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Formerly known as torch, A powerful Minecraft Server Software

Akarin is **under heavy development** and contributions are welcome!

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Our project has a few key goals:

note: this is not a mc bedrock software

  • Open Access - Make more game mechanics configurable.
  • Compatible - Support all plugins that work on Spigot.
  • Stability - Make the server more safe and stable.
  • Fast - Simplify the logic and implement multi-threaded computing.

Get Akarin



Open an Issue or a Pull Request if you want to add your website here



  • Java (JDK) 8 or above
  • Maven


git submodule update --init --recursive
./akarin jar

Demo Servers

Open an Issue or a Pull Request if you want to add your server here


  • Akarin uses patches to handle code changes.
  • Add your name to the LICENSE if you want to publish your code under the MIT License.
  • If you want to join the Akarin-project team, welcome to contact us by our Discord.

Akarin project

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