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UI Component library for building KaiOS apps. All components and views are navigable using a phone's d-pad and softkeys.

Building and Usage

KaiUI has not yet been deployed to NPM. To build and play with the demo app run:

npm install
npm start

For use in the KaiOS emulator you must build

npm build

And update the hashes of the JS and CSS files in index.html manually before running.


All specs can be found here

Name Preview Spec
Header alt text alt text
Tabs alt text alt text
SoftKey alt text alt text
Text List Item alt text alt text
Body Text List Item alt text
Icon List Item alt text
Arrow List Item alt text
Separator alt text alt text
Checkbox alt text alt text
Radio Button alt text
Progress-Download alt text alt text
Progress-Buffering alt text
Slider alt text alt text
Button alt text alt text
Input alt text alt text


Navigation details can be found here

Name Preview
TabView alt text
ListView alt text


Name Preview Spec
Toast alt text alt text


Notifications are provided by KaiOS itself when you use the standard Notifications API while your app is running, or the Push API if you want push notifications. Installed apps need to request permission for this through the manifest file. Just add this line to the permissions section of your manifest.webapp file.

"desktop-notification": {}

Once this is added, you can send the user notifications without needing to request permission.


Standardized colors and font stylings are found in the themes directory. These follow the KaiOS typography standard. Currently you can customize the focus color of components through props, font color is a WIP.


KaiUI uses custom icons provided on the KaiOS developer portal. These are included in the kai-icons font and incorporated as SASS/CSS classes.


There's much work to be done on building out more UI components, writing tests, and integrating typing (probably using flow). Please look at currently open issues and our Contributing Guide

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