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This app uses data from anime-offline-database - fetching and updating itself every 24 hours.

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Missing or duplicate entries

Some entries in the database are not mapped correctly due to inconsistent naming - the owner of anime-offline-database cannot fix them due to complexity. Therefore this service has manual rules that combines known failures.

You can help add rules by submitting a manual rule request.


Base URL:

enum Source {

Get IDS:

GET/POST /api/ids

Either use GET with query parameters: ?source={Source}&id={number}

or use POST with a JSON body:

{ "anilist": 1337 }

[{ "anilist": 1337 }, { "anilist": 69 }, { "anidb": 420 }]


interface Entry {
  anilist: number | null
  anidb: number | null
  myanimelist: number | null
  kitsu: number | null

// If JSON body is a single object
// { "anilist": 1337 } => Entry | null
// // If JSON body is an array of objects
// [{ ... }] => Array<Entry | null>

The response code will always be 200 (OK). If an entry is not found null is returned instead.


  1. Clone the project
  2. Install dependencies - pnpm
  3. Run database migrations - pnpm migrate
  4. Download data (optional) - pnpm fetch-data
  5. Start the server - pnpm dev

If the database connection fails double check that your NODE_ENV is set to development.

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