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Awesome Open Source

BIPES: Block based Integrated Platform for Embedded Systems.


BIPES allows anyone to quickly and reliably design, program, build, deploy and test embedded systems and IOT devices and applications. It is fully based on a web environment, so absolutely no software install is needed on the client / developer machine.

More information at the project website:

Live version

Try it now at:


To init submodules, like BIPES/freeboard, run:

make submodules

To build/update the offline version with latest, run:

make offline

This version does not require a server since it has all core files concatanated at ui/index_offline.html, just open this file in a browser. It will also create a Howver, keep in mind that any tool that requires a server, like MQTT, won't work due to CORS.

That's it, enjoy BIPES 😄.


The documentation is online at

To build the documentation out of a fresh clone, do:

make doc

after having installed the theme, sphinx and sphinx-js.

pip install sphinx sphinx-js furo

More information

Some functions of ui/index.html were based on Blopy project (, by Noriaki Mitsunaga (

OpenCV blocks were automatically generated using berak's OpenCV to Blockly generator (

We also use xterm.js ( and codemirror.js (

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