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Awesome Open Source

All the Feels

Project Idea

  • Alexa: How’s your day going?
  • User: (explains day)
  • Alexa: I feel you. I found some good playlists for you to listen to. Would you like to listen to X?
  • User: Yes
  • Alexa: (Play from Spotify)

Optional 1

  • User: No
  • Alexa: Ok. What about the Y playlist?

Optional 2

  • User: I don't want to listen to music
  • Alexa: Alright

What we need/what we will use:


  • [X] Alexa -> JSON -> Text from user
  • [X] Text from user -> Python -> Watson score
  • [X] Score -> Python code -> Playlist
  • [ ] Playlist -> Play through Alexa

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