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Would you like to create your camera same as Snapchat or Instagram? I think this library could help you. Basicly it is a wrapper above AVFoundation that allows you to use camera feature without extra setup. Build your own UI with buttons/sliders/anything else exactly like you want and just assign appropriate actions to them.

Library is under development, so I will appreciate your suggestions, bug reports and stars ;)

How to install

Just drag and drop files from Source folder into project

How to use

Look into example project first. Then add private var cameraManager: TCCoreCamera? property into UIViewController

and setup TCCoreCamera with appropriate UIView

self.cameraManager = TCCoreCamera(view: self.view)
self.cameraManager?.completion = { (fileURL) in
    self.saveInPhotoLibrary(with: fileURL)
    print("finished writing to \(fileURL.absoluteString)")
self.cameraManager?.photoCompletion = { [weak self] (image) in
    do {
        try PHPhotoLibrary.shared().performChangesAndWait {
            PHAssetChangeRequest.creationRequestForAsset(from: image)
    } catch {

Now create all buttons you need and assign TCCoreCamera actions to them

Actions and properties

  • startRecording() - start video recording/take photo
  • stopRecording() - stop video recording
  • flip() - flip btw front/back camera
  • zoomIn() - increase camera zoom
  • zoomOut() - decrease camera zoom
  • isRecording - show if camera is already recording video or not
  • camereType - set camera to .photo or .video mode
  • videoCompletion - get result of video recording
  • photoCompletion - get result of photo capturing

Contributing to this project

If you have feature requests or bug reports, feel free to help out by sending pull requests or create issues.


This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

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