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The Top 156 R Package Open Source Projects

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Rmarkdown ⭐1,715
Dynamic Documents for R
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Plotly ⭐1,613
An interactive graphing library for R
Mlr ⭐1,388
Machine Learning in R
Drake ⭐1,056
An R-focused pipeline toolkit for reproducibility and high-performance computing
Skimr ⭐733
A frictionless, pipeable approach to dealing with summary statistics
Rticles ⭐679
LaTeX Journal Article Templates for R Markdown
Rstan ⭐644
RStan, the R interface to Stan
Brms ⭐641
brms R package for Bayesian generalized multivariate non-linear multilevel models using Stan
Posterdown ⭐509
Use RMarkdown to generate PDF Conference Posters via HTML
Rcpp ⭐502
Seamless R and C++ Integration
Shinyjs ⭐483
Easily improve the user experience of your Shiny apps in seconds
Pagedown ⭐464
Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print
Naniar ⭐453
Tidy data structures, summaries, and visualisations for missing data
Rtweet ⭐452
🐦 R client for interacting with Twitter's [stream and REST] APIs
Vitae ⭐449
R Markdown Résumés and CVs
Tinytex ⭐442
A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live
Tidybayes ⭐436
Bayesian analysis + tidy data + geoms (R package)
Dt ⭐387
R Interface to the jQuery Plug-in DataTables
Tabulizer ⭐372
Bindings for Tabula PDF Table Extractor Library
Visdat ⭐341
Preliminary Exploratory Visualisation of Data
Tweetbotornot ⭐320
🤖 R package for detecting Twitter bots via machine learning
Magick ⭐318
Magic, madness, heaven, sin
Golem ⭐316
A Framework for Building Robust Shiny Apps
Cartography ⭐313
Thematic Cartography
Assertr ⭐303
Assertive programming for R analysis pipelines
Dataexplorer ⭐287
Automate Data Exploration and Treatment
Rplos ⭐277
R client for the PLoS Journals API
Pdftools ⭐273
Text Extraction, Rendering and Converting of PDF Documents
Ggextra ⭐260
Add marginal histograms to ggplot2, and more ggplot2 enhancements
Rhub ⭐256
R-hub API client
Rselenium ⭐253
An R client for Selenium Remote WebDriver
Aws.s3 ⭐250
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) API Client
Rnoaa ⭐234
R interface to many NOAA data APIs
Rstanarm ⭐229
rstanarm R package for Bayesian applied regression modeling
Ggpointdensity ⭐226
📈 📊 Introduces geom_pointdensity(): A Cross Between a Scatter Plot and a 2D Density Plot.
Iheatmapr ⭐217
Complex, interactive heatmaps in R
Elastic ⭐209
R client for the Elasticsearch HTTP API
Bayesplot ⭐209
bayesplot R package for plotting Bayesian models
Tufte ⭐206
Tufte Styles for R Markdown Documents
Littler ⭐202
A scripting and command-line front-end for GNU R
Servr ⭐196
A simple HTTP server in R
Tint ⭐191
Tint is not Tufte
Stplanr ⭐182
Sustainable transport planning with R
Taxize ⭐180
A taxonomic toolbelt for R
Fulltext ⭐180
Search across and get full text for OA & closed journals
Gtsummary ⭐177
Presentation-Ready Data Summary and Analytic Result Tables
Pacman ⭐175
A package management tools for R
Polite ⭐174
Be nice on the web
Tesseract ⭐173
Bindings to Tesseract OCR engine for R
Image ⭐173
Computer Vision and Image Recognition algorithms for R users
Icon ⭐173
R package to easily insert web icons to RMarkdown
Charlatan ⭐172
Create fake data in R
Formatr ⭐170
Format R Code Automatically
Datasaurus ⭐165
R Package 📦 Containing the Datasaurus Dozen datasets 📊
Git2r ⭐159
R bindings to the libgit2 library
Animation ⭐158
A gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations
Cleannlp ⭐157
R package providing annotators and a normalized data model for natural language processing
Shinystan ⭐154
shinystan R package and ShinyStan GUI
Osmdata ⭐153
R package for downloading OpenStreetMap data
Mlrmbo ⭐152
Toolbox for Bayesian Optimization and Model-Based Optimization in R
Simmer ⭐151
Discrete-Event Simulation for R
Webservices ⭐148
CRAN WebTechnologies Task View
Tokenizers ⭐145
Fast, Consistent Tokenization of Natural Language Text
Textreuse ⭐139
Detect text reuse and document similarity
Udpipe ⭐138
R package for Tokenization, Parts of Speech Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing Based on the UDPipe Natural Language Processing Toolkit
Dataretrieval ⭐137
This R package is designed to obtain USGS or EPA water quality sample data, streamflow data, and metadata directly from web services. See:
Gender ⭐131
Predict Gender from Names Using Historical Data
Rentrez ⭐130
talk with NCBI entrez using R
Writexl ⭐130
Portable, light-weight data frame to xlsx exporter for R
Rnaturalearth ⭐128
an R package to hold and facilitate interaction with natural earth map data 🌍
Geojsonio ⭐122
Convert many data formats to & from GeoJSON & TopoJSON
Packagemetrics ⭐119
A Package for Helping You Choose Which Package to Use
Datapackager ⭐118
An R package to enable reproducible data processing, packaging and sharing.
Biomartr ⭐117
Genomic Data Retrieval with R
Ggparliament ⭐117
Simple parliament plots using ggplot2
Googlelanguager ⭐117
R client for the Google Translation API, Google Cloud Natural Language API and Google Cloud Speech API
Rblpapi ⭐116
R package interfacing the Bloomberg API from
Osmplotr ⭐116
Data visualisation using OpenStreetMap objects
Arsenal ⭐116
An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
Crrri ⭐115
A Chrome Remote Interface written in R
Qualtrics ⭐114
Download Qualtrics survey data directly into R!
Rcrossref ⭐113
R client for various CrossRef APIs
Drat ⭐113
Drat R Archive Template
Tic ⭐113
Tasks Integrating Continuously: CI-Agnostic Workflow Definitions
Roomba ⭐111
General purpose API response tidier
Osrm ⭐109
Shortest Paths and Travel Time from OpenStreetMap with R
Pinp ⭐109
Pinp Is Not PNAS -- Two-Column PDF Template
Available ⭐108
Check if a package name is available to use
Piggyback ⭐106
📦 for using large(r) data files on GitHub
Umapr ⭐106
UMAP dimensionality reduction in R
Jqr ⭐105
R interface to jq
Minicran ⭐104
R package to create internally consistent, mini version of CRAN
Ssh ⭐104
Native SSH client in R based on libssh
Gramr ⭐104
RStudio Addin, function, & shiny app for the write-good linter 📝
Dataspice ⭐103
🌶 Create lightweight descriptions of dataset
Pkgverse ⭐102
📦🔭🌠 Create your own universe of packages à la tidyverse
Rgbif ⭐101
Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API
Starters ⭐101
R Package 📦 for initializing projects for various R activities 🔩
Rinside ⭐94
Seamless embedding of R in C++ programs
Modistsp ⭐92
An "R" package for automatic download and preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Time Series
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