothes Changing Person Dataset for Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Online Joint Multi-Metric Adaptation From Frequent Sharing-Subset Mining for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Style Normalization and Restitution for Generalizable Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Unsupervised Person Re-Identification via Softened Similarity Learning (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Transferable, Controllable, and Inconspicuous Adversarial Attacks on Person Re-identification With Deep Mis-Ranking (CVPR2020)(Oral) [paper]
  • Inter-Task Association Critic for Cross-Resolution Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020)(Oral) [paper]
  • Learning Multi-Granular Hypergraphs for Video-Based Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Relation-Aware Global Attention for Person Re-identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Video-based Person Re-identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Salience-Guided Cascaded Suppression Network for Person Re-identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Bi-directional Interaction Network for Person Search (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Instance Guided Proposal Network for Person Search (CVPR2020)(Oral) [paper]
  • AD-Cluster: Augmented Discriminative Clustering for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Unity Style Transfer for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • High-Order Information Matters: Learning Relation and Topology for Occluded Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Robust Partial Matching for Person Search in the Wild (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Weakly Supervised Discriminative Feature Learning with State Information for Person Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Hi-CMD: Hierarchical Cross-Modality Disentanglement for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Learning Longterm Representations for Person Re-Identification Using Radio Signals (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Camera On-boarding for Person Re-identification using Hypothesis Transfer Learning (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Cross-modality Person re-identification with Shared-Specific Feature Transfer (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Hierarchical Clustering with Hard-batch Triplet Loss for Person Re-identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Real-world Person Re-Identification via Degradation Invariance Learning (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Unsupervised Person Re-identification via Multi-label Classification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Smoothing Adversarial Domain Attack and p-Memory Reconsolidation for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Norm-Aware Embedding for Efficient Person Search (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • TCTS: A Task-Consistent Two-stage Framework for Person Search (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Pose-guided Visible Part Matching for Occluded Person ReID (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Cross-Modal Cross-Domain Moment Alignment Network for Person Search (CVPR2020) [paper]
  • Uncertainty-aware Multi-shot Knowledge Distillation for Image-based Object Re-identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Infrared-Visible Cross-Modal Person Re-Identification with an X Modality (AAAI2020)
  • Single Camera Training for Person Re-identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Cross-Modality Paired-Images Generation for RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Relation-Guided Spatial Attention and Temporal Refinement for Video-based Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020)
  • Semantics-Aligned Representation Learning for Person Re-identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Relation Network for Person Re-identification (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Appearance and Motion Enhancement for Video-based Person Re-identification (AAAI2020)
  • Rethinking Temporal Fusion for Video-based Person Re-identification on Semantic and Time Aspect (AAAI2020) [arxiv]
  • Frame-Guided Region-Aligned Representation for Video Person Re-identification (AAAI2020)
  • Viewpoint-Aware Loss with Angular Regularization for Person Re-Identification (AAAI2020)
  • Semantic Consistency and Identity Mapping Multi-Component Generative Adversarial Network for Person Re-Identification (WACV2020) [paper]
  • [SCR] Learning Discriminative and Generalizable Representations by Spatial-Channel Partition for Person Re-Identification (WACV2020) [paper]
  • Video Person Re-Identification using Learned Clip Similarity Aggregation (WACV2020) [paper]
  • Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification (WACV2020) [paper]
  • Temporal Aggregation with Clip-level Attention for Video-based Person Re-identification (WACV2020) [paper]
  • Calibrated Domain-Invariant Learning for Highly Generalizable Large Scale Re-Identification (WACV2020) [paper]


  • [REGCT] Robust and Efficient Graph Correspondence Transfer for Person Re-identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [DHA] Learning Sparse and Identity-preserved Hidden Attributes for Person Re-identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [RAP] A Richly Annotated Pedestrian Dataset for Person Retrieval in Real Surveillance Scenarios (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • [SCAN] SCAN: Self-and-Collaborative Attention Network for Video Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • [FANN] Discriminative Feature Learning With Foreground Attention for Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • Progressive Learning for Person Re-Identification With One Example (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • [PIE] Pose-Invariant Embedding for Deep Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [UVDL] Uniform and Variational Deep Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition and Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [CI-CNN] Context-Interactive CNN for Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [k-KISSME] Kernel Distance Metric Learning Using Pairwise Constraints for Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • [MpRL] Multi-Pseudo Regularized Label for Generated Data in Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper][github]
  • Deep Representation Learning With Part Loss for Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [TRL] Video Person Re-Identification by Temporal Residual Learning (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [STAL] Spatial-Temporal Attention-Aware Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification (TIP2019) [paper]
  • [MuDeep] Leader-based Multi-Scale Attention Deep Architecture for Person Re-identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • Learning Part-based Convolutional Features for Person Re-identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • [PGR] Pose-Guided Representation Learning for Person Re-Identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • [HGD] Hierarchical Gaussian Descriptors with Application to Person Re-Identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • A Graph-based Approach for Making Consensus-based Decisions in Image Search and Person Re-identification (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • [KPM|RW] Person Re-identification with Deep Kronecker-Product Matching and Group-shuffling Random Walk (T-PAMI2019) [paper]
  • [MHP] Fine-Grained Multi-human Parsing (IJCV2019) [paper]
  • [TPI] Tracking Persons-of-Interest via Unsupervised Representation Adaptation (IJCV2019) [paper]
  • [FCDSC] Multi-target Tracking in Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras Using Fast-Constrained Dominant Sets (IJCV2019) [paper]
  • [DAN] Learning Discriminative Aggregation Network for Video-Based Face Recognition and Person Re-identification (IJCV2019) [paper]
  • Learning Disentangled Representation for Robust Person Re-identification (NeurIPS2019) [paper]
  • [AlignedReID++] AlignedReID++: Dynamically matching local information for person re-identification (PR2019) [paper]
  • [MSP-CNN] Multi-level Similarity Perception Network for Person Re-identification (TOMM2019) [paper]
  • Discriminative Representation Learning for Person Re-identification via Multi-loss Training (JVCIR2019) [paper]
  • [DG-Net] Joint Discriminative and Generative Learning for Person Re-identification (CVPR2019)(Oral) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [DSA-reID] Densely Semantically Aligned Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [DIMN] Generalizable Person Re-identification by Domain-Invariant Mapping Network (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [CASN] Re-Identification with Consistent Attentive Siamese Networks (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Invariance Matters: Exemplar Memory for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • Re-ranking via Metric Fusion for Object Retrieval and Person Re-identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • Progressive Pose Attention Transfer for Person Image Generation (CVPR2019)(Oral) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • Learning to Reduce Dual-level Discrepancy for Infrared-Visible Person Re-identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • Text Guided Person Image Synthesis (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Learning Context Graph for Person Search (CVPR2019)(Oral) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • [QEEPS] Query-guided End-to-End Person Search (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • Multi-person Articulated Tracking with Spatial and Temporal Embeddings (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Dissecting Person Re-identification from the Viewpoint of Viewpoint (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • [CAMA] Towards Rich Feature Discovery with Class Activation Maps Augmentation for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [VRSTC] VRSTC: Occlusion-Free Video Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [ATNet] Adaptive Transfer Network for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [Pyramid] Pyramidal Person Re-IDentification via Multi-Loss Dynamic Training (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [IANet] Interaction-and-Aggregation Network for Person Re-identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • Skin-based identification from multispectral image data using CNNs (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [VPM] Perceive Where to Focus: Learning Visibility-Aware Part-Level Features for Partial Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper] [github]
  • Attribute-Driven Feature Disentangling and Temporal Aggregation for Video Person Re-Identification (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • DeepFashion2: A Versatile Benchmark for Detection, Pose Estimation, Segmentation and Re-Identification of Clothing Images (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • [AANe] AANet: Attribute Attention Network for Person Re-Identifications (CVPR2019) [paper]
  • Re-Identification Supervised Texture Generation (CVPR2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [st-ReID] Spatial-Temporal Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv] [github]
  • Learning Resolution-Invariant Deep Representations for Person Re-Identification (AAAI2019)(Oral) [paper]
  • [HSME] HSME: Hypersphere Manifold Embedding for Visible Thermal Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) [paper]
  • [HPM] Horizontal Pyramid Matching for Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv]
  • [STA] STA: Spatial-Temporal Attention for Large-Scale Video-based Person Re-Identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv]
  • Multi-scale 3D Convolution Network for Video Based Person Re-Identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv]
  • Backbone Can Not be Trained at Once: Rolling Back to Pre-trained Network for Person Re-Identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv] [github]
  • Spatial and Temporal Mutual Promotion for Video-based Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv]
  • Learning Incremental Triplet Margin for Person Re-identification (AAAI2019) [arxiv]
  • [KVM-MN] Learning A Key-Value Memory Co-Attention Matching Network for Person ReIdentification (AAAI2019) [paper]
  • [ABD-Net] ABD-Net: Attentive but Diverse Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [github] [paper] [arxiv]
  • [advPattern] advPattern: Physical-World Attacks on Deep Person Re-Identification via Adversarially Transformable Patterns (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Instance-Guided Context Rendering for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Mixed High-Order Attention Network for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Recover and Identify: A Generative Dual Model for Cross-Resolution Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Pose-Guided Feature Alignment for Occluded Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Robust Person Re-Identification by Modelling Feature Uncertainty (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Co-Segmentation Inspired Attention Networks for Video-Based Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • RGB-Infrared Cross-Modality Person Re-Identification via Joint Pixel and Feature Alignment (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Beyond Human Parts: Dual Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Batch DropBlock Network for Person Re-Identification and Beyond (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Omni-Scale Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Auto-ReID: Searching for a Part-Aware ConvNet for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Second-Order Non-Local Attention Networks for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Global-Local Temporal Representations for Video Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv] [github]
  • Spectral Feature Transformation for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • View Confusion Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • MVP Matching: A Maximum-Value Perfect Matching for Mining Hard Samples, With Application to Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Discriminative Feature Learning With Consistent Attention Regularization for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Foreground-Aware Pyramid Reconstruction for Alignment-Free Occluded Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • SBSGAN: Suppression of Inter-Domain Background Shift for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Self-Critical Attention Learning for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper]
  • Temporal Knowledge Propagation for Image-to-Video Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Deep Constrained Dominant Sets for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2019) [paper] [arxiv]


  • [MGN] Learning Discriminative Features with Multiple Granularities for Person Re-Identification (ACMMM2018) [paper]
  • [FD-GAN] FD-GAN: Pose-guided Feature Distilling GAN for Robust Person Re-identification (NeurIPS2018) [paper]
  • [Multi-pseudo] Multi-pseudo regularized label for generated data in person re-identification (TIP2018) [paper] [arxiv]
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  • Diversity Regularized Spatiotemporal Attention for Video-Based Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • A Pose-Sensitive Embedding for Person Re-Identification With Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-Ranking (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Image-Image Domain Adaptation With Preserved Self-Similarity and Domain-Dissimilarity for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Video Person Re-Identification With Competitive Snippet-Similarity Aggregation and Co-Attentive Snippet Embedding (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Mask-Guided Contrastive Attention Model for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Person Re-Identification With Cascaded Pairwise Convolutions (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • [MLFN] Multi-Level Factorisation Net for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Attention-Aware Compositional Network for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Deep Group-Shuffling Random Walk for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [HA-CNN] Harmonious Attention Network for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Efficient and Deep Person Re-Identification Using Multi-Level Similarity (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [PT] Pose Transferrable Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Adversarially Occluded Samples for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Camera Style Adaptation for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Exploit the Unknown Gradually: One-Shot Video-Based Person Re-Identification by Stepwise Learning (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Dual Attention Matching Network for Context-Aware Feature Sequence Based Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Easy Identification From Better Constraints: Multi-Shot Person Re-Identification From Reference Constraints (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Eliminating Background-Bias for Robust Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • End-to-End Deep Kronecker-Product Matching for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Exploiting Transitivity for Learning Person Re-Identification Models on a Budget (CVPR2018) [paper]
  • Deep Spatial Feature Reconstruction for Partial Person Re-Identification: Alignment-Free Approach (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Resource Aware Person Re-Identification Across Multiple Resolutions (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [DeformGAN] Deformable GANs for Pose-Based Human Image Generation (CVPR2018) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Maximum Margin Metric Learning Over Discriminative Nullspace for Person Re-identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Generalizing A Person Retrieval Model Hetero- and Homogeneously (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Person Search in Videos with One Portrait Through Visual and Temporal Links (ECCV2018) [paper] [github]
  • Person Search by Multi-Scale Matching (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Person Re-identification with Deep Similarity-Guided Graph Neural Network (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [PN-GAN] Pose-Normalized Image Generation for Person Re-identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Person Search via A Mask-guided Two-stream CNN Model (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Improving Deep Visual Representation for Person Re-identification by Global and Local Image-language Association (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Hard-Aware Point-to-Set Deep Metric for Person Re-identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Reinforced Temporal Attention and Split-Rate Transfer for Depth-Based Person Re-Identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • Adversarial Open-World Person Re-Identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [Part-aligned] Part-Aligned Bilinear Representations for Person Re-Identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [Mancs] Mancs: A Multi-task Attentional Network with Curriculum Sampling for Person Re-identification (ECCV2018) [paper]
  • [PCB] Beyond Part Models: Person Retrieval with Refined Part Pooling (and A Strong Convolutional Baseline) (ECCV2018) [paper]


  • [SHaPE] SHaPE: A Novel Graph Theoretic Algorithm for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Person Re-Identification Systems (ICCV2017) [paper]
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  • A Two Stream Siamese Convolutional Neural Network for Person Re-Identification (ICCV2017) [paper]
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  • [DCF] Learning Deep Context-Aware Features Over Body and Latent Parts for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Beyond Triplet Loss: A Deep Quadruplet Network for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Spindle Net: Person Re-Identification With Human Body Region Guided Feature Decomposition and Fusion (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Re-Ranking Person Re-Identification With k-Reciprocal Encoding (CVPR2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Person Re-Identification in the Wild (CVPR2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • [SSM] Scalable Person Re-Identification on Supervised Smoothed Manifold (CVPR2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • One-Shot Metric Learning for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Joint Detection and Identification Feature Learning for Person Search (CVPR2017) [paper] [arxiv]
  • Multiple People Tracking by Lifted Multicut and Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Point to Set Similarity Based Deep Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Fast Person Re-Identification via Cross-Camera Semantic Binary Transformation (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • See the Forest for the Trees: Joint Spatial and Temporal Recurrent Neural Networks for Video-Based Person Re-Identification (CVPR2017) [paper]
  • Consistent-Aware Deep Learning for Person Re-Identification in a Camera Network (CVPR2017) [paper]


The section is being continually updated. Note that some values have superscript, which indicates their source.


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] mAP
2017--CVPR DCF 80.3 57.5
2017--CVPR SSM 82.2 68.8
2017--ICCV SVDNet 82.3 62.1
2017--ICCV LSRO 84.0 66.1
2018--CVPR DeformGAN 80.6 61.3
2018--T-CSVT PAN 82.8 63.4
2018--TIP Multi-pseudo 85.8 67.5
2018--CVPR PT 87.7 68.9
2018--ECCV PN-GAN 89.4 72.6
2018--CVPR MLFN 90.0 74.3
2018--NeurIPS FD-GAN 90.5 77.7
2018--CVPR HA-CNN 91.2 75.7
2018--ECCV Part-aligned 91.7 79.6
2018--ECCV Mancs 93.1 82.3
2018--ACMMM MGN 95.7 86.9
2019--PR AlignedReID++ 91.0 77.6
2019--CVPR VPM 93.0 80.8
2019--CVPR AANet 93.93 83.41
2019--AAAI HPM 94.2 82.7
2019--CVPR CASN 94.4 82.8
2019--CVPR IANet 94.4 83.1
2019--CVPR CAMA 94.7 84.5
2019--CVPR DG-Net 94.8 86.0
2019--ICCV ABD-Net 95.60 88.28
2019--CVPR DSA-reID 95.7 87.6
2019--CVPR Pyramid 95.7 88.2
2019--AAAI st-ReID 97.2 86.7


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] mAP
2018--NeurIPS FD-GAN 80.0 64.5
2018--ECCV Mancs 84.9 71.8
2018--ACMMM MGN 88.7 78.4
2019--PR AlignedReID++ 80.7 68.0
2019--CVPR VPM 83.6 72.6
2019--CVPR CAMA 85.8 72.9
2019--CVPR DSA-reID 86.2 74.3
2019--AAAI HPM 86.6 74.3
2019--CVPR DG-Net 86.6 74.8
2019--CVPR IANet 87.1 73.4
2019--CVPR AANet 87.65 74.29
2019--CVPR CASN 87.7 73.7
2019--ICCV ABD-Net 89.0 78.59
2019--CVPR Pyramid 89.0 79.0
2019--AAAI st-ReID 94.0 82.8


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] mAP
2019--CVPR IANet 75.5 46.8
2019--CVPR DG-Net 77.2 52.3



Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] mAP
2019--ICCV UGA 87.2 70.3
2019--ICCV SSG++ 86.2 94.6 96.5 68.7
2018--arXiv UDAP 75.8 89.5 93.2 53.7
2019--ICCV PDA-Net 75.2 86.3 90.2 47.6
2019--CVPR ECN 75.1 87.6 91.6 43.0
2019--ICME CDs 71.6 81.2 84.7 39.9
2018--CVPR ARN 70.3 80.4 86.3 39.4
2019--PAMI UTAL 69.2 46.2
2019--CVPR PAUL 68.5 82.4 87.4 40.1
2019--CVPR MAR 67.7 81.9 40.0
2018--ECCV DASy 65.7
2019--ICCV CFCL 65.4 80.6 86.2 35.5
2019--ICCV UCDA-CCE 64.3 34.5
2018--ECCV TAUDL 63.7 41.2
2018--ECCV HHL 62.2 78.8 84.0 31.4
2019--AAAI BUC 61.9 73.5 78.2 29.6
2019--PAMI DECAMEL 60.2 76.0 32.4
2019--TIP CamStyle 58.8 78.2 84.3 31.4
2018--CVPR TJ-AIDL 58.2 74.8 81.1 26.5
2018--CVPR SPGAN+LMP 57.7 75.8 82.4 26.7
2018--BMVC MMFA 56.7 75.0 81.8 27.4
2017--ICCV CAMEL 54.5 73.1 26.3
2018--CVPR SPGAN 51.5 70.1 76.8 27.1


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] mAP
2019--ICCV SSG++ 76.0 85.8 89.3 60.3
2019--ICCV UGA 75.0 53.3
2019--CVPR PAUL 72.0 82.7 86.0 53.2
2019--PAMI UTAL 69.2 46.2
2018--arXiv UDAP 68.4 80.1 83.5 49.0
2019--ICME CDs 67.2 75.9 79.4 42.7
2019--CVPR MAR 67.1 79.8 48.0
2019--CVPR ECN 63.3 75.8 80.4 40.4
2019--ICCV PDA-Net 63.2 77.0 82.5 45.1
2018--ECCV TAUDL 61.7 43.5
2018--CVPR ARN 60.2 73.9 79.5 33.4
2019--ICCV CFCL 59.3 73.2 77.8 37.8
2019--ICCV UCDA-CCE 55.4 36.7
2019--TIP CamStyle 48.4 62.5 68.9 25.1
2018--ECCV HHL 46.9 61.0 66.7 27.2
2018--CVPR SPGAN+LMP 46.4 62.3 68.0 26.2
2018--BMVC MMFA 45.3 59.8 66.3 24.7
2018--CVPR TJ-AIDL 44.3 59.6 65.0 23.0
2018--CVPR SPGAN 41.1 56.6 63.0 22.3
2019--AAAI BUC 40.4 52.5 58.2 22.1
2017--ICCV CAMEL 40.3 57.6 19.8
2017--ICCV CycleGAN 38.5 19.9
2018--TOMM PUL 30.0 43.4 48.5 16.4
2018--CVPR PTGAN 27.4 43.6 50.7 13.5


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
2019--Access proposed 91.7 96.7 98.7
2018--BMVC DAL 85.3 97.0 99.6
2019--TIP DGM+ 81.4 95.8 98.3 99.6
2017--ICCV SMP* 80.9 93.3 97.8 99.4
2017--ICCV DGM+MLAPG 73.1 92.5 99.0
2017--WACV PAM+LOMO 70.6 90.2 97.1
2017--ICCV DGM+IDE 56.4 81.3 96.4
2019--PAMI UTAL 54.7 83.1 96.2
2018--ECCV RACE 50.6 79.4 91.8
2018--ECCV TAUDL 49.4 78.7 98.9
2018--ECCV DAsy 43.0
2017--PR MDTS 41.7 67.1 79.4 90.1


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
2019--Access proposed 79.1 93.5 97.5
2018--BMVC DAL 56.9 80.6 91.9
2018--ECCV DAsy 56.5
2017--ICCV SMP* 41.7 66.3 74.1 80.7
2017--ICCV DGM+MLAPG 37.1 61.3 82.0
2019--PAMI UTAL 35.1 59.0 83.8
2017--WACV PAM+LOMO 33.3 57.8 80.5
2017--PR MDTS 31.5 62.1 72.8 82.4
2018--ECCV TAUDL 26.7 51.3 82.0
2018--ECCV RACE 19.3 39.3 68.7


Year-Conference/Journal Method [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] mAP
2019--PAMI UTAL 49.9 66.4 77.8 35.2
2018--BMVC DAL 46.8 63.9 77.5 21.4
2018--ECCV TAUDL 43.8 59.9 72.8 29.1
2018--ECCV RACE 43.2 57.1 67.6 24.5
2019--Access proposed 39.7 53.2 64.1 20.1
2017--ICCV DGM+MLAPG 24.6 42.6 57.2 11.8
2017--ICCV SMP* 23.9 35.8 44.9 10.5

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