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Shutter card

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Note : Be careful, since version 2021.11.0 of Home Assistant, there is a breaking change in the icon buttons. So install v1.3.0 of this card only if you have at least the version 2021.11.0 of Home Assistant

This card allows to open, close or set a shutter to the opening rate you want.

Shutter card



Name Type Required Default Description
type string True - Must be "custom:shutter-card"
title string False - Title of the card


Name Type Required Default Description
entity string True - The shutter entity ID
name string False Friendly name of the entity Name to display for the shutter
buttons_position string False left Set buttons on left or on right of the shutter
title_position string False top Set title on top or on bottom of the shutter
invert_percentage boolean False false Set it to true if your shutter is 100% when it is closed, and 0% when it is opened

Remark : you can also just give the entity ID (without to specify entity:) if you don't need to specify the other configurations.


type: 'custom:shutter-card'
title: My shutters
  - entity: cover.left_living_shutter
    name: Left shutter
    buttons_position: left
    title_position: bottom
  - cover.bedroom_shutter


If you use HACS, the resources will automatically be configured with the needed file.

If you don't use HACS, you can download js file from latest releases. Drop it then in www folder in your config directory. Next add the following entry in lovelace configuration:

  - url: /local/hass-shutter-card.js
    type: module

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