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ultimate-hot-boilerplate for a universal react/node app with server-side-render

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This boilerplate come with common things you can found in create-react-app, while being more progressive in adopting some of the more edgy stacks, such as styled-components, redux-segment, graphql, flow, prettier, etc.

It can be used as the base of a monolithical app that packs UI and API all together for rapid iterations or products or being split up into micro-services as well.

Hot Reload Everything 🔥

  • Redux reducer hot reloading both client/server side
  • React component hot reloading both client/server side
  • Styled-components hot reloading both client/server side
  • Server-side express routes hot reloading
  • React-Router v5 hot reloading both client/server side

Boost Development Experience 🏎

  • Redux DevTools Extension both client/server side
  • Redux-Segment Analytics Integration
  • GraphQL with nested data example both client/server side
  • Path resolve no .. both client/server side

Production Ready Quality 🚀

  • linting and formatting with Eslint, Prettier, Stylelint
  • flexible type safety check with Flow
  • unit testing with Jest, Enzyme, Supertest, etc.
  • e2e test toolings
  • containerise with Docker
  • best practices React/Redux patterns with Immutable, Reselect
  • graphql api
  • tracking, analytics integration (logging, metrics can be added)



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