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Python web visualize build on the awesome web framework sanic ,it's inspired by the project of [dagobah](

Why use sanic

While i using the dagobah ,which is based on the web framework of flask,and python version should be 2.x , after the app run a long time,the whole web page will broken and i have no choice except for restart it , after the deep research ,i do not have the reason why .so i just decide to use the sanic to replace the flask to see if it will fix this bug.

How to use

  • environment
    • python:3.5.x
    • mongodb:3.2.x
    • docker-compose >= 1.11.2
  • run with local
    • pip install git+
    • please start the mongo instance
    • please edit the src\config.yml MongoBackend section, update the host,port
    • install the package pip install -r requirements.txt
    • python
    • open the '' in your browser
  • run with docker
    • please install the docker ,and docker-compose
    • run docker-compose build in your shell
    • run docker-compose up -d in your shell
    • open the '' in your browser


  • Manage multiple jobs scheduled with Cron syntax. Run times are shown in your local timezone.
  • Tasks can be anything you'd normally run at a shell prompt. Pipe and redirect your heart out.
  • Failed tasks don't break your entire job. Once you fix the task, the job picks up from where it left off.
  • On completion and failure, Tiktok sends you an email summary of the executed job (just set it up in the config file).


  • [ ] Login
  • [ ] Send Email
  • [ ] Import and export job
  • [ ] Remote task

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