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A curated list of free/libre games, plugins, add-ons and scripts for Godot.



Games that use Godot.


  • Blipshift - Simple top-down moving platforms game (Godot 3.1).
  • BlockPop - A simple Breakout clone (Godot 2.1).
  • Bombs - Simple mobile game. You need to touch bombs to defuse them (Godot 2.1).
  • Breakable - A breakout-like game (Godot 3.0).
  • Captain Holetooth - Explorative platformer in a detailed world. Geared towards younger players (Godot 2.1).
  • Circle Jump - Mobile arcade game, addicting and enjoyable. How-to-made tutorial is available, so you can recreate it yourself and learn Godot (Godot 3.1).
  • Dolphin Island 2 - Platformer game made for the A Game By It's Cover 2015 Game Jam (Godot 2.1).
  • Drone Commander - Command swarms of drones against aliens. Made for CGA JAM (Godot 2.1).
  • DynaDungeons - Bomberman clone in a fantasy universe (Godot 2.1).
  • Haldric - Official work-in-progress reimplementation of Battle for Wesnoth (Godot 3.1).
  • Kraken-Rampage - Ludum Dare 33 entry made in 48 hours (Godot 2.1).
  • Memory Game - Simple Memory game (Godot 3.0).
  • Minehunter - A Minesweeper clone (Godot 2.1).
  • Minilens - Free puzzle platform game (Godot 2.1).
  • Mountain of Hope - Game made on Theater Game Jam (PGA 2015) (Godot 2.1).
  • Ninja-Training - Small running game done as 1 hour challenge (Godot 2.1).
  • No hope - Ludum Dare 33 entry made in 48 hours (Godot 2.1).
  • Planet Rider - 2D physics parkour game in an alien environment (Godot 2.1).
  • Platshoot - A 2D shooter game (Godot 2.1).
  • Ringed - Top-down shooter with extensive usage of light effects (Godot 2.1).
  • SealedBite - 2D platformer game, winner of the GitHub Game Off 2019 jam (Godot 3.1).
  • SuperStarfighter - Fast-paced local party game with starships that battle in a top-down arena (Godot 3.1).
  • Tanks of Freedom - Free turn-based isometric strategy game (Godot 2.1).
  • Three Hungry Mice - Breakout game with mice made for the Godot Engine Jam of March 2016 (Godot 2.1).
  • TuxBuilder - Work-in-progress reimplementation of SuperTux (Godot 3.1).
  • Unknown Horizons - Official work-in-progress reimplementation of Unknown Horizons (Godot 3.1).


  • Cheese Hunter - A game for Godot Engine Jam of March 2016 (Godot 2.1).
  • Meteorite - A lowres metroidvania FPS, inspired by Metroid Prime, made for LOWREZJAM 2018 (Godot 3.0).
  • Rapid Rescue - Rapid Rescue is a local multiplayer strategy game inspired by Labyrinth (Godot 3.1).
  • Super Tux Party - A free/libre and open-source party game that is meant to replicate the feel of games such as Mario Party (Godot 3.1).
  • Thrive - A free, open-source game about the evolution of life.


Non-game projects made with Godot (tools/utilities).

  • Pixelorama - 2D pixel art editor (Godot 3.2).
  • Material Maker - Create PBR materials procedurally (similar to Substance Designer) (Godot 3.1).


Projects to use as a base for your own games.


Demos to learn GDScript, its concepts, and various game features.

  • FPS Test - A singleplayer FPS test. Physics work, but there are no enemies and no proper shooting (Godot 2.1).
  • Open Source A-RPG Demo - RPG demo (Godot 3.0).
  • OpenRPG - JRPG-style game demo and template (Godot 3.1).
  • Pathfinding 2d - A demo project demonstrating pathfinding using a tilemap (Godot 2.1).
  • Realistic Water Shader - Realistic 3D water shader with foam and caustics (Godot 3.1).
  • UDP Snapshot interpolation - Lets you connect to a server and view networked physics (Godot 2.1).
  • UDP State synchronization - A more efficient networking demo than the snapshot interpolation one (Godot 2.1).
  • Voxel Game - Minecraft-like voxel terrain demo (Godot 2.1).
  • voxelgame - Minecraft-like voxel terrain demo, utilising the godot_voxel module (Godot 3.1).


A more complete list can be found in this Reddit thread.

Text tutorials

Video tutorials


Stuff integrated into Godot core (C++).

Plugins and scripts

Scripts that let you do new stuff, or enhance Godot functionality.

  • Auto Tile Layer - Allows automatic 2D tiling using RPG Maker's Autotile format (Godot 2.1).
  • Camera2D Screen Shake - Screen shake effect for Camera2D.
  • CRT Shader - Godot shader that simulates CRT displays (Godot 2.1, 3.1).
  • Easing Script - A port of the Robert Penner's equations for easing.
  • Escoria - Point & click adventure game framework (Godot 2.1, 3.1).
  • FMOD GDNative - Plugin to use the FMOD audio engine in GDScript (Godot 3.1)
  • FontAwesome - Font Awesome plugin for Godot.
  • gdstats - A library of pseudorandom number generators for common statistical distributions (Godot 3.0).
  • gdutils - Utilities for Godot written in GDScript.
  • GitHub integration - Interact with GitHub without opening your browser (Godot 3.1).
  • godotccd - Fast 3D collision checks in Godot using libccd (Godot 3.2, 3.1).
  • godotdetour - A GDNative implementation of the detour/detourcrowd library (Godot 3.2).
  • GodotPhoenixChannels - A GDScript and Godot Engine implementation for the Channels API of the Phoenix Framework (Godot 3.1).
  • Godot Game Tools - Blender plugin to ease importing assets into Godot.
  • Godot Mixing Desk - Make procedural sound and adaptive/procedural music with a few nodes and a couple lines of code (Godot 3.1).
  • Godot NExt - A set of basic node extensions (Godot 3.1).
  • GodotNotificationCenter - A notification center (Godot 3.1).
  • GodotTIE - Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) (Godot 2.x, 3.x).
  • Grass Plugin - A plugin to handle huge amounts of grass, foliages and other vegetations (Godot 2.1).
  • gterm - GUI control that draws something similar to *nix terminal emulators (Godot 2.1).
  • GUT - Utility for writing unit tests in GDScript (Godot 3.x).
  • InGrid - Infinite scrolling grid (Godot 3.x).
  • Polygon Merge - Merge polygons.
  • Qodot - Quake .map file support for Godot. Lets you use TrenchBroom for level design. (Godot 3.2).
  • Simplex 2D/3D - Simplex deterministic noise functions.
  • Scrolling Background - A scrolling background node (Godot 2.1).
  • SMRT-Godot - A dialog system and editor fairly customizable, a nice fit for story-driven games (Godot 3.0).
  • SUTjoystick - Easy gamepad support for GNU/Linux and Windows (Godot 2.1).
  • Tiled importer - Import maps from Tiled (Godot 3.1).
  • Tileset Builder - Build tilesets.
  • TileSet Builder - Quickly build tilesets with style (Godot 3.2).
  • Volumetrics - Voxel-based volumetric lighting and fog plugin (Godot 3.2).
  • VPainter - 3D vertex painting plugin (Godot 3.2).
  • Yume Visual Novel Editor - An integrated editor for creating visual novel games (Godot 3.2).

GDScript editor support

Add-ons for text editors that implement GDScript support.

Godot script editor syntax themes

Alternative themes for the built-in script editor.

Unofficial Godot builds

Those builds will let you use recent versions of Godot Git, but they may be less stable than official ones – use at your own risk.


Other stuff. Bash scripts can be placed in ~/.local/bin

  • build-godot and build-godot-mono - Scripts that build and run Godot, attempting to install dependencies if needed.
  • gd-com npm package - Communicate with Godot clients using Node.js.
  • godot-ci - Docker image to export Godot games through CI. Includes GitLab CI script example.
  • - Script that automatically downloads and launches latest version of Godot, or compiles and launches the Git master branch.
  • godot-gdscript-toolkit - Independent set of command line tools for working with GDScript - parser, linter and formatter (Godot 3.x).
  • godot-wrapper - Script that helps Debian and Ubuntu users install and use Godot.
  • joystick-mapping - Tool to generate gamepad mappings for all supported platforms.
  • - Script to update copies of a file with one master file.
  • - Perl script to split a grid spritesheet image into numbered individual frame files.
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