Cryptographic Dataset Generation & Modelling Framework
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Official PyTorch implementation of LF-Font (Few-shot Font Generation with Localized Style Representations and Factorization) AAAI 2021
Alternatives To Cryptoknight
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Deep Learning Based Cryptographic Primitive Classification

Automated cryptographic classification framework using Intel's Pin platform for dynamic binary instrumentation and PyTorch for deep learning.

  • Clone Repository
  • Required Python libraries: sudo apt-get install python-pip python-tk
  • Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install toolkit: python --setup
  • Binary compilation requires OpenSSL: sudo apt install libssl-dev

Automatically draw distribution:

python -d scale


python --predict <executable>
python --evaluate <dataset>

To add custom cryptographic samples to the generation pool, please follow the Format Specification.

We also published "CryptoKnight: Generating and Modelling Compiled Cryptographic Primitives " that can be found here in Open Access.

If you want to cite the paper please use the following format;

AUTHOR = {Hill, Gregory and Bellekens, Xavier},
TITLE = {CryptoKnight: Generating and Modelling Compiled Cryptographic Primitives},
JOURNAL = {Information},
VOLUME = {9},
YEAR = {2018},
NUMBER = {9},
URL = {},
ISSN = {2078-2489},
DOI = {10.3390/info9090231}
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