Delphi Web Script general purpose scripting engine
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Datasette7,806351302 days ago120May 02, 2022511apache-2.0Python
An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data
Visidata6,583554 days ago48December 16, 202181gpl-3.0Python
A terminal spreadsheet multitool for discovering and arranging data
Trdsql1,495221 days ago46January 19, 202213mitGo
CLI tool that can execute SQL queries on CSV, LTSV, JSON and TBLN. Can output to various formats.
8 months ago21mitC++
Easy to use C++17 HTTP Server with no compromise on performances. https://matt-42.github.io/lithium
a day ago38otherC
pmacct is a small set of multi-purpose passive network monitoring tools [NetFlow IPFIX sFlow libpcap BGP BMP RPKI IGP Streaming Telemetry].
Nano Sql77119122 years ago154June 03, 2019n,ullmitTypeScript
Universal database layer for the client, server & mobile devices. It's like Lego for databases.
124 days ago85March 27, 20226mitPython
A CLI tool to convert CSV / Excel / HTML / JSON / Jupyter Notebook / LDJSON / LTSV / Markdown / SQLite / SSV / TSV / Google-Sheets to a SQLite database file.
Pytablewriter53639383 months ago121March 21, 20226mitPython
pytablewriter is a Python library to write a table in various formats: AsciiDoc / CSV / Elasticsearch / HTML / JavaScript / JSON / LaTeX / LDJSON / LTSV / Markdown / MediaWiki / NumPy / Excel / Pandas / Python / reStructuredText / SQLite / TOML / TSV.
Doctrinejsonfunctions4508152 months ago21October 10, 202210mitPHP
Doctrine DQL functions for SQL JSON data type
Chineseutil444422 years ago15October 14, 20211mitPHP
PHP 中文工具包,支持汉字转拼音、拼音分词、简繁互转、数字、金额大写;QQ群:17916227
Alternatives To Dwscript
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DelphiWebScript Project

Main repository and issue tracker is at https://bitbucket.org/egrange/dwscript/ and a GitHub mirror is at EricGrange/DWScript

DWScript is an object-oriented scripting engine for Delphi based on the Delphi language, with extensions borrowed from other Pascal languages (FreePascal, Prism, etc.). It introduces a few Pascal language extensions of its own as well.

Goals of the project go beyond web usages, and cover general purpose scripting.

To get started see FirstSteps or [Language], for news see the posts tagged "DWS" at DelphiTools.info. You can also have a look at the [FAQ]. If you have other questions related to DWScript programming, usage or integration, StackOverflow is a good place to ask them. For bugs, use the Issues tracker.

This project is currently maintained by Eric Grange (http://delphitools.info), and sponsored by Creative IT, it is based on original DWS2 by Matthias Ackermann (http://sourceforge.net/projects/dws/) initiated way back in the last century.

DWScript lead platform is currently Delphi 10.3, compatibility with older Delphi version is not officially maintained, it may work, or it may not.


DWScript is released under Mozilla Public License 1.1 which, in short, means that it's free to use in open or closed source projects, free or commercial, provided you honor the following requirements:

  • any application that makes use of DWScript, or is compiled by DWScript should "conspicuously" include a reference to DWScript in its credits, and include or link to the DWScript source files.
  • modification to the source have to be made public under MPL. If you can't or don't want to satisfy the above requirements, contact the project manager for use under other license schemes.

The JavaScript CodeGen is currently licensed under GPL v3.

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