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The Top 86 Toolkit Open Source Projects

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Imgui ⭐19,143
Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies
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Blueprint ⭐15,710
A React-based UI toolkit for the web
Testify ⭐9,740
A toolkit with common assertions and mocks that plays nicely with the standard library
Mybatis Plus ⭐7,864
An powerful enhanced toolkit of MyBatis for simplify development
Vulcan ⭐7,830
πŸŒ‹ A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor
Nwb ⭐4,937
A toolkit for React, Preact, Inferno & vanilla JS apps, React libraries and other npm modules for the web, with no configuration (until you need it)
Iced ⭐3,662
A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm
Projectvisbug ⭐3,532
FireBug for designers β€Ί Edit any webpage, in any state
Bpmn Js ⭐3,365
A BPMN 2.0 rendering toolkit and web modeler.
Gui.cs ⭐3,139
Console-based user interface toolkit for .NET applications.
Luminoth ⭐2,294
⚠️ UNMAINTAINED. Deep Learning toolkit for Computer Vision.
Ran ⭐1,948
⚑️ RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit ⚑️ - SEO-Ready, Production-Ready, SSR, Hot-Reload, CSS-in-JS, Caching, CLI commands and more...
Rom ⭐1,816
Data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby
Imageserver ⭐1,680
Image server toolkit in Go
Storm ⭐1,491
Simple and powerful toolkit for BoltDB
Gluegun ⭐1,469
A delightful toolkit for building TypeScript-powered command-line apps.
Blaze ⭐1,445
Framework-free open source UI toolkit
Dynamorio ⭐1,288
Dynamic Instrumentation Tool Platform
Easy_profiler ⭐1,267
Lightweight profiler library for c++
Hiddeneye ⭐1,184
Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality And Multiple Tunnelling Services [ Android-Support-Available ]
Kirki ⭐1,105
Extending the customizer
Ts Toolbelt ⭐1,023
πŸ› οΈ Get the most out of TypeScript
Ios Developer Tools ⭐903
Tools that every iOS developer should know.
Netsniff Ng ⭐806
A Swiss army knife for your daily Linux network plumbing.
Babysploit ⭐785
πŸ‘Ά BabySploit Beginner Pentesting Toolkit/Framework Written in Python 🐍
Graphql Compose ⭐737
Toolkit for generating complex GraphQL Schemas on Node.js
Actions Toolkit ⭐683
πŸ›  A toolkit for building GitHub Actions in Node.js
Awesome Ui Component Library ⭐617
Curated list of framework component libraries for UI styles/toolkit
Ramda Adjunct ⭐442
Ramda Adjunct is the most popular and most comprehensive set of functional utilities for use with Ramda, providing a variety of useful, well tested functions with excellent documentation.
Seqkit ⭐441
A cross-platform and ultrafast toolkit for FASTA/Q file manipulation in Golang
Csvtk ⭐441
A cross-platform, efficient and practical CSV/TSV toolkit in Golang
React Heatpack ⭐359
A 'heatpack' command for quick React development with webpack hot reloading
Sku ⭐354
Front-end development toolkit
Kooper ⭐347
Kooper is a simple Go library to create Kubernetes operators and controllers.
Kubekit ⭐325
A Kubernetes deployment toolkit for offline environment.
0xsp Mongoose ⭐313
Privilege Escalation Enumeration Toolkit (64/32 ) , fast , intelligent enumeration with Web API integration . Mastering Your Own Finding
Tbuiautotest ⭐303
Generating UI test label automatically for iOS.
Nigui ⭐301
Cross-platform desktop GUI toolkit written in Nim
Eventhus ⭐285
Go - CQRS / Event Sourcing made easy - Go
Imgui Go ⭐278
Go wrapper library for "Dear ImGui" (
Dcmtk ⭐249
Official DCMTK Github Mirror
Hexagon ⭐239
Hexagon is a microservices toolkit written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications, APIs or queue consumers) that run inside a cloud platform.
Jfa Pwa Toolkit ⭐233
⚑️ PWA Features to Any Website (very Fast & Easy)
Bioperl Live ⭐223
Core BioPerl 1.x code
Framevuerk ⭐211
Fast, Responsive, Multi Language, Both Direction Support and Configurable UI Framework based on Vue.js.
Mercury ⭐195
Mercury is a hacking tool used to collect information and use the information to further hurt the target
Pk3ds ⭐194
PokΓ©mon (3DS) ROM Editor & Randomizer
Staplr ⭐193
PDF Toolkit. πŸ“Ž πŸ”¨ πŸ”§ βœ‚οΈ πŸ“‘ πŸ“πŸ“Ž πŸ”– 🚧 πŸ‘·
Recnn ⭐170
Reinforced Recommendation toolkit build around pytorch 1.4
Bedops ⭐169
πŸ”¬ BEDOPS: high-performance genomic feature operations
Typescene ⭐164
Strongly typed front-end framework
Genometools ⭐153
GenomeTools genome analysis system.
Spiceypy ⭐148
SpiceyPy: a Pythonic Wrapper for the SPICE Toolkit.
J2team Community ⭐146
Join our group to see more
Termkit ⭐144
Terminal Kit - Console UI toolkit for Swift applications
Qtools ⭐143
Qtools is a collection of utilities to aid development with CommonQt
Libagar ⭐143
Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit (stable)
Bootstrap Italia ⭐141
Bootstrap Italia Γ¨ un tema Bootstrap 4 conforme alle linee guida di design per i servizi web della PA
Probequest ⭐140
Toolkit for Playing with Wi-Fi Probe Requests
Xrtk Core ⭐136
The Official Mixed Reality Framework for Unity
Scala Server Toolkit ⭐135
Functional programming toolkit for building server applications in Scala.
Hippo ⭐127
πŸ’¨A well crafted go packages that help you build robust, reliable, maintainable microservices.
Toolkit ⭐123
Sky's CSS Toolkit
Graphql Toolkit ⭐120
A set of utils for faster development of GraphQL tools
Mola ⭐118
A Modular Optimization framework for Localization and mApping (MOLA)
Sploitkit ⭐115
Toolkit for building Metasploit-like consoles
Killcast ⭐105
Manipulate Chromecast Devices in your Network
Vertxui ⭐104
Pure 100% java reactive-style client-side webpages with POJO traffic, jUnit GUI testing, declarative view-on-model, automatic browser reloading and more.
Azpainter ⭐104
Full color painting software for Unix-like systems for illustration drawing. This is un-official little fixed repository of image editor AzPainter (based on "mlib" toolkit). Official repository -
Arcgis Toolkit Dotnet ⭐99
Toolkit for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET
Libmtev ⭐95
Mount Everest Application Framework
Mirtk ⭐88
The Medical Image Registration ToolKit (MIRTK), the successor of the IRTK, contains common CMake build configuration files, core libraries, and basic command-line tools. Extension packages are hosted by the MIRTK GitHub group at
Go Testdeep ⭐80
Extremely flexible golang deep comparison, extends the go testing package
Asu ⭐78
facebook hacking toolkit
Rabbit Mq Admin Toolkit ⭐75
Manage a RabbitMQ cluster easily.
Eviltwinframework ⭐71
A framework for pentesters that facilitates evil twin attacks as well as exploiting other wifi vulnerabilities
Krypton Net 5.470 ⭐68
A update to Component factory's krypton toolkit to support the .NET 4.7 framework.
Arcgis Appstudio Samples ⭐64
Collection of samples available in AppStudio for ArcGIS desktop to learn and help build your next app.
Base ⭐63
Base is the foundation for creating modular, unit testable and highly pluggable, server-side node.js applications.
Nebula Trifid ⭐57
Nebula Trifid
Animvrunitytoolkit ⭐29
Bring your AnimVR creations into Unity
Rocksutil ⭐27
A c++ develop toolkit
Gwen Nolegacy Opentk Renderer ⭐20
A C# port of the GWEN GUI library, with an OpenTK renderer
Lodsve Framework ⭐18
Let our development of Spring very easy!
Creater ⭐12
create file with config
Tools ⭐11
My tools
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