数学知识点滴积累 矩阵 数值优化 神经网络反向传播 图优化 概率论 随机过程 卡尔曼滤波 粒子滤波 数学函数拟合
Alternatives To Mathematics
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4 years agoMATLAB
数学知识点滴积累 矩阵 数值优化 神经网络反向传播 图优化 概率论 随机过程 卡尔曼滤波 粒子滤波 数学函数拟合
8 years agomitLua
Lua script converting expression in very simple syntax to a proper LaTeX code for ZIM editor
Rvc Notation15
3 years ago2mitTeX
RVC notation
Beamer Theme Matrix15
10 years agomitPython
Shows variations of the Beamer LaTeX package's themes and color themes
2 years ago1gpl-3.0Python
Python/MATLAB matrix to LaTeX table converter, originally by Øystein Bjørndal
Furry Spork Latex9
6 years agoPython
From a image containing the handwritten automaton, generating the latex code from it.
3 years agomitJupyter Notebook
高等工程数学/Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Herc Handwritten Equation Recognition Classification9
12 years agoMatlab
While handwriting provides an efficient means to write mathematical symbols quickly, it is a poor medium for rapid exchange and editing of documents. Meanwhile, advanced typesetting systems like LaTeX and MathML have provided an environment where mathematical symbols can be typeset with precision, but at the cost of typing time and a steep learning curve. In order to facilitate the exchange, preservation and ease of editing of mathematical documents, we propose a method of offline handwritten equational recognition. Our system takes a handwritten document, for example a students calculus homework, then partitions, classifies and parses the document into LaTeX.
Better Markdown Latex Shortcuts7
2 years agomitTypeScript
Providing some useful shortcuts for markdown with latex.
Latex Access Matrix7
7 years agogpl-2.0Python
Alternatives To Mathematics
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