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Unity3D Implementation for Chrome Experiment WebGL Globe

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Unity3D Globe Screenshot

Unity3D-Globe is a complete project in which you can use to add your own data and create your globe.

Change Data Source

The default DataLoader loads a JSON file from Resources folder, the loader expect JSON in the following format:

  "AllData": [
      "Year": "1990",
      "Data": latitude, longitude, magnitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, ...]
      "Year": "2000",
      "Data": latitude, longitude, magnitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, ...]

You can change the structure of the JSON file or even the data source as required and implement your own DataLoader.

Visualize Your Data

  • To visualize your data you'll need to have a GameObject with DataVisualizer component attached to it
  • DataVisualizer needs a reference to the following elements:
  1. PointMaterial: this is a material used for the points mesh, this material should be able to use the vertex color data to set the final color of the vertex, there is a material created for this purpose under the materials folder which use a custom shader written for this purpose
  2. Colors: a gradient to be used to assign each data point a color according to its value
  3. Earth: the earth object in the scene.
  4. Point Prefab: a prefab to the point which will be placed for each data value
  • After loading the data wrap it in array of SeriesData, the SeriesData is just a class that has a name and float array, the float array represent the series data in the following order [latitude, longitude, magnitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, ...]
  • Call the CreateMeshes function from your DataVisualizer and send it the series array that you have just created
  • To switch the shown series just call ActivateSeries function on visualizer and send it the index of the series that you need to show.

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