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The Top 84 Swift Package Manager Open Source Projects

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Alamofire ⭐32,965
Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
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Skeletonview ⭐8,707
☠️ An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting
Swifterswift ⭐8,127
A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity.
Siren ⭐3,431
Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
Corestore ⭐2,387
Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift
Carekit ⭐1,806
CareKit is an open source software framework for creating apps that help people better understand and manage their health.
Licenseplist ⭐1,582
A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications
Randomkit ⭐1,434
Random data generation in Swift
Bettersegmentedcontrol ⭐1,345
An easy to use, customizable replacement for UISegmentedControl & UISwitch.
Appicon ⭐1,343
AppIcon generates *.appiconset contains each resolution image for iOS
Swift ⭐1,097
🥇Swift基础知识大全,🚀Swift学习从简单到复杂,不断地完善与更新, 欢迎Star❤️,欢迎Fork, iOS开发者交流:①群:446310206 ②群:426087546
Swiftlinkpreview ⭐1,089
It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
Loadingshimmer ⭐1,063
An easy way to add a shimmering effect to any view with just one line of code. It is useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator.
Cameramanager ⭐977
Simple Swift class to provide all the configurations you need to create custom camera view in your app
Fontblaster ⭐959
Programmatically load custom fonts into your iOS and tvOS app.
Burritos ⭐929
A collection of Swift Property Wrappers (formerly "Property Delegates")
Queuer ⭐896
Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD).
Sica ⭐893
🦌 Simple Interface Core Animation. Run type-safe animation sequencially or parallelly
Wstagsfield ⭐891
An iOS text field that represents different Tags
Bfkit Swift ⭐871
BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster.
Swiftuix ⭐847
An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.
Statusalert ⭐707
Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts. It is well suited for notifying user without interrupting user flow in iOS-like way.
Zephyr ⭐653
Effortlessly synchronize UserDefaults over iCloud.
Guitar ⭐629
A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift.
Preferences ⭐617
Add a preferences window to your macOS app in minutes
Waterfallgrid ⭐601
A waterfall grid layout view for SwiftUI.
Mongokitten ⭐567
Native MongoDB driver for Swift, written in Swift
Sablurimageview ⭐526
You can use blur effect and it's animation easily to call only two methods.
Swiftframeworktemplate ⭐520
A template for new Swift iOS / macOS / tvOS / watchOS Framework project ready with travis-ci, cocoapods, Carthage, SwiftPM and a Readme file
Xclogparser ⭐513
Tool to parse the SLF serialization format used by Xcode and xcodebuild to store its Build and Test logs (xcactivitylog).
Bettercodable ⭐478
Better Codable through Property Wrappers
Defaults ⭐468
Swifty and modern UserDefaults
Komondor ⭐373
Git Hooks for Swift projects 🐩
Ascollectionview ⭐333
A SwiftUI collection view with support for custom layouts, preloading, and more.
Ice ⭐325
❄️ A developer friendly package manager for Swift; 100% compatible with Swift Package Manager
Url Image ⭐320
Asynchronous image loading in SwiftUI. SwiftUI Image view that displays an image downloaded from URL, with cache and filters.
Lightning ⭐316
A Swift Multiplatform Single-threaded Non-blocking Web and Networking Framework
Functionkit ⭐304
A framework for functional types and operations designed to fit naturally into Swift.
Aws Sdk Swift ⭐281
AWS SDK for the Swift programming language that works on Linux, macOS and iOS
Bluetoothconnector ⭐278
Simple macOS CLI to connect/disconnect a Bluetooth device. Useful for AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones. ⭐267
A community-driven weekly newsletter about
Swift5 Module Template ⭐257
An opinionated starting point for awesome, reusable Swift 5 modules
Web3.swift ⭐253
A pure swift Ethereum Web3 library
Swiftsunburstdiagram ⭐236
SwiftUI library to easily render diagrams given a tree of objects. Similar to ring chart, sunburst chart, multilevel pie chart.
Brisk ⭐213
A proof of concept scripting library for Swift
Swiftytexttable ⭐207
A lightweight library for generating text tables.
Swiftvalidators ⭐189
String (and more) validation for iOS
Telegrammer ⭐183
Telegram Bot - written with Swift 5.1 / NIO, supports Linux, macOS
Wwdchelper ⭐182
⏬ Help you get WWDC info easily, especially for subtitles.
Xcbeautify ⭐179
A little beautifier tool for xcodebuild
Amplitude Ios ⭐170
Native iOS SDK for Amplitude
Langserver Swift ⭐167
A Swift implementation of the open Language Server Protocol.
Dtpagercontroller ⭐167
A fully customizable container view controller to display a set of ViewControllers in a horizontal scroll view. Written in Swift.
Dtphotoviewercontroller ⭐163
A fully customizable photo viewer ViewController to display single photo or collection of photos, inspired by Facebook photo viewer.
Carting ⭐162
🚘 Simple tool for updating Carthage script phase
Mongo Swift Driver ⭐150
The MongoDB driver for Swift
Cloudcore ⭐146
Framework that enables syncing between iCloud (CloudKit) and Core Data
Multipeer ⭐143
📱📲 A wrapper for the MultipeerConnectivity framework for automatic offline data transmission between devices
Swift Package Manager Ios ⭐136
Example of how to use SPM v4 to manage iOS dependencies
Partitionkit ⭐132
A SwiftUI Library for creating resizable partitions for View Content.
L10n Swift ⭐130
Localization of the application with ability to change language "on the fly" and support for plural form in any language.
Yaap ⭐123
Yet Another (Swift) Argument Parser
Swift Xcode ⭐121
Use Swift Package Manager directly from within Xcode, w/o the cmdline
Cdmarkdownkit ⭐119
An extensive Swift framework providing simple and customizable markdown parsing.
Ducttape ⭐118
📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.
Amcoreaudio ⭐116
A Swift framework that aims to make Core Audio use less tedious in macOS
Natrium ⭐116
A pre-build (Swift) script to alter your Xcode project at pre-build-time per environment, build configuration and target.
Flexcolorpicker ⭐116
Modern color picker library written in Swift 5 that can be easily extended and customized. It aims to provide great UX and performance with stable, quality code.
Netclient Ios ⭐111
Versatile HTTP Networking in Swift
Skeletonui ⭐110
☠️ Elegant skeleton loading animation in SwiftUI and Combine
Buckets Swift ⭐97
Swift Collection Data Structures Library
Interact ⭐91
Brand New SwiftUI Library For Adding Dynamic Interaction To Views With Just A Single Modifier!
Jsoncore ⭐87
A Swift JSON parser that doesn't need Objective-C bridging and doesn't depend on Foundation
Is Camera On ⭐83
Check if the built-in Mac camera is on
Freedom ⭐80
The Freedom to Open URLs in Third-Party Browsers on iOS with Custom UIActivity Subclasses.
Dtoverlaycontroller ⭐71
A customizable and easy-to-use overlay view controller container.
Xmlmapper ⭐66
A simple way to map XML to Objects written in Swift
Id3tageditor ⭐58
🎵🎸A swift library to read and write ID3 Tag of any mp3 file. Supported ID3 tag version: 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4. Supported platform: iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Linux Ubuntu. 🎵🎸
Lark ⭐53
Swift SOAP Client
Dikit ⭐53
Dependency Injection Framework for Swift, inspired by KOIN.
Firebaseswift ⭐51
Firebase REST API wrapper for use in server-side Swift
Swiftprovisioningprofile ⭐49
Parse iOS mobile provisioning files into Swift models
Taniwhatextfield ⭐26
My first cocoapod framework
Rock ⭐13
With Rock you can easily install CLIs built with Swift Package Manager. Prefer vknabel/Archery and yonaskolb/Mint instead
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