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Python MSS

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.. code-block:: python

from mss import mss

# The simplest use, save a screen shot of the 1st monitor
with mss() as sct:

An ultra fast cross-platform multiple screenshots module in pure python using ctypes.

  • Python 3.5+ and PEP8 compliant, no dependency, thread-safe;
  • very basic, it will grab one screen shot by monitor or a screen shot of all monitors and save it to a PNG file;
  • but you can use PIL and benefit from all its formats (or add yours directly);
  • integrate well with Numpy and OpenCV;
  • it could be easily embedded into games and other software which require fast and platform optimized methods to grab screen shots (like AI, Computer Vision);
  • get the source code on GitHub <>_;
  • learn with a bunch of examples <>_;
  • you can report a bug <>_;
  • need some help? Use the tag python-mss on StackOverflow <>_;
  • and there is a complete, and beautiful, documentation <>_ :)
  • MSS stands for Multiple Screen Shots;


You can install it with pip::

python -m pip install -U --user mss

Or you can install it with conda::

conda install -c conda-forge python-mss

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