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  • Online:

  • Distribution tarball:

    • ChangeLog: History of features version by version
    • CONFIG-KEYS: Available configuration directives explained
    • QUICKSTART: Examples, command-lines, quickstart guides
    • FAQS: FAQ document
    • docs/: Miscellaneous internals, UNIX signals, SQL triggers documents
    • examples/: Sample configs, maps, AMQP/Kafka consumers, clients
    • sql/: SQL documentation, default SQL schemas and customization tips


With docker installed, you can just pull from the official pmacct repository in docker hub (e.g. for pmacctd daemon):

 ~# docker pull pmacct/pmacctd:latest
 ~# docker run -v pmacctd.conf:/etc/pmacct/pmacctd.conf pmacct/pmacctd

Available daemon containers:

All daemons come with all plugins and supports compiled-in.


  • latest: latest stable image of that container
  • vX.Y.Z: version specific tag. This container will always exist, once released.
  • bleeding-edge: only for the brave. Latest commit on master. This container is not recommended to be used in production.

A special container, base container, that is the base of the rest of containers with all pmacct daemons installed and bash as an entry point. It can be useful to debug and to create your customized docker image.


Resolve dependencies, ie.:

  • apt-get install libpcap-dev pkg-config libtool autoconf automake make bash libstdc++-dev g++ for [Debian/Ubuntu]
  • yum install libpcap-devel pkgconfig libtool autoconf automake make bash libstdc++-devel gcc-c++ for [CentOS/RHEL]

Build GitHub code:

 ~# git clone
 ~# cd pmacct
 ~#  ./
 ~# ./configure #check-out available configure knobs via ./configure --help
 ~#  make
 ~#  make install #with super-user permission


The pmacct project is looking to make its code base available under a more permissive BSD-style license. More information about the motivation and process can be found in this announcement.


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