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A simple react-native implementation of step indicator widget compatible with the ViewPager and ListView.


  • Can be used with ViewPager and Listview
  • Custom Styling
  • Supports vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Supports animation between steps

alt tag                    alt tag example/src/HorizontalStepIndicator.tsx      example/src/VerticalStepIndicator.tsx


$ yarn
$ yarn example ios   // For ios
$ yarn example android   // For Android


npm install react-native-step-indicator --save


yarn add react-native-step-indicator


import StepIndicator from 'react-native-step-indicator';

const labels = ["Cart","Delivery Address","Order Summary","Payment Method","Track"];
const customStyles = {
  stepIndicatorSize: 25,
  separatorStrokeWidth: 2,
  currentStepStrokeWidth: 3,
  stepStrokeCurrentColor: '#fe7013',
  stepStrokeWidth: 3,
  stepStrokeFinishedColor: '#fe7013',
  stepStrokeUnFinishedColor: '#aaaaaa',
  separatorFinishedColor: '#fe7013',
  separatorUnFinishedColor: '#aaaaaa',
  stepIndicatorFinishedColor: '#fe7013',
  stepIndicatorUnFinishedColor: '#ffffff',
  stepIndicatorCurrentColor: '#ffffff',
  stepIndicatorLabelFontSize: 13,
  currentStepIndicatorLabelFontSize: 13,
  stepIndicatorLabelCurrentColor: '#fe7013',
  stepIndicatorLabelFinishedColor: '#ffffff',
  stepIndicatorLabelUnFinishedColor: '#aaaaaa',
  labelColor: '#999999',
  labelSize: 13,
  currentStepLabelColor: '#fe7013'

constructor() {
    this.state = {
        currentPosition: 0

render() {
  return (

    this.setState({currentPosition: position});


Name Type Description Default
currentPosition Number Current position in steps 0
stepCount Number Number of steps 5
direction String Orientation(i.e. horizontal,vertical) horizontal
customStyles Object Custom styling {}
labels Array Labels for each step null
onPress Function (position: Number) Function called when a step is pressed null
renderStepIndicator Function (position: Number, stepStatus: String) Use this to render custom content inside step null
renderLabel Function (position: Number, stepStatus: String, label: String, currentPosition: Number) Use this to render custom label for each step null

Custom Styles

Name Type Default
stepIndicatorSize Number 30
currentStepIndicatorSize Number 40
separatorStrokeWidth Number 3
separatorStrokeUnfinishedWidth Number 0
separatorStrokeFinishedWidth Number 0
stepStrokeWidth Number 0
currentStepStrokeWidth Number 5
stepStrokeCurrentColor String '#4aae4f'
stepStrokeFinishedColor String '#4aae4f'
stepStrokeUnFinishedColor String '#4aae4f'
separatorFinishedColor String '#4aae4f'
separatorUnFinishedColor String '#a4d4a5'
stepIndicatorFinishedColor String '#4aae4f'
stepIndicatorUnFinishedColor String '#a4d4a5'
stepIndicatorCurrentColor String '#ffffff'
stepIndicatorLabelFontSize Number 15
currentStepIndicatorLabelFontSize Number 15
stepIndicatorLabelCurrentColor String '#000000'
stepIndicatorLabelFinishedColor String '#ffffff'
stepIndicatorLabelUnFinishedColor String 'rgba(255,255,255,0.5)'
labelColor String '#000000'
currentStepLabelColor String '#4aae4f'
labelSize Number 13
labelAlign String 'center'
labelFontFamily String


If you'd like to see something added or changed to this module please open a new GitHub issue. Pull requests are always welcome.


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