Sklearn Bayes

Python package for Bayesian Machine Learning with scikit-learn API
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Pyro8,131187412 days ago34July 29, 2023242apache-2.0Python
Deep universal probabilistic programming with Python and PyTorch
3 years ago3mitPython
Python for《Deep Learning》,该书为《深度学习》(花书) 数学推导、原理剖析与源码级别代码实现
12 days ago155apache-2.0Julia
A general-purpose probabilistic programming system with programmable inference
Orbit1,72816 days ago21January 29, 202365otherPython
A Python package for Bayesian forecasting with object-oriented design and probabilistic models under the hood.
Bayesian Machine Learning1,587
8 months ago4apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
Notebooks about Bayesian methods for machine learning
Imodels1,17548 days ago43August 22, 202326mitJupyter Notebook
Interpretable ML package 🔍 for concise, transparent, and accurate predictive modeling (sklearn-compatible).
6 years ago
A list of resources for all invited talks, tutorials, workshops and presentations at NIPS 2017
3 years ago193apache-2.0Python
BayesDB on SQLite. A Bayesian database table for querying the probable implications of data as easily as SQL databases query the data itself.
Emukit533221 days ago7September 22, 202141apache-2.0Python
A Python-based toolbox of various methods in decision making, uncertainty quantification and statistical emulation: multi-fidelity, experimental design, Bayesian optimisation, Bayesian quadrature, etc.
Bayesiandeeplearning Survey449
2 months ago
Bayesian Deep Learning: A Survey
Alternatives To Sklearn Bayes
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Python package for Bayesian Machine Learning with scikit-learn API

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Installing & Upgrading package

pip install
pip install --upgrade


  • ARD Models
    • Relevance Vector Regression (version 2.0) code, tutorial
    • Relevance Vector Classifier (version 2.0) code, tutorial
    • Type II Maximum Likelihood ARD Linear Regression code
    • Type II Maximum Likelihood ARD Logistic Regression code, tutorial
    • Variational Relevance Vector Regression code
    • Variational Relevance Vector Classification code, tutorial
  • Decomposition Models
    • Restricted Boltzmann Machines (PCD-k / CD-k, weight decay, adaptive learning rate) code, tutorial
    • Latent Dirichlet Allocation (collapsed Gibbs Sampler) code, tutorial
  • Linear Models
    • Empirical Bayes Linear Regression code, tutorial
    • Empirical Bayes Logistic Regression (uses Laplace Approximation) code, tutorial
    • Variational Bayes Linear Regression code, tutorial
    • Variational Bayes Logististic Regression (uses Jordan local variational bound) code, tutorial
  • Mixture Models
    • Variational Bayes Gaussian Mixture Model with Automatic Model Selection code, tutorial
    • Variational Bayes Bernoulli Mixture Model code, tutorial
    • Dirichlet Process Bernoulli Mixture Model code
    • Dirichlet Process Poisson Mixture Model code
    • Variational Multinoulli Mixture Model code
  • Hidden Markov Models
    • Variational Bayes Poisson Hidden Markov Model code, demo
    • Variational Bayes Bernoulli Hidden Markov Model code
    • Variational Bayes Gaussian Hidden Markov Model code, demo


There are several ways to contribute (and all are welcomed)

 * improve quality of existing code (find bugs, suggest optimization, etc.)
 * implement machine learning algorithm (it should be bayesian; you should also provide examples & notebooks)
 * implement new ipython notebooks with examples 

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