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The Top 13 Db2 Open Source Projects

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Dbeaver ⭐11,385
Free universal database tool and SQL client
Flyway ⭐4,674
Flyway by Boxfuse • Database Migrations Made Easy.
Jooq ⭐3,559
jOOQ is the best way to write SQL in Java
Liquibase ⭐1,919
Main Liquibase Source
Linq2db ⭐1,467
Linq to database provider.
Soci ⭐812
Official repository of the SOCI - The C++ Database Access Library
Dbshield ⭐591
Database firewall written in Go
Symmetric Ds ⭐352
SymmetricDS is a database and file synchronization solution that is platform-independent, web-enabled, and database agnostic. SymmetricDS was built to make data replication across two to tens of thousands of databases and file systems fast, easy and resilient. We specialize in near real time, bi-directional data replication across large node networks over the WAN or LAN.
Sharding Method ⭐164
Obevo ⭐140
Obevo is a database deployment tool that handles enterprise scale schemas and complexity
E Commerce Db ⭐101
Database schema for e-commerce (webstores) sites.
Csv2db ⭐58
The CSV command line loader
Eosio_sql_plugin ⭐20
EOSIO sql database plugin
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