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  • Online:

  • Distribution tarball:

    • ChangeLog: History of features version by version
    • CONFIG-KEYS: Available configuration directives explained
    • QUICKSTART: Examples, command-lines, quickstart guides
    • FAQS: FAQ document
    • docs/: Miscellaneous internals, UNIX signals, SQL triggers documents
    • examples/: Sample configs, maps, AMQP/Kafka consumers, clients
    • sql/: SQL documentation, default SQL schemas and customization tips


Official pmacct docker images can be found in docker hub. To use them, simply (e.g. sfacctd):

 ~# docker pull pmacct/sfacctd:latest
 ~# docker run -v /path/to/sfacctd.conf:/etc/pmacct/sfacctd.conf pmacct/sfacctd

For more details, options and troubleshooting please read the Docker documentation section


Resolve dependencies, ie.:

  • apt-get install libpcap-dev pkg-config libtool autoconf automake make bash libstdc++-dev g++ for [Debian/Ubuntu]
  • yum install libpcap-devel pkgconfig libtool autoconf automake make bash libstdc++-devel gcc-c++ for [CentOS/RHEL]

Build GitHub code:

 ~# git clone
 ~# cd pmacct
 ~#  ./
 ~# ./configure #check-out available configure knobs via ./configure --help
 ~#  make
 ~#  make install #with super-user permission


The pmacct project is looking to make its code base available under a more permissive BSD-style license. More information about the motivation and process can be found in this announcement.


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