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This project was started because I needed an authenticating and routable proxy for Redis. The main feature is a high performance, eventable, pure Ruby implementation of the complete Redis wire protocol using the same interface as hiredis/reader.

Ruby Gem

# Best with Ruby 1.9.2; works with 1.8.7, JRuby, and Rubinius.
gem install ruby-redis
# Runs a server that looks and feels like the C redis-server

Client example

require 'redis' {
  redis = EventMachine.connect '', 6379, Redis::Client
  # Subscribe and publish messages will call here
  redis.on_pubsub do |message|
    # case message[0]
    # when 'psubscribe' ...
  # All commands implemented uniformly with method_missing
  # Returns instance of Redis::Command < EventMachine::Deferrable 
  # Pipelining is implicit
  redis.set :pi, 3.14159
  redis.get('pi') do |result|
    p result
  redis.blpop('mylist', 1).callback do |result|
    p result
  end.errback do |e|
    raise e

Using hiredis/reader (only affects clients)

# require it before you connect
require 'hiredis/reader'

Fibers example (compatible with em-synchrony)

require 'redis/synchrony'
Redis.synchrony {
  # Be sure to pipeline commands when you can
  redis = EventMachine.connect '', 6379, Redis::Client
  # synchronized requests will return result or raise exception
  sync = redis.synchrony
  # repeat transaction until success
  reply = check = nil
  until reply 'mykey'
    x = sync.get('mykey').to_i
    redis.set 'mykey', x + 1
    redis.get('mykey') {|result| check=result}
    reply = sync.exec
  p reply, check # ["OK", #<RuntimeError>, "4"], "4"

Ruby to Redis type conversions

      String === Status reply
RuntimeError === Error reply
      String === Bulk reply
     Integer === Integer reply
       Array === Multi-bulk reply
        Hash === Multi-bulk reply to hgetall
    NilClass === Nil element or nil multi-bulk
   TrueClass === :1
  FalseClass === :0

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