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Spring Security Course


Throughout the Spring Security Video Course you will:

  • Fully secure your web application with Spring Security
  • Implement authentication and registration with the database as well as with LDAP
  • Utilize authorization examples that help guide you through the authentication of users step-by-step
  • Learn with precise and practical examples for advanced security scenarios such as ACL, REST, and Remember Me
  • See how to integrate with your choice of technology and framework

How to ask questions / file bugs

Quick technical requirements:

  • all the code samples need to run with Java 7

How to ask questions / file bugs

If you find any bug/issue in any of the projects of the course, or if you just want to ask a question, please use the github issue tracker (and provide some minimal detail). Thanks.

Course Structure

Quick Start

  • clone the course:
  • build any of the modules/projects:
mvn clean install

Detailed Instructions

General References

Further Spring Security Learning

If you enjoyed learning Spring Security throughout this course - head over to and continue learning about this stuff.

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