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2sxc 11 - CMS & App-Engine for DNN

you can't use DNN without 2sxc 😉

This tool helps web designers and developers prepare great looking, animated and sexy content templates in DNN (DotNetNuke). It's like mixing DNN with Umbraco and Drupal :).

Visit for more information.

Visit for API docs.

Visit DNN & Razor Tutorials for tutorials.

Visit 2sxc Blogs for news, updates, articles.

Contents of this Repo

  1. 2sxc Core - containing the main 2sxc code (not dependant on DNN)
  2. 2sxc Dnn - containing everything which connects 2sxc to DNN
  3. 2sxc Razor - contains the razor engine and also connects to DNN
  4. 2sxc WebApi - contains the webapi - also as part of the DNN infrastructure
  5. 2sxc - the root project - containing installation / bundling and dependency injection for runtime

More Git Repos

This is just one repo of 2sxc - the full software also has another ca. 5 for

  1. EAV server data layer
  2. EAV-UI AngularJS UI layer for EAV data
  3. 2sxc-UI AngularJS UI layer enhancing the EAV-UI with 2sxc/dnn parts
  4. icons
  5. languages

The full list with repo-links is maintained on the 2sxc github wiki setup-contribute site.

Release Information

This is version 10.25.00 LTS

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