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A workspace manager for I3 wm


i3_workspaces allow you to configure your workspace easily. I use it for setting a wallpaper to each workspace, or launch application on some workspaces.

Problem with assign

The assign keyword in the i3 configuration allow you to set a dedicated workspace for an application. This solution as flaws, like moving ALL the windows on this workspace, even if the parent has been moved to another one workspace.

We are answering the problem in a different way : instead of creating the window, then moving it to a workspace, you run the application when the workspace is created. You can then forget all the placement rules, and you can move the application anywhere, without being annoyed by pop-up window created on another workspace.


Create a configuration in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/i3_workspaces/config with :

on_focus=feh --bg-scale ${image}





  • the on_focus command will be launched on workspace change.
  • the on_init will be launched on workspace creation.

Keys defined in global section will apply on any workspace, and can be overriden in a dedicated workspace section.

The key on_init_swallow_class tells i3 that the window with the given class shall be placed on the workspace. It create a container in the workspace, and i3 will not destroy it if you leave the workspace right after creating it : this prevent on_init event to be run a second time when the window is created.


You can also let the application manage for you the window placement. i3_workspaces provide a binary layout which automaticaly divide each container following a binary space partionning :

Layout example



The application is coded in OCaml, a functionnal language, and uses i3ipc to communicate with the i3.

Require opam

Download the project and compile it with opam pin add

Install with sudo make install

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