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Always in progress 👷‍

Get Started


This Boilerplate use webpack 3 to compile code.


  1. Clone the project git clone
  2. Install dependencies yarn install or npm i
  3. Create a .env file in the root like the .env.example file.
  4. For dev you need to have mongodb db locally. How to?

Install Mongodb

With Homebrew you can just run brew install mongodb and after brew services start mongodb.

Raven Log

For get raven log create account here: Sentry

Body Whitelist

For security have add a whitelist function for your req.body coming from the front end. You can take a look of it in the contants.js file.

const WHITELIST = {
  posts: {
    create: ['title', 'text'],
    update: ['title', 'text'],
  users: {
    create: ['email', 'username', 'password'],

Api Doc

Api doc his hosted on surge. Link. For change the url and have your own docs just add you link in the .env file.

Pre-Commit Hook

I've add pre-commit and lint-staged for lint your code before commit. That can maybe take time



yarn dev


npm run dev

PS That can crash if this is the first time but don't worry give it 2 sec the scripts gonna work. He just need to created a dist folder :) This way you have only one command to run.


yarn dev:debug


npm run dev:debug

Why toJSON on methods model ?

toJSON() help us to get only the data we want when we push the info to the client. So now we just need to put the user object in the res.json(user) and we received only what we want. Why toAuthJSON() ? Cause if we populated the post we get the toJSON() so the toAuthJSON() is the on to call on signup and login for get the token and _id.

toAuthJSON() {
  return {
    _id: this._id,
    token: `JWT ${this.createToken()}`,

toJSON() {
  return {
    _id: this._id,
    username: this.username,

For Validation on Request

I'm using Joi in this boilerplate, that make the validation really easy.

export const validation = {
  create: {
    body: {
      email: Joi.string().email().required(),
      password: Joi.string().regex(/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{3,30}$/).required(),
      username: Joi.string().min(3).max(20).required(),


For seed just run one of this following comand. This is helpful in dev for making fake user.

This is only available in dev environment

You can change the number of seed by changing the number in each script inside /scripts/seeds

  • Seeds 10 user yarn db:seeds-user
  • Clear user collection yarn db:seeds-clear-user
  • Clear all collection yarn db:seeds-clear

Monitoring Server on http://localhost:3000/status


bash scripts/



  • [x] Test seeds controller - Done by cpenarrieta
  • [ ] Sendgrid or Other Mail supply
  • [ ] Add S3 for user image
  • [ ] Change Mocha for Jest

PR are welcome!!! 😃


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Emanuel Quimper

💬 📝 🐛 💻 📖 💡 🚇 🔌 👀 ⚠️ 🔧 ✅

Cristian Penarrieta


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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