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The Top 61 Verification Open Source Projects

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Mockk ⭐2,560
mocking library for Kotlin
Fstar ⭐1,750
Verification system for effectful programs
Awesome Software Quality ⭐1,718
List of free software testing and verification resources
Lean ⭐1,570
Lean Theorem Prover
Hacl Star ⭐1,231
HACL*, a formally verified cryptographic library written in F*
Tlaplus ⭐1,034
TLC is an explicit state model checker for specifications written in TLA+. The TLA+Toolbox is an IDE for TLA+.
Trumail ⭐856
✉️ ✅ A Fast and Free Email Verification API written in Go
Liquidhaskell ⭐731
Liquid Types For Haskell
Smsverifycatcher ⭐731
Android library for phone number verification feature in your app. Automatically copies verification code from SMS right into the app. Made by Stfalcon
Owasp Masvs ⭐550
The Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) is a standard for mobile app security.
Cosette ⭐490
Cosette is an automated SQL solver.
Upash ⭐447
🔒Unified API for password hashing algorithms
Pact_broker ⭐423
Enables your consumer driven contracts workflow
Cryptominisat ⭐381
An advanced SAT solver
Certigrad ⭐342
Bug-free machine learning on stochastic computation graphs
Sat_smt_by_example ⭐339
"SAT/SMT by example" free ebook
Ttgpuzzleverify ⭐339
By completing image puzzle game, TTGPuzzleVerify is a more user-friendly verification tool on iOS, which is highly customizable and easy to use. 体验更友好的拼图验证控件
Vunit ⭐336
VUnit is a unit testing framework for VHDL/SystemVerilog
Sbv ⭐310
SMT Based Verification in Haskell. Express properties about Haskell programs and automatically prove them using SMT solvers.
Stp ⭐284
Simple Theorem Prover, an efficient SMT solver for bitvectors
Poc ⭐282
IP Core Library - Published and maintained by the Chair for VLSI Design, Diagnostics and Architecture, Faculty of Computer Science, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Verifier ⭐254
Package verifier provides simple defensive programing primitives.
Smack ⭐253
SMACK Software Verifier and Verification Toolchain
Ed25519 Dalek ⭐238
Fast and efficient ed25519 signing and verification in Rust.
Concuerror ⭐236
Concuerror is a stateless model checking tool for Erlang programs.
Kremlin ⭐230
KreMLin is a tool for extracting low-level F* programs to readable C code
Tool_lists ⭐221
Links to tools by subject
Flint ⭐217
The Flint Programming Language for Smart Contracts
Seahorn ⭐205
SeaHorn Verification Framework
Stainless ⭐205
Verification framework and tool for higher-order Scala programs
Alive ⭐200
Alive: Automatic LLVM's Instcombine Verifier
Express Graphql Mongodb Boilerplate ⭐170
A boilerplate for Node.js apps / API server / Authentication from scratch - express, graphql - (graphql compose), mongodb (mongoose).
Symbiotic ⭐161
Symbiotic is a tool for finding bugs in computer programs based on instrumentation, program slicing and KLEE
Whileycompiler ⭐160
The Whiley Compiler (WyC)
Android Play Safetynet ⭐152
Samples for the Google SafetyNet Attestation API
Scilla ⭐146
Scilla - A Smart Contract Intermediate Level Language
Hyperkernel ⭐142
Md5 File ⭐134
return an md5sum of a given file
Sv Benchmarks ⭐117
Collection of Verification Tasks
Cogent ⭐116
Proof-Code Cogeneration
Esverify ⭐106
ECMAScript verification with SMT solvers
Cpachecker ⭐104
CPAchecker, the Configurable Software-Verification Platform (read-only mirror)
Gini ⭐103
A fast SAT solver
Laravel2step ⭐95
Laravel 2-Step verification is a package to add 2-Step user authentication to any Laravel project easily. It is configurable and customizable. It uses notifications to send the user an email with a 4-digit verification code. Laravel 2-Step Authentication Verification for Laravel. Can be used in out the box with Laravel's authentication scaffolding or integrated into other projects.
React Native Code Verification ⭐95
❤️ Simple UI for pincode verification
Osvvm ⭐94
Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) Repository
Prusti Dev ⭐94
A static verifier for Rust, based on the Viper verification infrastructure.
Antiddos System ⭐88
🛡️⚔️ Protect your web app from DDOS attack or the Dead Ping + CAPTCHA VERIFICATION in one line!
Minasmsverification ⭐86
短信验证:基于阿里云的 微信小程序 功能模块: 直接用 / mini-program + Node.js + Alibaba Cloud / Front & Back End / refactoring
Verifyedittext ⭐82
Siepic_ebeam_pdk ⭐74
SiEPIC EBeam PDK & Library, for SiEPIC-Tools and KLayout
Ergo ⭐72
The Ergo Language for Smart Legal Contracts
Ssri ⭐65
Standard Subresource Integrity library for Node.js
Nexmo Java ⭐63
Nexmo REST API Client Library for Java. API support for SMS, Voice, Text-to-Speech, Numbers, Verify (2FA) and more.
Tulip Control ⭐59
Temporal Logic Planning toolbox
Jhverificationcodeview ⭐57
验证码输入框,验证码,code view,iOS验证码输入
Scrypt Interactive ⭐47
[DEPRECATED] Truebit Verification for Scrypt
Sea Dsa ⭐42
A new context, field, and array-sensitive heap analysis for LLVM bitcode based on DSA.
Perennial ⭐24
Verifying concurrent crash-safe systems
Gesture_recognition ⭐23
a gesture recognition verification lock
Rn Countdown ⭐19
⏰ 纯 JavaScript 实现的针对 React Native App 的倒计时组件。
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