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MICROS honeypot

Cymmetria Research, 2018.

Written by: Omer Cohen (@omercnet) Special thanks: Imri Goldberg (@lorgandon), Itamar Sher, Nadav Lev

Contact: [email protected]

MICROS Honeypot is a low interaction honeypot to detect CVE-2018-2636 in the Oracle Hospitality Simphony component of Oracle Hospitality Applications (MICROS). This is a directory traversal vulnerability. The honeypots does a simple simulation of the MICROS server and will allow attackers to use the vulnerability to "steal files", and will report of such attempts.

It is released under the MIT license for the use of the community, pull requests are welcome!


  • Run without parameters to listen on default port (8080):


  • Run with --help to see other command line parameters

See also

Please consider trying out the MazeRunner Community Edition, the free version of our cyber deception platform.

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