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Please be advised that this library is no longer maintained.

For new updates, please refer to the following fork

I have maintained this library for over 3 years, but I do not have enough time to provide a reliable support and continuous development for any longer.

Any existing or new issues will not be treated and I do not guarantee to merge any new pull request.

If anyone is willing to take over this project, feel free to fork this project and message me to add a link to your fork in this README.

cpp_redis Build Status Build status

cpp_redis is a C++11 Asynchronous Multi-Platform Lightweight Redis Client, with support for synchronous operations, pipelining, sentinels and high availability.


cpp_redis has no dependency. Its only requirement is C++11.

It comes with no network module, so you are free to configure your own, or to use the default one (tacopie)



cpp_redis::client client;


client.set("hello", "42");
client.get("hello", [](cpp_redis::reply& reply) {
  std::cout << reply << std::endl;
//! also support std::future
//! std::future<cpp_redis::reply> get_reply = client.get("hello");

//! or client.commit(); for asynchronous call

cpp_redis::client full documentation and detailed example. More about cpp_redis::reply.


cpp_redis::subscriber sub;


sub.subscribe("some_chan", [](const std::string& chan, const std::string& msg) {
  std::cout << "MESSAGE " << chan << ": " << msg << std::endl;
sub.psubscribe("*", [](const std::string& chan, const std::string& msg) {
  std::cout << "PMESSAGE " << chan << ": " << msg << std::endl;


cpp_redis::subscriber full documentation and detailed example.


A Wiki is available and provides full documentation for the library as well as installation explanations.


A Doxygen documentation is available and provides full API documentation for the library.


cpp_redis is under MIT License.


Please refer to

Special Thanks

Mike Moening for his unexpected and incredible great work aiming to port cpp_redis on Windows, provides sentinel support and high availability support!


Simon Ninon

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