AWS Lambda support for ASGI applications
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AWS Lambda support for ASGI applications
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Mangum is an adapter for using ASGI applications with AWS Lambda & API Gateway. It is intended to provide an easy-to-use, configurable wrapper for any ASGI application deployed in an AWS Lambda function to handle API Gateway requests and responses.



  • API Gateway support for HTTP, REST, and WebSocket APIs.

  • Multiple storage backend interfaces for managing WebSocket connections.

  • Compatibility with ASGI application frameworks, such as Starlette, FastAPI, and Quart.

  • Support for binary media types and payload compression in API Gateway.

  • Works with existing deployment and configuration tools, including Serverless Framework and AWS SAM.

  • Startup and shutdown lifespan events.


Python 3.6+


pip install mangum


from mangum import Mangum

async def app(scope, receive, send):
    await send(
            "type": "http.response.start",
            "status": 200,
            "headers": [[b"content-type", b"text/plain; charset=utf-8"]],
    await send({"type": "http.response.body", "body": b"Hello, world!"})

handler = Mangum(app)

or using a framework:

from mangum import Mangum
from starlette.applications import Starlette
from starlette.responses import PlainTextResponse
from starlette.routing import Route

async def homepage(request):
    response = PlainTextResponse("Hello, world!")

    return response

app = Starlette(debug=True, routes=[Route("/", homepage)])

handler = Mangum(app)
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