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My config & .dotfiles managed by dotman 🖖

License: GPLv3 bashit Twitter: bhupeshimself

My setup 🖥

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • DE: Mate
  • SHELL: bash
  • Editor: NeoVim
  • TERM: xterm-256color

What's Inside 👀

I am pretty new to this stuff (not anymore), so you won't find any scripts that hack NASA. Anyways hope you find something useful, Good luck 👍


Function Name Description & Demo
netu🌐 Analyze network data usage
Demo demo of netu gif
vcd🐍 Automatically activate python virtual environments on cd

[s]mart cd searches absolute path names of directories inside your system and switches to them automatically. No need to remember any locations !!. Read More

Also see scd-completions.bash for automatic tab suggestions.
Demo scd demo gif
alarm A single line utility for a timer/alarm
myip🌐 A single line utility for showing my IP address
extract📦 A utility for extracting different archives in an easy way


  1. sys

    A realtime update of your system using common shell commands

    Demo demo gif


    wget -q && chmod +x sys && mv sys $HOME/.local/bin/
  2. md

    A utility to watch a Markdown file & build its HTML preview using commonmarker

    Demo demo gif


    wget -q && chmod +x md && mv md $HOME/.local/bin/
  3. colors

    A utility to check color capability of your terminal

    Demo demo png


    wget -q && chmod +x colors && mv colors $HOME/.local/bin/
  4. myprs

    A python utility to list a github user's pull requests in a nicely readable markdown file with 0 external dependencies.


    wget -q && chmod +x myprs && mv myprs $HOME/.local/bin/
  5. bkp

    A python utility to backup files on Github as a Secret Gist (0 dependency)


    wget -q && chmod +x bkp && mv bkp $HOME/.local/bin/
  6. contributors

    A python utility to list all the contributors on your github repositories


    wget -q && chmod +x contributors && mv contributors $HOME/.local/bin/
  7. gif

    A shell utility to convert videos to high-quality GIFs using ffmpeg


    wget -q && chmod +x gif && mv gif $HOME/.local/bin/
  8. surf

    A python script to surf the web from command line, powered by searx (0 external dependencies)

    Demo demo png


    wget -q && chmod +x surf && mv surf $HOME/.local/bin/
  9. oib (open in browser)

    A utility to open a text-file as a HTML page so that I can use grammarly web extension -_-


    wget -q && chmod +x oib && mv oib $HOME/.local/bin/
  10. git-feed

    A python utility to generate a feed of recently committed files inside a git repository


    wget -q && chmod +x git-feed && mv git-feed $HOME/.local/bin/


Some handy aliases under different categories.

  1. Git

    # Add your staged changes to the previous commit
    # while preserving your commit message
    alias giac='git commit --amend -C HEAD'
    alias gic='git commit'
    alias gicl='git clone'
    alias gil='git log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit'
    alias gim='git merge'
    alias gid='git diff'
    # undo last commit (unstage everything)
    alias giu='git reset HEAD~'
    # undo last commit (don't unstage everything)
    alias gius='git reset --soft HEAD^'
  2. Go

    alias gb="go build"
    alias gr="go run"
    alias gd="go doc -all"
    alias gg="go get"
    alias gt="go test"
  3. Miscellaneous

    # create python virtualenv
    alias venv="python3 -m venv"
    # watch realtime system info
    alias sys="watch -ct -n0 $HOME/Documents/.Varshney/scripts/"
    # python http server
    alias serve="python3 -m http.server"
    # grep pattern inside files
    alias lk="grep -nir --exclude-dir=.git"
    # search history for commands
    alias hg="history | grep"


My PS1 is highly customized.

PS1 prompt demo

Here is how its done

# Gib me all the colors 
export TERM=xterm-256color
# disable the default virtualenv prompt change

# color definitions

random_emoji() {
	# add a random emoticon (mostly face emojis)
	printf "%b" "\U1F$(shuf -i600-640 -n1)"

get_git_branch() {
    curr_branch=$(git branch 2> /dev/null | awk '/*/ {print $2}')
    [ "$curr_branch" ] && printf "%s" "($(tput bold)$(tput setaf 208)$curr_branch$(tput sgr0))"

pc_uptime() {
    uptime -p | awk '{for (i=2; i<NF; i++) printf $i " "; if (NF >= 1) print $NF; }'

virtualenv_ps1() {
    [ "$VIRTUAL_ENV" ] && printf "%s" " $(basename "$VIRTUAL_ENV")"

rightprompt() {
    # display stuff on right side of prompt
    printf '%*s' $COLUMNS "$(pc_uptime)"

# handles cursor position
RIGHT_PROMPT="\n\$(tput sc; rightprompt; tput rc)"

custom_prompt() {
	last_command_status=$([ "$EXIT" != 0 ] && printf "%s" "\[$BOLD_RED_FG\]✘")
    arrp="\[$GRAY_BG\] $last_command_status $(random_emoji) \[$GRAY_FG\]\[$ORANGE_BG\]\[$ORANGE_BG\]\[$BOLD_BLACK_FG\] $(virtualenv_ps1) \[$RESET\]\[$ORANGE_FG\]\[$RESET\]"
    PS1="\[$BOLD_L_YELLOW\]\[$RIGHT_PROMPT\]\[$RESET\]\[$BOLD_GREEN_FG\]\w\[$RESET\] $(get_git_branch)\n$arrp "

if [ "$color_prompt" = yes ]; then
    #PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\[email protected]\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ '
    PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[email protected]\h:\w\$ '
unset color_prompt force_color_prompt

init.vim or .vimrc


Current colorscheme: palenight

Learn more about vim in my my-vim-cheatsheet

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Purpose
F3 Open :term
F4 Insert Current Date (dd mm, yyyy)
F5 Source $MYVIMRC
F6 :NERDToggle
F8 Switch to Transparent Mode
F9 Write and Quit on all buffers (Kill Switch)
F10 Indent based on FileType
Alt + m Build & Run code using :make
Alt + h Vertical resize +3
Alt + l Vertical resize -3
Alt + k Horizontal resize +3
Alt + j Horizontal resize +3
Alt + <CR> Switch to :Goyo Mode
Shift + k Move line(s) up
Shift + j Move line(s) down
Shift + r Run linux Command at current line
Shift + l Open hyperlink at current line
Shift + t Switch buffer in current window
Ctrl + c Copy in Visual Mode
Ctrl + v Paste in Insert Mode
t Toggle Comment in Current line (Normal Mode)
<space> Toggle Fold at Current line
<Tab> Switch Windows

Author bhupesh-twitter-image

🤓 Bhupesh Varshney

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📝 License

Copyright © 2020 Bhupesh Varshney.
This project is GPLv3 licensed.


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