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Layer 7,635
丰富多样的 Web 弹出层组件,可轻松实现 Alert/Confirm/Prompt/ 普通提示/页面区块/iframe/tips等等几乎所有的弹出交互。目前已成为最多人使用的弹层解决方案
Tianti 943
java轻量级的CMS解决方案-天梯。天梯是一个用java相关技术搭建的后台CMS解决方案,用户可以结合自身业务进行相应扩展,同时提供了针对dao、service等的代码生成工具。技术选型:Spring Data JPA、Hibernate、Shiro、 Spring MVC、Layer、Mysql等。
Windless 837
Windless makes it easy to implement invisible layout loading view.
Layx 599
Layx 新一代Web弹窗组件。
Gradients 459
🌔 A curated collection of splendid 180+ gradients made in swift
Anylayer 399
Codebe 303
CodeBe(码币)是一个是使用angular2整合各种插件的项目,包括(layer,bootstrap-table,markdown编辑器,highcharts,ckeditor,高德地图,fullcalendar 等等)。如果你有什么想要集成的插件,请告诉我,我来加进去。(请给我加个星,谢谢。)
Lulichat 267
Lmgaugeview 210
LMGaugeView is a simple and customizable gauge control for iOS.
Efo 188
React Layer Stack 151
Layering system for React. Useful for popover/modals/tooltip/dnd application
Manopth 121
MANO layer for PyTorch, generating hand meshes as a differentiable layer
Uibezierpath Symbol 114
Symbol extension for UIBezierPath class (UIBezierPath category).
Flocks.js 72
A radically simpler alternative to Flux - opinionated React state and rendering management
Ansible Role Memcached 48
Ansible Role - Memcached
Anythingpull 19
Webside 18
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