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														**High Performance,Responsive API Gateways**


This is a high Performance,Responsive API Gateway based on SpringWebFlux and Netty.

Now it only supports HTTP protocol forward,it is for learning communication only.

Project structure

  • Ship-admin: gateway management console,supports config route rule etc.
  • Ship-server: gateway server,core function module.
  • Ship-ship-client-spring-boot-starter: gateway client,automatically register service information to the registration center.
  • Ship-gate-example: an example of how to use the gateway
  • Ship-common: some common codes,like pojo,constants,tools etc.


  • Support custom your own plugins
  • Support A/B test and grayscale publishing
  • Support multiple load balancing strategies
  • Support HTTP protocol,include GET,PUT,POST etc.
  • Support version-based dynamic routing rules
  • Support interface authentication (not implemented)



You can refer to this( to install the nacos.

2.create db

Use the ship.sql in the project to create database first.

3. ship-admin

You need change some config in application.yml.

config item Must Desc
server.port Yes Ship-admin start port
ship.server-web-socket-url Yes websocket url of ship-server
spring.datasource.* Yes Db config
nacos.discovery.server-addr Yes address of nacos

then start the ship-admin,the login address of management backend is http://localhost:9001/user/login/page ,default account admin/1234.

4. backend project

New a springboot project and dependency in pom.xml.


Next change some config in application.yml.

config item Must Desc
nacos.discovery.server-addr Yes address of nacos Yes your app name of backend project,eg: order
ship.http.version Yes version of app,eg:gray_1.0
ship.http.context-path Yes base path of this project,must be same with app-name,eg: /order
ship.http.port Yes the port of project,same with sever.port
ship.http.admin-url Yes the url of ship-admin,eg:

If you think it's trouble,you can just use the ship-gate-example for test.

5. ship-server

It's most important part of ship-gate,similarly you must config some option.

config item Must Option value Desc
nacos.discovery.server-addr Yes address of nacos
ship.gate.load-balance No random,round,weightRound load balance algorithm,default round
ship.gate.time-out-millis No time out millis of gateway,default 3000ms
ship.gate.cache-refresh-interval No default 10s
ship.gate.web-socket-port Yes websocket port to listen

Finally start ship-sever and just have fun!

Architecture diagram


  • JDK1.8+

  • MySQL

  • Nacos 1.3+

    If you want to know more details or have any question,please click here or contact me in time.

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