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Tweet Map with Trends

  1. Build a java Tweet Collector to collect real-time tweets with Twitter Streaming API
  2. Push collected tweets to Kafka cluster
  3. Utilize Apache Flink Streaming to process (parse, filter and tranform) tweets
  4. Ingest processed tweets to Elasticsearch for data persistance and index
  5. Develop SpringBoot RESTful API server to query tweets from Elasticsearch
  6. Visualize real time tweet trends with Frontend Angular web application
  7. Show Geographical Tweet Heat Map with Kibana
  8. Create Docker image and deploy microservices to Kubernetes cluster

Project structure

  • tweet-collector: collect real-time tweets with Twitter Streaming API and push to Kafka cluster.

    • To support other social media, implement SocialMediaCollector interface.
    • To support other message queues, implement Sinkable interface.
  • rest-api-server: A RESTful API server querying tweets from Elasticsearch using SpringBoot framework.

  • flink-processor: Streaming process tweets and ingest into Elasticsearch.

  • frontend-website: Visualize Tweet Map with Angular framework. (developing)


JDK version:

  1. master branch and dev-jdk11 branch: JDK 11
  2. dev-jdk8 branch: JDK 8

./gradlew :tweet-collector:clean :tweet-collector:build :tweet-collector:dockerPush

java -jar tweet-collector/build/libs/tweet-collector-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

./gradlew :flink-processor:clean :flink-processor:build

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