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A collection of awesome Blazor resources.

Blazor is a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

Contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines pages first. Thanks to all contributors, you're awesome and wouldn't be possible without you!

If you need to search on this list you can try this great website: Awesome Blazor Browser. Thanks @jsakamoto for this! Source code stars last commit.


.NET Conf - Web Dev recap on ASP.NET Community Standup (November 23, 2021).

  • Featuring Jeff Fritz & Jon Galloway.
  • Tuesday | Nov 23 - 10:00 AM Pacific | 18:00 UTC
  • Live:

.NET Conf 2021 (November 9-11, 2021).

  • .NET Conf is a free, three-day, virtual developer event that celebrates the major releases of the .NET development platform. It is co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft, and sponsored by the .NET Foundation and our ecosystem partners. Come celebrate and learn about what you can do with .NET 6.
  • Website:
  • Replay: YouTube's playlist.


What is Blazor?

Blazor is a .NET web framework to build client web apps with C#.

Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries. More information on the official Blazor website.

Get started

To get started with Blazor, follow the instructions in the Blazor Get Started documentation.

Doing the Build a web app with Blazor learning session on Microsoft Learn can also be a good idea. Another great resource to start is the beginner serie by Jeff Fritz on Channel9 or YouTube.



  • Blazor Hero - stars last commit - Clean Architecture Solution Template for Blazor WebAssembly built with MudBlazor Components. This project will make your Blazor Learning Process much easier than you anticipate. Blazor Hero is meant to be an Enterprise Level Boilerplate, which comes free of cost, completely open sourced. Read the Quick Start Guide here.

Sample Projects



  • BlazorFile2Azure - stars last commit Upload a file from Blazor WebAssembly to Azure Blob Storage.
  • Blazor WASM Deployment - last commit Sample repo for showing Actions to deploy a Blazor app to Azure services.
  • Blazor.JobBoard - last commit Blazor WebAssembly based jobboard application deployed to Azure Storage Static Site. Demo.
  • EventGrid Viewer Blazor - stars last commit Blazor Server app that displays EventGrid messages in realtime & allows the ability to secure the app using Azure AD, KeyVault & Managed Identities.
  • FairPlayTube - last commit Blazor Web Assembly app with .NET 5 Hosted API to teach how to create video sharing portals with Blazor, .NET and Azure.


  • Blogifier - GitHub stars GitHub stars .NET 5 ASP.NET Core Blogging application with Blazor Admin Dashboard. Demo.
  • eShopOnBlazor - GitHub stars last commit Migration of a traditional ASP.NET Web Forms app to Blazor.
  • RapidCMS - stars last commit A code-first, extensible Blazor app that generates a CMS for your own database.
  • JHipster.NET stars last commit JHipster is a well-known platform for generating modern application in java world. JHipster provides a blueprints system that allows to override the default behavior of the generator. JHipster.NET is a blueprint that overrides the back-end part, originally generated in spring boot, by back-end in core. For the front-end all the common language can be used (angular, react), including Blazor.
  • BlazorForum - stars Last commit Forum application built with Blazor.
  • BlazorShop - stars Last commit Simple shop application built with Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Atlas - stars Last commit A forum software built with ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly.
  • AcBlog - stars Last commit A blogging PWA that can be hosted as a full static website or as a server-prerender dynamic website. GitHub Pages Demo.
  • BlazingOrchard - stars Last commit Blazing Orchard is a modular application framework that turns your Blazor project into a CMS-powered Blazor application by leveraging Orchard Core as a decoupled backend/CMS server using its REST & GraphQL APIs.
  • BlazorGhost - Last commit A Blazor frontend for Ghost blogs.
  • BlazorWPBlog - last commit Wordpress blog with Blazor.
  • StartBootstrap.Freelancer.Blazor - Last commit .NET 5 Freelancer is a bootstrap template ideal for small portfolio web sites. It's powered by Kentico Kontent - a headless CMS with a comprehensive ecosystem for .NET developers.
  • Umbraco9 & Blazor WASM Starter Site - last commit A simple starter site for Umbraco v9, making use of Blazor WebAssembly with Tailwind CSS/UI. A project that I use to play around and experiment with Umbraco 9, Blazor WebAssembly, TailwindCSS, the Block List Editor, and several other concepts.




  • PresenceLight - stars last commit PresenceLight is a solution to broadcast your various statuses to a Phillips Hue or LIFX light bulb. Some statuses you can broadcast are: your availability in Microsoft Teams, your current Windows 10 theme, and a theme or color of your choosing. Blog post. Demo video.
  • Meadow Weather - last commit In this sample, a Meadow microcontroller polls data from a LM35 temperature sensor. That data is sent via HTTP request to an API controller endpoint and stored in a database where it can be visualized in a chart using a Blazor web app.


  • Logging.Samples - last-commit Samples for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core logging using various logger frameworks.

Machine Learning

  • Scalable sentiment analysis - stars last-commit A sample ables to make sentiment analysis prediction/detection of what the user is writing in a very UI interactive app (Blazor based) in the client side and running an ML.NET model (Sentiment analysis based on binary-classification) in the server side.
  • - stars last-commit A "server-less" general purpose optimization suite for algorithm parameters. Also provides offline optimization of Quantconnect Lean trading algorithms. Demo (
  • Baseball Machine Learning Workbench - stars last-commit A web application that showcases performing what-if analysis using in-memory Machine Learning models. Live demo.
  • BlazorML5 - last-commit ML5 Machine Learning for Blazor with JSInterop mechanism.


Rapid Development Framework

  • WalkingTec.Mvvm (WTM) - stars last commit A development framework based on .NET Core and EF. It supports Blazor, Vue, React and LayUI with one click code generation for CRUD, Import/Export, etc. Website.



  • Flight Finder - stars last commit Flight Finder.
  • Oqtane Framework - GitHub stars GitHub stars Modular Application Framework for Blazor.
  • CarChecker - GitHub stars GitHub stars This is a sample application for Blazor by Steve Sanderson which was presented at Build 2020. You can view the on-demand walk-through for this on Channel 9: Modern Web UI with Blazor WebAssembly. This is a great sample which has a lot of Blazor + ASP.NET integrations such as: client-side debugging with Visual Studio, authentication / authorization, input validation, data integration/sync, Blazor components, code sharing, JavaScript interop, localization / internationalization, Progressive Web App (PWA) and more.
  • LinqToTwitter Blazor sample - stars last commit LINQ Provider for the Twitter API (Twitter Library).
  • BlazorFileReader - GitHub stars GitHub stars Read-only File streams in Blazor. Demo.
  • eShopOnBlazor - GitHub stars last commit Migration of a traditional ASP.NET Web Forms app to Blazor.
  • BlazorChatSample - stars last commit Blazor chat demo using SignalR JS client with interop.
  • BlazorCRUD - GitHub stars GitHub stars Sample line of business application that illustrates key features of Blazor. Demo.
  • Money - stars last commit A money manager implemented using CQRS+ES. Demo.
  • CleanArchitecture - stars last commit Clean Architecture Template for Blazor WebAssembly Built with MudBlazor Components.
  • Blazor Weather - stars last commit A Blazor Weather sample app that shows the current weather for your current location and a collection of pinned locations. Demonstrated at .NET Conf 2019 by Daniel Roth. Demo.
  • NethereumBlazor - GitHub stars GitHub stars Ethereum blockchain explorer and simple wallet.
  • BlazorDynamicList - GitHub stars GitHub stars Dynamic component binding for a generic list. Demo.
  • BlazorServerTree - GitHub stars GitHub stars A simple Server-Side Blazor sample app to deal with hierarchical data.
  • WebSocketPage - stars last-commit Web Socket in Blazor. demo.
  • BlazorPages - stars last-commit A sample client-side Blazor app showcasing automatic deployment to GitHub Pages via Azure Pipelines.
  • Planetary Docs - stars last-commit .NET 6 This repository is intended to showcase a full application that supports Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations (CRUD) using Blazor (Server), Entity Framework Core and Azure Cosmos DB. This repository is upgraded to .NET 6 and EF Core 6.
  • FFmpegBlazor - stars last-commit FFmpegBlazor provides ability to utilize ffmpeg.wasm from Blazor Wasm C#. ffmpeg.wasm stars last-commit is a pure Webassembly / Javascript port of FFmpeg. It enables video & audio record, convert and stream right inside browsers.
  • C# Minifer last-commit A client-side Blazor application demonstrating live minification of C# code using the C# Minifier library. Demo.
  • Planning PokerLast commit An app to play Planning Poker for distributed teams. The app is implemented using Blazor and shows how to switch between client-side and server-side mode with a configuration change. Demo.
  • Gjallarhorn - Last commit Compare packages on different NuGet-sources. Demonstrating Client-Side Blazor MVVM-style.
  • C# Regex Tester online - Last commit Online tool for verify .Net regex syntax. (Demo).
  • C# Regex Online tool - Last commit Online tool for verify .Net regex syntax, see splits list, table etc. (Demo).
  • Blazor Tour of Heroes - Blazor Tour of Heroes, using Blazor-State(State Management architecture utilizing the MediatR pipeline) for the Redux style state.
  • Blazor.Console - last commit A simple component to mock CLI for ASP.NET Core 3.0 Blazor applications to execute some custom commands for an application.
  • Cognitive Studio - last commit PWA enabled app used to showcase what Cognitive Services can do, built-in client-side Blazor. Demo.
  • Blazor Wake-on-LAN - Last commit Wake-on-LAN app for local networks. Blazor Server + EF Core + DI + CI.
  • BlazorOCR - Last commit A Blazor WebAssembly application for reading receipts.
  • Dcidr - Last commit Blazor WebAssembly decision-making app with PWA (offline), localstorage, and Excel export. Demo.
  • BlazingWaffles - last commit A Blazor app that wraps Waffle Generator. The generator outputs readable gibberish that can be used in place of Lorum Ipsum. Demo.
  • Poker Odds Pro Calculator - last commit Responsive poker odds calculator using blazor WebAssembly and pure C#. Demo.
  • Cærostris - last commit A Blazor Spotify client.
  • Nethereum Playground - last commit Compile and run Nethereum snippets on the browser. You can run it here:
  • Realtime chat app with WebAssembly - last commit Real-time chat application with SignalR, .NET and Blazor/WebAssembly.
  • BlazorContrib - last commit Experiment of a Blazor renderer for Markdig, a Markdown component.
  • BlazorConduit - last commit The RealWorld example app written using Blazor. Demo.
  • Send an Sms - last commit This demo shows how to send an Sms with Blazor using the Vonage SMS API.
  • Ray Tracer - last commit Simple ray tracer in Blazor.
  • Blazor Web Camera Application Example - last commit Here is a fun example of using camera in the ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly application. Complete description of how it was created on this blog's post Using a web camera with fun filters in your ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly application.
  • Blazor MealPlanner - last commit MealPlanner is developed in Blazor Web Assembly PWA (offline), The app is using local storage for storing the meal plans. (Demo AzureStaticWeb) (Demo Github Pages)
  • BlazorPowerHour - last commit The Blazor Power Hour show index, by Ed Charbeneau.
  • BlazorMoonPhase - last commit Moon Phase Sighting app using Blazor WebAssembly, by Lohith GN. Demo.
  • BlazorTemplates - last commit A collection of blazor templates, designed for common use cases for new projects.
  • Pattern Maker - last commit C# code transformation demo that uses Roslyn and Monaco Editor. Demo, Demo2.
  • CountDown Timer - last commit Count down timer with Browser notification and PWA using Blazor WebAssembly. Demo.
  • Modulight - last commit A light modular framework aimed to be low intrusive based on dependency injection for Blazor. Support lazy loading and prerendering for javascript, css stylesheets, and assemblies. Built with the new features introduced in .NET 5 such as WebAssembly Lazy Loading and Javascript Isolation.
  • Time Mage - last commit A Blazor PWA which has Timers, a Stopwatch, and Interval Timers. Demo.
  • TypinExamples - last commit A sample project that demonstrates the usage of Typin framework with a Blazor SPA application (Xterm.js and custom web workers implementation in C# to emulate terminal experience in browser). Live demo.
  • Unofficial eShopOnContainers - last commit Unofficial Blazor WebAssembly client for eShopOnContainers.
  • Picat Language IDE - last commit IDE for the Picat logic programming language based on the Monaco Editor. Demo.
  • UpBlazor - GitHub stars - last commit Blazor Server integrating with Up bank (an Australian digital bank), to assist users with budgeting and to gain powerful future insights. Uses Clean Architecture and Marten DB.
  • WordTester - last commit An application for learning foreign words using flashcards and spaced repetition.


Libraries & Extensions

Reusable components like buttons, inputs, grids and more. See also the Blazor component bundles feature comparison chart.

Component bundles

  • Ant Design Blazor - GitHub stars last commit A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Blazor. (Docs as Demo).
  • MatBlazor - GitHub stars last commit Material Design components for Blazor. (Demo).
  • Blazorise - GitHub stars last commit Components for Blazor with support for Bootstrap, Bulma, AntDesign and Material CSS. (Bootstrap Demo), (Bulma Demo), (AntDesign Demo), (Material Demo).
  • MudBlazor - stars last commit MudBlazor is an ambitious Material Design component framework for Blazor with an emphasis on ease of use and clear structure. It is perfect for .NET developers who want to rapidly build web applications without having to struggle with CSS and Javascript. MudBlazor, being written entirely in C#, empowers them to adapt, fix or extend the framework and the multitude of examples in the documentation makes learning MudBlazor very easy. Documentation. Demo.
  • Radzen.Blazor - GitHub stars last commit Native UI components for Blazor. DataGrid, DataList, Tabs, Dialog and more. (Demo).
  • BlazorStrap - GitHub stars last commit Material Design components for Blazor. Bootstrap 4 components for Blazor (Demo).
  • Element-Blazor - GitHub stars last commit A blazor component library using Element UI. API imitates Element, CSS directly uses Element's style, HTML structure directly uses Element's HTML structure. Blazor WebAssembly Version demo. Blazor WebAssembly Version PWA Mode demo.
  • BlazorFluentUI - stars last commit Simple port of FluenUI/Office Fabric React components and style to Blazor. Client-side demo (WebAssembly). Server-side demo (SignalR).
  • BootstrapBlazor - stars last commit Reusable bootstrap components for Blazor. (Docs as Demo).
  • Skclusive.Material.Components - GitHub stars last commit Material Design components for Blazor (Dashboard Demo), (Components).
  • ComponentOne Blazor UI Components - External link. A fast datagrid, listview, input and other native Blazor components for server and client-side apps.
  • DevExpress Blazor UI Components - stars last commit A set of native UI Blazor components (including a Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Scheduler, and Charts) for both Blazor server-side and Blazor client-side platforms.
  • BlazorWebFormsComponents - stars last commit A collection of Blazor components that emulate the web forms components of the same name.
  • BootstrapBalzor - stars last commit Reusable bootstrap components for Blazor. (Docs as Demo).
  • Syncfusion Blazor UI Components - GitHub stars last commit The most comprehensive native Blazor component library including Data Grid, Charts, Scheduler, Diagram and Document Editor components. (Demo).
  • ADMINLTE - stars last commit ADMINLTE for Blazor is a collection of reusable components, with which you can easily develop digital services as a designer or developer. Think of buttons, form elements and page templates. This project adapts ADMINLTE 3 so the components can be used from dotnet core Blazor.
  • Blazority - GitHub stars last commit Blazor component library based on the Clarity UI design. 30+ components including Datagrid and Tree-view (Docs & Demos).
  • Material.Blazor - stars last commit An alternative Material Theme Razor Component Library. Material.Blazor focuses sharply on giving you pure markup from Google's material-components-web - we don't try to sit between you and your use of Google's CSS and SASS because they do it better than we ever could. We also have some cool "plus" components. See our demo and comprehensive documentation.
  • Majorsoft Blazor Components - GitHub last commit GitHub Repo stars Majorsoft Majorsoft Blazor Components is a set of UI Components and other useful Extensions for Blazor applications. All components are free and available on NuGet. The main goal of this project is to provide an easy to use, feature reach set of customizable components with other useful extensions. NuGet Demo app Docs.
  • LoreSoft.Blazor.Controls - stars last commit Auto-complete (Typeahead) textbox with local and remote data source, for both Client-side and Server-Side Blazor. Also has DateTimePicker and ToggleSwitch. Demo.
  • MComponents - stars last commit Open Source MIT Blazor Components: Grid, Select, Wizard etc.
  • PanoramicData Blazor UI Components - stars last commit An open source library of Blazor components including Table, Tree, ToolBar and FileExplorer. Demo.
  • HAVIT Blazor - GitHub stars last commit Bootstrap 5 components + additional components built on top of Bootstrap 5 (grid, autosuggest, message-boxes, atc.). Enterprise project template with gRPC code-first client/server communication, localization and more. Interactive documentation & Demos.
  • Blazority - GitHub stars last commit Blazor component library based on the Clarity UI design. 30+ components including Datagrid and Tree-view (Docs & Demos).
  • Telerik UI for Blazor - External link ( A native set of UI components for Blazor, including grid, charting, and calendar components.
  • Start Blazoring - A Blazor starter template built using your choice of Blazorise or MudBlazor, with more UI library integration coming. It offers a myriad of features such as user registration, login, password reset, two factor; user management, roles, permissioning; background workers, logging, caching, email templates, localization and many more.
  • jQWidgets Blazor UI Components - last commit Feature-complete UI components including DataGrid, Scheduler, Charting, Pivot and more. Website.
  • Smart UI for Blazor - last commit Component library for Blazor including Grid, Kanban, Gantt, Chart, Docking, Pivot and more. Website.
  • TabBlazor - last commit Blazor Admin theme built on top of Tabler UI. Minimal javascript. Demo.
  • Blazor.Ionic - GitHub stars last commit Ionic framework integration for Blazor.
  • Blazor Controls Toolkit - Complete toolset for implementing commercial business applications. It includes the equivalent of all Bootstrap JavaScript components, all html5 input types with widgets fallbacks, advanced editable components like DataGrid, TreeView, DetailView, ModalDetail, DetailList. All components have default customizable templates, and support virtualizazion and Drag & Drop. Component rendering is meta-data driven, so component configuration is in part automatic, and in part can be driven with data annotations. The toolset includes also query tools, to issue complex local or remote queries, changes-tracking tools to send only the changed records to the server, advanced validation attributes, globalization tools, "Behaviors" that modify existing components, state management and save, and more.

Individual components




  • BlazorStyled - stars last commit CSS in Blazor Components (Demo).
  • BlazorSize - stars last commit BlazorSize is a JavaScript interop library for Blazor that is used to detect the Browser's current size, change in size, and test media queries.
  • BlazorAnimation - stars last commit A Blazor component based on animate.css to easly animate your content. Demo.
  • BlazorCss - last commit CSS Helper for BlazorStyled which provides auto complete CSS styles.
  • BlazorCssGrid - last commit Css Helper for defining Grid SPA layouts in BlazorStyled.

Datagrids / tables

  • Grid.Blazor - stars last commit Grid component with CRUD forms for Blazor and ASP.NET MVC, supporting filtering, sorting, searching, paging, subgrids and others (Demo).
  • BlazorGrid - GitHub stars last commit Virtualized data grid component with lean markup, focused on displaying remote data. (Demo & documentation).
  • Blazor.FlexGrid - stars last commit GridView component for Blazor.
  • Sve-Blazor-DataTable - stars last commit Blazor DataTable component with support for client/server side paging, filtering and sorting, build on top of bootstrap 4.
  • Table.Net - last commit Interactive and flexible Data Tables for Blazor Web Apps.
  • BlazorTable - stars last commit A Table Control for Blazor with sorting, paging, filtering and more (Demo).
  • WpfGridLayout.Blazor - last commit Provide a simple way to create a grid layout like WPF in Blazor.

Date & time



  • RazorComponents.Markdown - last commit A razor component for Markdown rendering which supports LaTeX, Mermaid diagram, code highlighting and extensions based on Markdig.
  • Blazor Markdown - last_commit A Blazor Markdown component that enables you to include Markdown files in your server-side Blazor apps.

Modal, Toast & Notifications

  • Blazored.Modal - GitHub stars last commit A JavaScript free modal library for Blazor and Razor Components applications.
  • Blazored.Toast - GitHub stars last commit A JavaScript free toast library for Blazor and Razor Component applications.


  • BlazorXTabs - last commit An extended tabs component library providing various tab features for Blazor.


  • bUnit - a testing library for Blazor components - stars last commit A testing library for Blazor Components. You can easily define components under test in C# or Razor syntax and verify outcome using semantic HTML diffing/comparison logic. You can easily interact with and inspect components, trigger event handlers, provide cascading values, inject services, mock IJsRuntime, and perform snapshot testing.
  • Verify.Blazor - a snapshot testing library for Blazor components - stars last commit A snapshot testing library for Blazor Components. Supports rendering Blazor Components to a snapshot file via bunit or via raw Blazor rendering.


  • Stl.Fusion - GitHub stars last commit .NET Core and Blazor library that attempts to dramatically improve the way we implement real-time and high-load services by introducing a novel kind of "computed observables" - immutable, thread-safe, and most importantly, almost invisible for developers. Samples. Overview.
  • BlazorContextMenu - GitHub stars last commit A context menu component for Blazor (Demo).
  • BlazorInputFile - GitHub stars last commit A file input component for Blazor applications, by Steve Sanderson.
  • Blazored.Typeahead - GitHub stars last commit Auto-complete textbox with local and remote data source, for both Client-side and Server-Side Blazor.
  • Blazor-DragDrop - stars last commit Easy-to-use Drag and Drop library for Blazor.
  • Blazored.Menu - stars last commit A JavaScript free menu library for Blazor and Razor Components applications.
  • Blazor LoadingBar - GitHub stars last commit Loading bar UI for Client-Side Blazor application.
  • Z.Blazor.Diagrams - stars last commit A fully customizable and extensible all-purpose diagrams library for Blazor, inspired by the popular react-diagrams library, with many additions. Demo.
  • Excubo.Blazor.Diagrams - stars last commit Interactive diagram component (flowcharts, UML, BPMN, ...), customizable and extensible according to user needs (node types, styles). Demo.
  • BlazorDownloadFile - stars last commit Blazor download files to the browser from c# without any JavaScript library or dependency.
  • Blazor.SignaturePad - stars last commit A Blazor component library that utilizes Szymon Nowak's javascript library Signature Pad to implement smooth signature drawing on a HTML5 canvas.
  • Blorc.PatternFly - stars last commit Blazor wrappers for PatternFly. To view the latest develop branch in action, visit the demo app.
  • BlazorTransitionableRoute - stars last commit Allows current and previous route to exist enabling transition animations of UI/UX design systems.
  • Blazor-Dom-Confetti - last commit Celebrate success with dom 🎉confetti🎉 on Blazor projects. Two versions, dom-confetti wrapper and native blazor 100% JS free.
  • TwitterShareButton - last commit A Tweet Button component for Blazor.
  • Blazor.LoadingIndicator - last commit Simple to use loading indicator helper library.
  • BlazorTypography - last commit A powerful toolkit for building websites with beautiful design (Demo).
  • Razor.SweetAlert2 - last commit Blazor component implementing the popular SweetAlert2 JavaScript Library.
  • BlazorMonaco - last commit Blazor component for Microsoft's Monaco Editor which powers Visual Studio Code. (Demo).
  • Blazor.Grids - last commit Component library for CSS grids with extra features, such as moving and resizing interactively. Create your own dashboard with ease. (Demo).
  • Blazor.TreeViews - last commit Component library for tree views. (Demo).
  • DnetOverlay - last commit Agular CDK Overlay implementation for Blazor.
  • GEmojiSharp.Blazor - last commit GitHub Emoji for Blazor (Demo).
  • Texnomic.Blazor.hCaptcha - last commit hCaptcha Component for Server-Side Blazor.
  • BlazorDialog - last commit Dialog component as a service for Blazor. Demo.
  • BlazorWheelZoom - last commit Zoom and move image with Blazor using mouse wheel and mouse drag - minimal javascript. Demo.
  • AdvancedBlazorSelect2 - last commit Simple wrapper for Select2 with full support of databases and custom web APIs.
  • BlazorLocalizationSample GitHub stars last commit The default project template localized using XLocalizer with online translation and auto resource creating.
  • TimeCalc - last commit An app to help keep track of speed cubing averages on the fly using Blazor WebAssembly. Demo.
  • BlazorSliders - last commit Create multiple panels separated by sliding splitters.
  • BlazorTimeline - stars last commit Responsive, vertical timeline component.
  • BlazorTypewriter - last commit A typewriter effect for Blazor.
  • BlazorMergely - last commit An implementation of Blazor diff and merge component based on Mergely with server side support.
  • MetaMask.Blazor - last commit A library that provides an easy helper to use MetaMask with Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Blazor File Drop Zone - last commit Surround an "input type=file" element by this Blazor component to making a zone that accepts drag and drops files (Demo).

Tools & Utilities

Libraries and extensions for state management, cookies, local storage and other specific tools.

  • Fluxor - GitHub stars last commit Zero boilerplate Flux/Redux library for DotNet.
  • SignalR - GitHub stars last commit SignalR Core implementation for Blazor. It uses the JavaScript client.
  • Blazored.LocalStorage - GitHub stars last commit A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications.
  • Storage - GitHub stars last commit HTML5 Storage API implementation for Microsoft Blazor.
  • Blazor-State - GitHub stars last commit Manage client side state in Blazor using MediatR pipeline.
  • bUnit - a testing library for Blazor components - GitHub stars last commit A testing library for Blazor Components. You can easily define components under test in C# or Razor syntax and verify outcome using semantic HTML diffing/comparison logic. You can easily interact with and inspect components, trigger event handlers, provide cascading values, inject services, mock IJsRuntime, and perform snapshot testing.
  • Logging - GitHub stars last commit Microsoft Extension Logging implementation for Blazor.
  • TextCopy - GitHub stars last commit A cross platform package to copy text to and from the clipboard. Supports Blazor via the Clipboard Browser API.
  • CssBuilder - GitHub stars last commit CssBuilder is a Builder pattern for CSS classes to be used with Razor Components.
  • Notifications - GitHub stars last commit HTML5 Notifications API implementation for Microsoft Blazor.
  • Blazor.Polyfill - GitHub stars last commit Polyfills for Blazor (for Internet Explorer 11 support and some other browsers).
  • Blazor I18n/Localization Text - stars last commit Localizing contents text in Blazor (Demo).
  • BlazorGoogleMaps - stars last commit Blazor interop for GoogleMap library.
  • BlazorWorker - stars last commit Library for creating DotNet Web Worker threads/multithreading in Blazor. Live demo.
  • MvvmBlazor - stars last commit BlazorMVVM is a small framework for building Blazor and BlazorServerside apps. With it's simple to use MVVM pattern you can boost up your development speed while minimizing the hazzle to just make it work.
  • Blazor.BrowserExtension - stars last commit Develop browser extensions/addons with Blazor WebAssembly. Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge.
  • Cortex.Net - GitHub stars last commit State management like MobX for .NET and Blazor. Documentation.
  • Blazor Analytics - Blazor extensions for Analytics.
  • Blazor PDF - stars last-commit Generate de PDF document with iTextSharp from a Blazor Server App.
  • Blazor SVG Helper - stars last commit Create SVG elements with children (circle, rectangle, image, text, and others) and render with RenderTreeBuilder.
  • BlazorRouter - stars last commit BlazorRouter is an awesome router inspired by react-router, providing declarative routing for Blazor.
  • DataJuggler.Blazor.FileUpload - stars last commit Wrapper for Steve Sanderson's BlazorFileInput component.
  • BlazorPrettyCode - Blazor Code Component for documentation sites. Demo.
  • Blazor.EventAggregator - Lightweight Event Aggregator for Blazor (Razor Components).
  • Blazor Gamepad - Provides gamepad API access for Blazor.
  • Blazor Hotkeys - A library to provide configuration-centric keyboard shortcuts for Blazor.
  • BlazorRealm - Redux state management for Blazor.
  • Blazor.LocalFiles - Open files in your browser and load into Blazor.
  • Blazor.SpeechSynthesis - last commit A library to provide Speech Synthesis API access for Blazor.
  • Blazor BarCode – A barcode library for Blazor using barcode fonts.
  • BlazorState.Redux - last commit Develop Blazor apps with Redux.
  • Howler.Blazor - last commit A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for Howler.js, an audio library.
  • jsMind.Blazor - last commit A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for jsMind, a MindMapping tool.
  • Blazor Highcharts - last commit A port of the popular Highcharts library. Demo.
  • Blazor.LazyStyleSheet - last commit Lazy loading for CSS style sheets.
  • Blazor.ScriptInjection - stars last commit Smart script tags in Blazor components, ideal for lazy loading of javascript files.
  • DnetIndexedDb - last commit Blazor Library for IndexedDB DOM API.
  • BlazorIndexedDbJs - last commit BlazorIndexedDbJs is a wrapper arround IndexedDB DOM API, supports Blazor WASM and Server.
  • Blazor-Color-Picker - last commit Opens a palette with the Material colors for Blazor application.
  • Blazor_EmojiFilePicker - last commit Bootstrap Text-Input with Smiley- and File-Support for Blazor.
  • Blazor Library Asset Helper - last commit A VISX extension that can list all JS and CSS assets from Nuget package razor libraries you are using in your Blazor app. It will generate all the <script> and <link> tags for your HTML page for you to copy/paste. Available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.
  • Blazm.Bluetooth - last commit A Blazor library for connecting to devices using Bluetooth.
  • WebBluetooth - last commit Blazor service for the experimental WebBluetooth functions. Based on Blazm.Bluetooth.
  • BlazorApplicationInsights - last commit Application Insights for Blazor web applications.
  • BracketShow.BlazorNavigationManagerExtensions - last commit Simple set of extensions for the Navigation Manager to simplify its usage for things we are likely to do in most of our Blazor applications.
  • BlazorX.NavigationState - last commit BlazorX.NavigationState provides a set of utilities that allow you to observe and bind query strings directly to Blazor components.
  • Blazor Printing - last-commit Print and save PDF documents with a native print dialog in a Blazor Server or client Application.
  • XLocalizer - GitHub Stars last commit Easily localize Asp.Net Core web applications with online translation and auto resource creating.
  • BlazorTemplater -last-commit Use .razor components to render HTML strings for email content.


  • Blazor Extensions Home - GitHub stars Home for Blazor Extensions.
  • Bolero - GitHub stars last commit Blazor for F# with hot reloaded templates, type-safe endpoints and routing, remoting, and much more.
  • BlazorFabric - GitHub stars last commit Blazor port of Microsoft UI Fabric with fluent design. (Demo).
  • BlazorWebView - GitHub stars last commit Blazor WebView control for WPF, Android, macOS, iOS. Run Blazor on .NET Core and Mono natively inside a Webview. Documentation.
  • WebSocketHelper - stars last commit Helper for Web Socket in Blazor.
  • BlazorLazyLoading - GitHub stars last commit Production ready lazy loading implementation. Full lazy loading support for WASM and Server (pages, components, dlls) with abstractions to implement modularization if you wish (custom endpoints, custom manifests, etc).
  • SpotifyService - stars last commit A high-level Spotify API library for Blazor WebAssembly projects that enables Spotify playback in the browser, manages OAuth 2.0 authorization, provides easy access to the Spotify Web API and uses IndexedDB caching.
  • Bionic - An Ionic CLI clone for Blazor projects.
  • BlazorFileSaver - Blazor Component wrapper for FileSaver.js (Demo).
  • Blazor.DownloadFileFast - Fast download of files to the browser from Blazor without any javascript library reference or dependency. (Demo).
  • Blazor.DynamicJavascriptRuntime.Evaluator - Execute dynamic object expressions as Javascript in Blazor client-side apps.
  • Blazor.AdaptiveCards - Adaptive Cards for Blazor. Documentation.
  • EventHorizon Blazor TypeScript Interop Generator - last commit This project takes in a TypeScript type definition file and creates a .NET Core project that will work with the provided Interop abstraction project.
  • Generators.Blazor - last commit Generators.Blazor is a source generator for improving performance in Blazor. The project also contains analyzers to detect common issues in Blazor apps.
  • BlazorZXingJs - last commit Barcode/QRCode Reader and QRCode writer components. This is a Blazor wrapper around zxing-js library. It supports variety of barcode and 2d code types.

Real-World applications

  • Try .NET - GitHub stars last commit Try .NET provides developers and content authors with tools to create interactive experiences.


  • Learn Live - Build a web app with Blazor - duration November 22, 2021 - Learn how to set up your development environment and build your first web app with Blazor, Visual Studio Code, and C#.
  • Web Wednesday: Recapping .NET Conf with Jon Galloway - duration November 17, 2021 - .NET Conf is a wrap, but all the goodness revealed during the conference is just getting started. Between Minimal APIs, performance improvements, and enhancements to some of your favorite features there's a lot to talk about. Jon Galloway joins us this week to cover some of the big updates, talk about his favorites, and how to start using some of the cool new toys today.
  • Host, deploy and scale ASP.NET Core Blazor Server - duration November 11, 2021 - Let's discuss Host configuration values, deployment, scalability, SignalR configuration, Azure SignalR Service and more.
  • Full-stack .NET with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps - duration November 11, 2021 - With automatic global distribution, custom domains, and free SSL certificates, Azure Static Web Apps has everything you need to deploy modern web applications with serverless APIs. Join us to learn all about how to deploy Blazor WebAssembly apps with .NET Azure Functions to Azure Static Web Apps.
  • What’s new in bUnit for .NET 6 - duration November 11, 2021 - In this talk we will go through the latest additions and changes to bUnit that makes it simpler and easier than ever to test Blazor components. This includes the additions related to the new features that are part of the .NET 6 release of Blazor.
  • Blazor and GraphQL - duration November 11, 2021 - GraphQL is a powerful way of querying data. Creating loosely coupled clients using various JavaScript libraries to present data from a GraphQL API has been a popular architecture adopted by developers. How can we consume an GraphQL API in a Blazor WASM app to create rich apps? What if I can make it even better by using the content from a Headless CMS and present it using a Blazor App? In my session, I will make use of the GraphQL API from Umbraco Heartcore, a headless CMS, to create a Harry Potter themed Blazor App and present the data to the user in multiple ways.
  • Embedding Power BI Reports in your Blazor 6 site - duration November 11, 2021 - In this coding session, we will take a run-of-the-mill Blazor WebAssembly site, create a page with a report published in, we will then show how to use the ASP.NET Core identity services to protect reports from unauthorized eyes.
  • Responsive and Adaptive Tactics for Blazor Applications - duration November 11, 2021 - In this session you'll learn about CSS techniques like CSS Grid, Flexbox and media queries. We will also explore techniques for adaptive the user interface at runtime for maximum control. These tactics apply to Blazor WASM, Server, and Blazor Hybrid.
  • New Blazor WebAssembly capabilities in .NET 6 - duration November 10, 2021 - With .NET 6, the underlying .NET WebAssembly runtime supports entirely new kinds of functionality, and can be faster and more productive than ever before. "Native dependencies" enables embedding libraries from other tech stacks (e.g., a C/C++ database engine, or a Rust media processor). AOT compilation brings truly near-native performance to your .NET code in the browser, and the new build toolchain can now strip out unused native code to ship significantly smaller bundles. This talk explores how you can build new kinds of web apps, while having a more enjoyable and productive experience via instant hot reload and a better Razor editor.
  • Blazor Azure B2C Authentication and Authorization - duration November 10, 2021 - In this session we will cover how you can use Azure B2C authentication and authorization within your Blazor application to manage your users, and to allow your users to log in using their preferred social and enterprise logins.
  • Build cross-platform native apps with .NET MAUI and Blazor - duration November 9, 2021 - The power of Blazor is coming to native apps on desktop and mobile devices! Use existing Blazor web components and get the power of native apps, or supercharge your existing native apps with the power and reach of Blazor with the new BlazorWebView control for .NET MAUI, WPF, and WinForms.
  • Enterprise-grade Blazor apps with .NET 6 - duration November 9, 2021 - Blazor in .NET 6 gives you the functionality you need to build real world apps of any size and complexity. In this session we'll look at the new Blazor features in .NET 6 for practical web app development. We'll look at the new support for Hot Reload, error boundaries, state preservation during prerendering, faster file uploads, query string handling, adding page metadata, and integrating Blazor components into existing JavaScript based apps.
  • Next-generation Blazor components with .NET 6 - duration November 9, 2021 - Blazor in .NET 6 enables building even more powerful and flexible web UI components. In this session we'll look at the new improvements to the Blazor component model, including required component parameters, generic type inference from ancestor components, JavaScript initializers, and handling of static web assets.
  • Minimal APIs in .NET 6 - duration November 10, 2021 - In this talk, Safia and Stephen, developers from the ASP.NET team, will introduce you to minimal APIs, a new, low-ceremony way to build small HTTP APIs using ASP.NET Core. The demo includes a Blazor app.
  • Introduction to .NET MAUI - duration November 9, 2021 - .NET MAUI is the best way to build cross platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET and C#. Join Maddy Leger, .NET MAUI Program Manager, to get a first look of .NET MAUI in .NET 6 and learn how you can start using it today.
  • Blazor Hot Reload in .NET 6 - duration November 9, 2021 - With Blazor Hot Reload, you can save time by seeing your ASP.NET WebAssembly apps changes live! Here, Isadora will demo how to use this time and expense saving feature so you can make your WebAssembly apps even more awesome.
  • .NET Conf 2021 - Day 1 - duration November 9, 2021 - .NET Conf is a free, three day virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. This year .NET 6 will launch at .NET Conf 2021! Come celebrate and learn about the new release.
  • Smaller & Faster Blazor WebAssembly apps with Runtime Relinking in .NET 6 - duration November 9, 2021 - The new support for runtime relinking has made Blazor WebAssembly apps smaller and faster to download. In this demo, Daniel Roth will show how runtime relinking works while making the smallest WebAssembly app possible.
  • Blazor WebAssembly AOT on Azure Static Web Apps in .NET 6 - duration November 9, 2021 - Host your Blazor WebAssembly applications on Azure Static Web Apps. Anthony Chu will demo how to automatically build and deploy your app, utilize .NET 6, and improve your runtime performance with ahead-of-time compilation on Azure Static Web Apps.
  • .NET Conf 2021 Keynote - duration November 9, 2021 - Join Scott Hunter and team as they show you all the amazing things you can do with .NET 6.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor Native Interop with SkiaSharp - duration October 26, 2021 - SkiaSharp is a cross-platform 2D graphics API for .NET platforms based on Google's Skia Graphics Library. It provides a comprehensive 2D API that can be used across mobile, server and desktop models to render images. In this edition of the Blazor community standup learn more about SkiaSharp, from Matthew Leibowitz. Community links.
  • Web Wednesday: Creating full stack web apps with Blazor - duration October 21, 2021 - Blazor provides an alternative option for building rich client-side web applications using .NET instead of JavaScript. The core of this framework is based on components, similar to JavaScript frameworks like Vue or React. In this session, we'll take a look at how this component model works.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring MudBlazor - duration October 12, 2021 - In this edition of the Blazor community standup learn more about MudBlazor, a Material Design framework for Blazor with co-creators Jonny Larsson & Meinrad Recheis. Community links.
  • Web Wednesday: ASP.NET Razor tips and tricks with Jon Galloway - duration October 11, 2021 - Razor is a server-side, page-centric programming model for building webpages with ASP.NET Core. Razor has continued to mature over time, and has expanded to include numerous "quality-of-life" additions to make the developer's life easier. Jon Galloway joins us to talk about MVC and ASP.NET, and walks us through some of his favorite features, tips and tricks.
  • Blast off with Blazor - Supercharged Enterprise UIs using AntDesign - duration September 20, 2021 - AntBlazor is fully supported by the .NET Foundation and boasts an impressive following. The best part is the awesome documentation and code samples to get you up and running in no time.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 6 RC1 - duration September 14, 2021 - Find out what's new in Blazor in .NET 6 RC1. Community links.
  • The .NET Docs Show - Micro frontends with Blazor - duration August 31, 2021 - In this week's episode, Florian Rappl joins the panel to show us how to build websites using compositional UIs that grow naturally as your application scales.
  • Blazor ListView Component - duration August 27, 2021 - In this Blazor Components session, Fahad Mullaji aka @Curious Drive walks us through the various functionalities of the Telerik UI for Blazor ListView component. He explores the multiple List templates, focusing on the Header template which allows adding custom Blazor components, and footer template which shows the number of items in the list.
  • The .NET Docs Show - Blazor component testing with bUnit - duration August 23, 2021 - A new UI framework like Blazor means new unit testing scenarios! In this week's episode, community MVP Egil Hansen shows us bUnit, a unit testing library for Blazor components.
  • Getting Started with Blazor Components - duration August 26, 2021 - Join the amazing Fahad Mullaji a.k.a @Curious Drive in his "Getting Started with Telerik UI for Blazor" journey. In this video, he goes through five of the most practical and frequently used components – TextBox, DropDownList, AutoComplete, MultiSelect, and CheckBox.
  • Planning, designing, and coding a Blazor site from scratch part 6 - duration August 23, 2021 - In this episode, Jessica takes revenge on CSS, but the big question is.... Will she win? Adding responsiveness to the menu using only CSS.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring Blazorise - duration August 17, 2021 - ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring Blazorise with Mladen Macanović. Url list.
  • Using SignalR in your Blazor applications - duration August 19, 2021 - In this episode, David Pine joins Jeremy to show off this chat bot enabled demo that's powered by Blazor WASM and SignalR. Source code stars last commit. Demo.
  • Building a face recognition app with #Blazor and Azure Cognitive Services - July 20, 2021 - Building a face recognition app with Blazor and Azure Cognitive Services. Source code stars last commit.
  • What's new in Blazor in .NET 6 with Daniel Roth - duration July 16, 2021 - Blazor in .NET 6 makes client-side web development faster and more productive than ever before. Let's chat about all the new Blazor features in .NET 6: .NET Hot Reload, WebAssembly ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, error boundaries, integration with .NET MAUI, and much more.
  • Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 - Overview - duration July 14, 2021 - This video shows some the new features in Visual Studio 2022 preview 2.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Building with Blazor: - duration July 13, 2021 - is a video-on-demand service that leverages Blazor WASM. In this episode of the Blazor community standup, we'll talk with product engineer Steve Pierce about the successes and stories behind using Blazor WASM for
  • Building dynamic applications with blazor - duration July 10, 2021 - Blazor is a revolutionary single-page app framework for building interactive web apps with .NET Core. Underpinning Blazor's ability to create interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript is a robust component model which offers exciting new opportunities for developers to create dynamic web applications. In this session we will demonstrate dynamic application development using an open source modular application framework for Blazor named Oqtane.
  • Intro to Blazing Web Accessibility - Empowered with AI - duration July 5, 2021 - This video shows how you make an accessible website in Blazor, Microsoft’s brand new front-end technology.
  • The .NET Docs Show - Scenario testing Blazor Single-Page Apps - duration June 28, 2021 - Cover all the bases and use test scenarios to improve the quality of your test coverage in Blazor applications.
  • Let's Learn .NET - Blazor - duration June 25, 2021 - Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries. Together, we will learn all about Blazor and why you would use it to build web apps, and then we will build our first client web app with Blazor and .NET.
  • On .NET Live - Building Reactive UIs with Blazor - duration June 24, 2021 - In this live session, Rodney Littles II shows us how to build Blazor applications with the ReactiveUI framework.
  • Web Wednesday: Blazor Web Apps using GraphQL and EF Core with Jeremy Likness - duration June 23, 2021 - Got data? Got Blazor? The “glue” between the client and server is often the weakest link in building enterprise web apps. What if you could use your domain model as the source of truth, generate a database that supports your design and easily move data between the server and your Blazor WebAssembly app with just a few lines of code? Jeremy will show you how to do this and more with the power of Entity Framework Core enhanced by GraphQL.
  • On .NET Live - Building Beautiful Blazor apps with Tailwind CSS - duration June 17, 2021 - In this session on On .NET Live, Chris Sainty(@chris_sainty) will be showing us how to style our applications using Tailwind CSS as well as how to integrated the Blazored component libraries.
  • BlazorDay 2021, full video - duration June 17, 2021 - Blazor Day is the online event around Blazor technologies. #BlazorDay is organized by 3 MVP friends. Their objective is to share their passion for .NET and more particularly Blazor. Joined by the famous Charline to upgrade the event to the next level.
  • Introduction to .NET MAUI Blazor | The Xamarin Show - duration June 17, 2021 - Blazor enables building client-side web UI with .NET, but sometimes you need more than what the web platform offers. Sometimes you need full access to the native capabilities of the device. You can now host Blazor components in .NET MAUI apps to build cross-platform native apps using web UI. The components run natively in the .NET process and render web UI to an embedded web view control using a local interop channel. This hybrid approach gives you the best of native and the web. Your components can access native functionality through the .NET platform, and they render standard web UI. .NET MAUI Blazor apps can run anywhere .NET MAUI can (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) although our primary focus for .NET 6 is on desktop scenarios.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Build apps for Microsoft Teams with Blazor - duration June 15, 2021 - Learn how to build apps for Microsoft Teams using the Teams Toolkit, .NET, and Blazor. Community links.
  • On .NET Live - Secrets of building Blazor Components - duration June 10, 2021 - This session with Ed Charbeneau is about building components for Blazor.
  • Next Generation UI with .NET 6 - duration June 9, 2021 - Tired of Angular, Vue, and React? Ready for the next generation of web user interface that runs everywhere and you can build with your favorite programming language? In this session, Jeff Fritz is going to introduce you to Blazor - the next generation UI framework from the .NET team. We'll see how Blazor works with Web Assembly, webservers, and hybrid applications to deliver a great experience for your users. Blazor is the framework that allows you to build once and run it everywhere.
  • Planning, designing, and coding a Blazor site from scratch part 1 - duration June 8, 2021 - Set up Azure DevOps, Builds, Release, and Blazor project.
  • Let's Learn .NET: Blazor - duration June 7, 2021 - Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries. Together, we will learn all about Blazor and why you would use it to build web apps, and then we will build our first client web app with Blazor and .NET.
  • Building Modern Applications with GraphQL and Blazor - duration May 14, 2021 - Building Modern Applications with GraphQL and Blazor at the JetBrains .NET Days Online. After having a fundamental understanding of how GraphQL improves our data fetching needs in web applications, we will move on and build a nice real-time application with Blazor and GraphQL. Let’s build a truly engaging next gen application and push Blazor to the limit. Slides. Source code stars last commit.
  • Upgrading to .NET 6 - duration April 21, 2021 - This video shows you how to upgrade your existing .NET 5 Blazor application to .NET 6 Preview 3. It also shows how to upgrade your tests to use the latest release of bunit version 1.0.19 and demos the new hot reload feature in .NET 6 - which is a huge improvement to the engineering experience. Source code stars last commit.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 - duration April 20, 2021 - There are a lot of exciting new features for ASP.NET Core developers in .NET 6! Come hear all about it from Daniel Roth, and ask your questions live in the chat. Community links.
  • WebAPI vs gRPC in Blazor Train - duration April 16, 2021 - Carl Franklin shows you how to use gRPC in your Blazor apps as an alternative to a more common API layer. You can download all files
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Exploring Oqtane with Shaun Walker - duration April 13, 2021 - In this edition of the Blazor community standup, we sit down with Shaun Walker to discuss all things Oqtane. Community links.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Cookie Expiration & API Authorization - duration April 7, 2021 - This video shows how you can set authentication properties for cookie authentication. You can set it's IsPersistent to keep the cookie alive even after the browser is closed. You can also set it's ExpiredUtc property to set expiry date for your cookies.
  • Deploying Blazor WebAssembly to GitHub Pages - duration March 30, 2021 - The .NET Docs Show - Deploying Blazor WebAssembly to GitHub Pages. What's better than Blazor? How about Blazor and a free place to host your Blazor app? In this episode, community member Niels Swimberghe shows the panel how to deploy Blazor apps to GitHub Pages.
  • Testing Blazor Apps & Components - March 26, 2021 - Blazor Train, episode 43: Testing Blazor Apps & Components.
  • Steve Sanderson at the NDC Manchester 2021 - March 25, 2021 - Blazor in 2021: .NET 5, .NET 6 and beyond.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Creating Chat Application Using SignalR - duration March 25, 2021 - Blazor WebAssembly : Creating Chat Application Using SignalR.
  • Introduction to Dynamic Components in Blazor - duration March 22, 2021 - This video shows how you can use one of the most interesting features in Blazor w/ .NET 6.0 preview which is Dynamic Components. Dynamic Components can help you load content from multiple components dynamically in Blazor without too much hassle. Source code stars last commit.
  • Building a Blazor WebAssembly chat using SignalR - March 8, 2021 - duration Building a Blazor WebAssembly chat using SignalR, by Coding After Work.
  • Multiple Panels with Sliding Splitters - March 5, 2021 - Blazor Train, episode 40: Multiple Panels with Sliding Splitters.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : JavaScript Isolation - duration March 1, 2021 - Blazor WebAssembly : JavaScript Isolation, by Curious Drive. This video is about how you can isolate JavaScript files in Blazor applications. With JavaScript isolation you can load your JavaScript files only when needed. Source code stars last commit.
  • .NET Conf 2021 - Focus on Windows: Building .NET Hybrid Apps with Blazor - February 25, 2021 - .NET Conf: Focus on Windows, session "Building .NET Hybrid Apps with Blazor", by Daniel Roth.
  • .NET Conf 2021 - Focus on Windows: Real-Time Desktop Apps with Azure SignalR Service - February 25, 2021 - .NET Conf: Focus on Windows, session "Real-Time Desktop Apps with Azure SignalR Service".
  • .NET Conf 2021 - Focus on Windows - duration February 25, 2021 - .NET Conf: Focus on Windows is a free, one-day livestream event that features speakers from the community and Microsoft teams working on Windows desktop apps and making them fantastic on the latest .NET 5. Learn why and how to upgrade WPF and Windows Forms apps to .NET 5, see Visual Studio tooling improvements, learn how to leverage cloud services from your client apps, and a whole lot more. You'll also see what the future of native device development with .NET will look like in .NET 6. Full schedule:
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Virtualize Component - duration February 22, 2021 - Blazor WebAssembly : Virtualize Component, by Curious Drive. This video shows how you can use Virtualize component and load thousands of records in efficient way. We will first check how it actually works then we will map to a web API which gets records which are visible to the users.
  • Blazor Train: Options for Mobile Apps - duration February 19, 2021 - Carl Franklin welcomes back Microsoft’s Dan Roth to discuss options for building mobile apps with Blazor.
  • Advanced Blazor experiences with Carl Franklin - duration February 10, 2021 - Advanced Blazor experiences with Carl Franklin, by Coding After Work. Carl Franklin will share a bit more advanced scenarios like using SignalR together with Blazor for cross user communication and data synchronization.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - A Blazor Conversation with Chris Sainty - duration February 9, 2021 - In this standup, we chat with Blazor aficionado and open source community member Chris Sainty about Blazor, his open source work, and more.
  • Blazor Power Hour: FAQ show #1 - duration February 3, 2021 - Blazor Power Hour: FAQ show 1, with ed Charbeneau.
  • Blazor Train: Ask the Engineer - January 29, 2021 - Carl Franklin answers your questions and solves your Blazor puzzlers.
  • .NET Frontend day 2021 - January 28, 2021 - duration .NET Frontend Day 2021 sessions.
  • Blazor Train: Progressive Web Applications - duration January 15, 2021 - Carl Franklin shows you how to create a Blazor PWA and how to configure it for offline access and cached content.
  • .NET Community Standup: Meet the Blazor Team - duration January 12, 2021 - "Meet the Blazor Team"'s .NET Community Standup. Meet the people behind the code! Join us for a fun livestream with members of the Blazor team.
  • Blazor Train: Synchronicity 5.0 - December 18, 2020 - Carl Franklin shows how to develop both a Blazor Server and Blazor Wasm project simultaneously using .NET 5.
  • Blazor vs React/Angular - duration December 11, 2020 - Debate about Blazor vs React/Angular, featuring Michael Washington on The Growth Mindset Show.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Material Design in Blazor with Material.Blazor - duration December 8, 2020 - We sit with Simon Ziegler and Mark Stega of Material.Blazor to discuss the project, Material.Blazor, a Material design component library for Blazor. ASP.NET Community Standup. Url list.
  • Blazor Train: Using SignalR for cross-user Communication - duration December 4, 2020 - Carl Franklin shows you how to seamlessly add SignalR to any Blazor app.
  • Developing interactive websites with C# using Blazor with Jimmy Engstrom - duration November 26, 2020 - Creating an interactive website today takes a lot of effort. You need to know a bunch of frameworks, languages and tools like Angular, React, JavaScript, Web pack, NPM, Bower, the list is long. What if there is a way to develop interactive websites without having to learn all these things? What if there is a way to develop in only one language, in C#? What if there is a way to do all that without using any Web Browser plugin? In this session Jimmy will show you what he believes to be the future of web development, Blazor. He will show how to get started and also share some of the new things in .NET5 so there be will be something for everybody. Also available on Twitch.
  • How to Create RDLC Report in Blazor - duration November 24, 2020 - This video is about how to Create RDLC Report in Blazor Server application, how to use RDLC (.rdlc) report in Blazor.
  • Blazor Train: Adding Azure AD B2C to an existing app - duration November 20, 2020 - Carl Franklin welcomes back Joel Hulen to demystify Azure AD B2C.
  • Blazor: .NET 5 JavaScript interop modules revisited - duration November 20, 2020 - Blazor: .NET 5 JavaScript interop modules revisited, by Ed Charbeneau.
  • ASP.NET Community Standup - Unit Testing Blazor with bUnit - duration November 17, 2020 - On this month's Blazor Community Spotlight, we'll be talking to Egil Hansen about unit testing Blazor components with bUnit.
  • Migrating a Windows Forms App to Blazor: The Amazing and True Story of GIFBot - duration November 13, 2020 - In this talk, I will discuss the migration steps undertaken to go from a complex Desktop application to a robust ASP.NET-backed website with a Blazor front-end. The talk will highlight the ease at which I was able to translate functionality as a developer with very outdated web development skills.
  • Blazor Train: Basic Authentication and Authorization in Blazor Web Assembly - duration November 13, 2020 - Carl shows you how to use ASP.NET Core Identity for basic authentication and authorization in a Blazor WebAssembly app.
  • Blazor Stability Testing Tools for Bullet Proof Applications - duration November 13, 2020 - .NET in the browser may sound like Blazor's strength, however the story of Blazor testing may just be its biggest potential upside. In this session we'll discuss what makes Blazor an ideal candidate for: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and Automated System Testing. With Jon Galloway.
  • Building Real-time Applications with Blazor and GraphQL - duration November 12, 2020 - Come see how Blazor and GraphQL combined will revolutionize how we build rich SPA applications with .NET. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Application State in Blazor Apps - duration November 12, 2020 - Carl shows you the benefits of keeping application data outside components and pages, how to do cross-component change notifications, and how to persist that AppState to localstorage. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • From Web Forms to Blazor - Introducing the Blazor Web Forms Components - duration November 12, 2020 - There are millions of ASP.NET Web Forms applications out there. How do you migrate them to .NET Core? With Blazor of course! In this talk, learn about the easy steps you can take to successfully migrate your application to Blazor with the BlazorWebFormComponents. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Components in Blazor - duration November 12, 2020 - Blazor is the blazing word in the Microsoft Tech stack at the moment because you can run C# on the client. In this session, I will talk about what Razor components are, talk about their lifecycle, event handling, and how to pass information between Blazor Components. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Trailblazor: Building Dynamic Applications with Blazor - duration November 12, 2020 - Underpinning Blazor's ability to create interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript is a robust component model which offers exciting new opportunities for developers to create dynamic web applications. In this session we will explore a modular application framework for Blazor called Oqtane. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Microfrontends with Blazor: Welcome to the Party! - duration November 12, 2020 - In this talk, microfrontends expert Florian Rappl introduces an established architecture for a creating modular frontend applications. He will show how this architecture can be implemented together with Blazor to create dynamic user experiences. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Getting Started With Blazor - duration November 12, 2020 - In this session, we will introduce the core concepts for Blazor development, both client and server side. Then we will dive in to a Blazor Web Assembly example and look at how we can build rich client side apps in C#. .NET Conf 2020, Day #3.
  • Blazor: Client Side vs. Server Side: Hands on Development and Deployment - duration November 11, 2020 - We will look at the main differences between Client Side Blazor, and Server Side Blazor. We will discuss situations and scenarios in which one should be favored over the other. We will develop a small app & deploy it twice on Azure: As a Client Side Blazor App, and as a Server Side Blazor App. .NET Conf 2020, Day #2.
  • Migrating a Windows Forms App to Blazor: The Amazing and True Story of GIFBot - duration November 11, 2020 - In this talk, I will discuss the migration steps undertaken to go from a complex Desktop application to a robust ASP.NET-backed website with a Blazor front-end. The talk will highlight the ease at which I was able to translate functionality as a developer with very outdated web development skills. .NET Conf 2020, Day #2.
  • Modern Web Development with Blazor & .NET 5 - duration November 10, 2020 - Blazor isn't just for new apps! Blazor in .NET 5 is integrated seamlessly with ASP.NET Core to enable modern full stack web development with .NET. In this session we'll show you how you can use Blazor and ASP.NET Core together to add rich client-side interactivity to both new and existing apps. You'll learn how to use Blazor components from your existing MVC views and Razor Pages, handle server-side prerendering, setup authentication & authorization, improve load time performance, and then deploy your app into production. .NET Conf 2020, Day #1.
  • A talk for trailblazers: Blazor in .NET 5 - duration November 10, 2020 - Wondering what's in store for Blazor in .NET 5? Wonder no more! This talk features the latest and greatest features to arrive in Blazor as part of .NET 5. From improved APIs for working with the browser to CSS isolation to a variety of performance improvements, you'll leave this presentation with rundown of everything you'll be able to do in the latest version of Blazor. .NET Conf 2020, Day #1.
  • .NET Conf 2020: Day 1, full video - duration November 10, 2020 - Full video of the first day of the .NET Conf 2020.
  • Blazor Reporting with Thomas Smith - duration November 9, 2020 - Carl welcomes Blazor Train fan Thomas Smith to show how he implemented reports in a real-world Blazor app. Carl Franklin's Blazor Train Ep 63.
  • Blazor + Xamarin == WHOA! - duration November 5, 2020 - Xamarin Community Standup - Blazor + Xamarin == WHOA! with Eilon Lipton. Join the Xamarin Team as they discuss the latest and greatest for Xamarin. This week we sit down with Eilon Lipton to discuss the latest in the Mobile Blazor Bindings.
  • Blazor Train: Basic Authentication and Authorization - November 02, 2020 - Carl shows you how to use ASP.NET Core Identity for basic authentication and authorization using a SQL Server.
  • .NET 5 Migrating NuGet Packages - duration October 31, 2020 - .NET 5 Migrating NuGet Packages, by Ed Charbeneau.
  • Blazor & Comet for Native Mobile Apps - duration October 26, 2020 - Sam Basu from Telerik joins the panel to show us how to use Blazor and Comet in native mobile apps.
  • Run EF Core queries on SQL Server from Blazor WebAssembly - duration October 26, 2020 - Session of the Atlanta .Net User Group by Jeremy Likness, "Run Entity Framework Core queries on SQL Server from Blazor WebAssembly".
  • Blazor Train: MVVM Part 2 - duration October 26, 2020 - Carl shows more advanced MVVM patterns in Blazor.
  • ASP.NET Core Series: PWA's with Blazor - duration October 15, 2020 - Progressive Web Applications (PWA) use modern browser APIs and capabilities to behave like a desktop app. Since Blazor WebAssembly is a standards-based client-side web app platform, developers have the ability to leverage these browser APIs and create PWAs using .NET. In this episode, Jeremy is joined by Dan Roth to discuss the built in support for building PWAs with Blazor and show us a few demos of how get started.
  • On .NET Live - Diving into Azure Static Web Apps - duration October 15, 2020 - Azure Static Web Apps allows you to develop modern web applications that automatically publish from changes made in GitHub. You can build your frontends in your framework of choice and back them powerful APIs based on Azure Functions. In this session, Anthony Chu joins us to talk about this new service and what it means for .NET Developers building Blazor applications.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Twitter Authentication/Login - duration October 12, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly : Twitter Authentication/Login, by Curious Drive.
  • Setup Your Blazor Wasm and ASP.NET Core Web API in Azure Devops: Dev To Azure - Part 1 - duration October 12, 2020 - Setup Your Blazor Wasm and ASP.NET Core Web API in Azure Devops: Dev To Azure - Part 1. Article.
  • Blazor Train: Daniel Roth on .NET 5 Blazor - October 9, 2020 - Carl welcomes back Daniel Roth to demo what's new in .NET 5 Blazor.
  • Blazor: Our first impressions with Andrew Lock - October 9, 2020 - Blazor: Our first impressions with Andrew Lock, by Loosely Coupled Show. Are you on the Blazor train? Some of us are hesitant with scars from the past, even though they might not be warranted.
  • Telerik Reporting and Testing R3 2020 Release - duration October 5, 2020 - Tech Is Evolving, and so Are Telerik & Kendo UI with R3 2020: Telerik Reporting & Test Studio Dev Edition Fully Integrate with All Suites, including Blazor.
  • Blazor Train: Adding Blazor to an Existing MVC Application - duration October 2, 2020 - Carl welcomes Brian MacKay who shows you how to add Blazor pages and components to an existing MVC app.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Authentication State - duration September 26, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly : Authentication State, by Curious Drive. Source code stars last commit.
  • Blazor Train: WebForms to Blazor with Jeff Fritz - duration September 11, 2020 - Carl welcomes Microsoft’s Jeff Fritz to give hope to WebForms developers who want to move to Blazor.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Custom Authentication - duration September 3, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly : Custom Authentication, by Curious Drive.
  • iJS London: Blazor WebAssembly - duration September 2, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly by Rainer Stropek at the International JavaScript Conference. This is an introduction to Blazor WebAssembly. Here the source code of the Starship traveler demo mentionned in the talk stars last commit.
  • Rendering an Orchard Core Markdown Blog Post with Blazor WebAssembly - duration August 30, 2020 - Rendering an Orchard Core Markdown Blog Post with Blazor WebAssembly.
  • Write OnClick Events in C# using Blazor and Eliminate JavaScript - duration August 25, 2020 - JavaScript can be eliminated for implementing an OnClick event and many other HTML event attributes. With Blazor, we go ahead and write an OnClick event in C# without the need for JavaScript.
  • Blazor Train: Data Access - duration August 24, 2020 - Carl brings together an API layer, a generic data manager, and EF Core to create a complete solution.
  • The .NET Docs Show - .NET open-source projects - duration August 24, 2020 - Chat with Isaac Levin (@isaacrlevin) about some exciting .NET open source projects he's been working on. By The .NET Docs show. Article on about this episode.
  • Blazor Game Client + Working on GUI System - duration August 23, 2020 - Blazor Game Client + Working on GUI System.
  • How to Create Services in Client Side Apps - duration August 21, 2020 - We are upgrading our Blazor App Tour Of Heroes with Services! This will allow the components to keep state even when we navigate away along with creating some reusable code for our apis. If you like this video please subscribe and let me know you would like to see more. Based of Tour of Heroes section 4.
  • Let's Build Flappy Bird - duration August 18, 2020 - Let's Build Flappy Bird with Blazor WebAssembly. Source code stars last commit.
  • Blazor WebAssembly, Azure AD B2C and Azure SDKs with Jon Gallant - duration August 11, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly, Azure AD B2C and Azure SDKs with Jon Gallant.
  • Blazor Train: Modal Dialogs with Chris Sainty - August 7, 2020 - Carl welcomes Chris Sainty back to BlazorTrain to show Blazored.Modal, his OSS Modal Dialog component.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Open-source Project - EP10 - duration July 29, 2020 - Let's make the BlazingChat app Open-Source and walk through rest of MVVM code for Contacts and Settings page, by Curious Drive.
  • Blazor Train: Creating a Generic Data Manager - duration July 24, 2020 - In this episode of BlazorTrain, Carl welcomes App vNext contractor Mateus de Carvalho. They show how to use the repository pattern to create two generic data managers: one for an in-memory store, and one for an Entity Framework dbContext.
  • Blazor Server with Azure AD authentication and MS Graph - duration July 24, 2020 - For this week's stream, we decided to play with the latest hot topic in the .NET ecosystem, i.e Blazor. JP and me build a Blazor Server web app with .NET Core and then we add Azure AD authentication to enable users to login in the app with the new Microsoft.Identity.Web. In the end, we added a call to MS Graph to retrieve some messages. video on YouTube. video on Twitch.
  • Carl Franklin's Blazor Train: Creating an API Layer - duration July 20, 2020 - Carl shows you how to create APIs and access them from Blazor applications. Topics include CORS, and advanced JSON issues.
  • Visual Studio Remote Office Hours - Blazor and ASP.NET - duration July 16, 2020 - Visual Studio Remote Office Hours - Blazor and ASP.NET, with Daniel Roth and Mads Kristensen. What is Blazor and what should I use it for? Dan Roth is here with answers and insights to share.
  • Common Data Services (CDS) and .NET - duration July 16, 2020 - From console to mobile to web apps to services, learn how to use the Common Data Service when building .NET apps. This will be a demo heavy session that include Azure Functions, using it in mobile apps written in Xamarin, and web apps written with Blazor.
  • .NET Virtual User Group - Blazor + Xamarin Code Sharing - duration July 15, 2020 - In this session Lachlan will be focusing on an approach to allow Models, ViewModels and Services to be shared across a Xamarin Forms App(for Android, iOS, UWP, etc.) and Blazor Web Assembly, with just a thin layer on top for user interface and platform specifics in each UI Framework.
  • Blazor & Electron.NET Managing Application Windows - duration July 9, 2020 - This video covers how to create a new windows and manage the window properties, retrieve windows and set the full screen mode.
  • FAST Framework - duration July 7, 2020 - ASP.NET Community Standup: FAST Framework. Check out how to use the new FAST Web Components with .NET and Blazor. Guests: Daniel Roth, Steve Sanderson and Rob Eisenberg.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Using HttpClient in MVVM - duration July 6, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly : Using HttpClient in MVVM, by Curious Drive. This video is about how to use IHttpClientFactory in a Blazor WebAssembly application.
  • Blazor WebAssembly : Dependency Injection - duration July 3, 2020 - Blazor WebAssembly : Dependency Injection, by Curious Drive.
  • Blazor Web Bluetooth - duration July 1, 2020 - In this video Jimmy Engström demonstratres how to use Blazor and web bluetooth to controls a bluetooth robot.
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  • Eilon Lipton on Blazor Desktop - November 8, 2021 - In this episode, Eilon is discussing the ins and outs of Blazor Desktop — which is currently 100% of what he’s been working on. He takes listeners on a deep-dive of Blazor Desktop, sharing what they need to know in anticipation of .NET 6 and the GA drop of Visual Studio 2022 coming out. He also touches on WPF, WinForms, MAUI, and the 2021 DEVintersection Conference. Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Real World Blazor With Steve Peirce - November 5, 2021 - .NET Core Show, Episode 86 - Real World Blazor With Steve Peirce. Duration: 62 minutes.
  • Daniel Roth on Web Development with .NET 6 - September 13, 2021 - Azure DevOps Podcast, episode 158: Daniel Roth on Web Development with .NET 6. Daniel was last on the podcast over two years ago in episode 47 to discuss Blazor DevOps. In this episode, he and Jeffrey discuss web development with .NET 6.0. He shares the high points of what’s coming next for .NET 6.0, the major differences between .NET 5.0 and 6.0, what to look forward to with regards to Blazor, and his insights on WASM tooling, minimal APIs and hosting, and hot reload within .NET 6.0. Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Dean Guida on the Future of .NET Components - August 16, 2021 - Dean Guida shares his insights on the future of .NET components; lessons he has learned having run a software company for over 30 years; his top recommendations when it comes to managing software teams, DevOps toolchains, preparing for the release of .NET 6, server-side vs. Web Assembly, what .NET developers should be doing today for full system testing, and more! He also gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurial software engineers, an overview of Infragistics’ tools, and what to be looking out for as a software developer today. Duration: 34 minutes.
  • bUnit, TDD, and Sci-fi with Egil Hansen - July 18, 2021 - In this episode, Jimmy and Jessica talk to Egil Hansen about bUnit, test-driven development, and Sci-fi. Duration: 72 minutes.
  • Blazor with Chris Sainty - July 13, 2021 - In this episode, I was thrilled to be joined by Chris Sainty to chat all about Blazor! Blazor is a new .NET technology allowing you to build SPA-like frontend web UIs in C#! Very focused on developer productivity and componentisation - Blazor is certainly going to become my go-to for frontends moving forward! And chatting with Chris in this episode, has shown me even more reasons why Blazor is becoming so immensely popular.
  • React, writing a book, and Blazor with Carl Rippon - March 22, 2021 - Coding after work, episode 57: React, writing a book, and Blazor with Carl Rippon. Duration: 35 minutes.
  • .NET 6 with Daniel Roth - March 11, 2021 - What's next for .NET? Carl and Richard chat with Dan Roth about all the good things coming this November for .NET. The conversation starts out with some discussion around Blazor, which is no longer an experimental project, but now a key part of .NET. Dan talks about the role of MAUI bringing together UI elements for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. There's a lot to look forward to by the end of 2021. Duration: 58 minutes.
  • Blazor Keeps Getting Better with Daniel Roth - March 9, 2021 - .NET 059: Blazor Keeps Getting Better with Daniel Roth. Blazor has come a long way since 2018. Blazor WebAssembly was released in 2020 and Blazor was integrated as a full-fledged member of .NET 5. Daniel Roth joins us to discuss the progress and improvements the Blazor team has made over the last year. We also discuss a number of updates coming in 2021 like the new Razor editor. The future of Blazor is bright, indeed. Duration: 61 minutes.
  • Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty - January 8, 2021 - Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty in the .NET Core Show, episode 67. Duration: 67 minutes.
  • .NET 5 with Scott Hunter - December 24, 2020 - .NET 5 is shipped! What happens now? As part of the .BLD() Tech Talks XXL event in the Netherlands, Carl and Richard streamed interviewing Scott Hunter about .NET 5. The conversation turns to how the scope of .NET 5 focused in on how to help projects move from the standard framework onto .NET 5. Scott also dives into the ever-improving performance of .NET, the latest version of Blazor, and the adoption of WinForms in .NET 5 - and what's coming for .NET 6. Duration: 53 minutes.
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  • Blazor WebAssembly Succinctly - August 31, 2020 - Blazor is a framework for creating SPA webpages with either client-side or server-side architectures, using Razor technology written with the C# language. Because client-side Blazor with WebAssembly executes entirely on a user's browser, it’s very fast for many applications. In Blazor WebAssembly Succinctly, Michael Washington will take readers through the core elements of Blazor and then explore additional features by building a sample application. Free e-book.
  • Blazor Succinctly - April 16, 2020 - A free e-book for starting with the Blazor framework.
  • Blazor, A Beginners Guide - March 18, 2020 - A free e-book for getting started with the Blazor framework. Examples source code.
  • Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms developers - Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms developers, a free e-book from Microsoft.
  • Using CSLA 5: Blazor and WebAssembly - This book covers the new Blazor UI framework, including how to create server-side and client-side WebAssembly projects, how to implement authentication and authorization, and how to use data binding. It then covers how CSLA .NET supports Blazor, including walking through a complete sample app.
  • An Introduction to Building Applications with Blazor - August 24, 2019 - An Introduction to Building Applications with Blazor: How to get started creating applications using this exciting easy to use Microsoft C# framework
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