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UIkit 3 Starter Layout / Templates for your UIKit 3 project.


The main goal of KickOff is to quickly get you started on your project with UIkit 3, bringing a solid layout foundation to work upon.

CSS Styles

All the layouts are based on default UIkit styles to keeps things clean and simple, but some layouts may use some custom css code.

The css styles are the minified latest version of UIKit 3 ( latest ) from the cdn.


The code try to be as simple as possible, with commented sections, validated and semantic html5 markup.


Since UIkit 3 removed JQuery dependancy, it´s not included. All JS implementations are created by adding data-uk-* attributes to the HTML elements. No additional JS lines are added.

The uikit.min.js file is the minified latest version of UIKit 3 ( latest ) from the cdn.

The data-uk-* syntax it´s used in order to work with every library and get html code validated.

Images and Graphics

The Layouts

At the moment these layouts are available ( more will be available soon! )


2021 byHumans under the MIT license.

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UIkit is an Open Source project developed by YOOtheme.

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