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Flux Example with React & Meteor
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Meteor Flux Leaderboard136
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Flux Example with React & Meteor
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Alternatives To Meteor Flux Leaderboard
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Flux Example with React & Meteor

Get the benifits of Relay without the wait or complexity

  • Automatic optimistic UI updates (latency compensation)
  • Real time database updates (like Uber's realtime driver location)
  • Mini-Mongo client cache (easy clientside querying)
  • Query based data subscriptions instead of REST (also API REST supported)
  • Data operations in flux are written synchronously because of the optimistic UI


  • Hot code reload
  • Universal JS shared on client and server (isomorphic)
  • Clean server-side code with fibers (soon with promise ES7 async/await)
  • Easy microservice implementations via DDP
  • Modular, swap out any default Meteor components you wish

Different Flux examples

***Make sure to open the console to see the lifecycle***


Example Photo

Full Readme coming soon! (See this readme for an explanation of the Meteor parts)


  • cd meteor-flux-leaderboard
  • meteor
  • Open your browser to localhost:3000
  • Checkout action/store logs in console after clicking about

### Todo
  • [X] Basic functinality
  • [ ] Handle hot code reload (snapshot and restore on reload)
  • [ ] Serverside rendering branch (started, shared files but no SSR)
  • [ ] Immutible stores for rendering performance
  • [ ] React Router using actions

Key pieces are in CollectionActions/Store, Tracker watches for changes on the Minimongo clientside cache and emits a change event when data changes. This retains all the optimistic UI and realtime data capabilities that Meteor offers.

 Tracker.autorun(computation => {
    var docs = Players.find({}).fetch();
    if (computation.firstRun) return; // ignore first empty run

This is simplified by using a helper package, though I think it's important to know how it works.

trackCollection(Players, CollectionActions.playersChanged);

Alt perks

Alt lets you take snapshots of your apps state and can undo/redo state as needed. You can use this to capture your app state on an error then send log it for debugging remotely.

A chrome extension is availible to help with local debugging:


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