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What is Tessellate?

Tessellate is a server-side React service that creates static HTML and a JavaScript bundle from abstract JSON definitions. It is meant to be used as a Fragment as part of the Mosaic stack for micro services in the frontend but can be used independently as well.

Package Description Version
tessellate-bundler Builds universal React bundles from JSON. npm version
tessellate-fragment Dynamic server-side React render service. npm version
tessellate-server Common service foundation for editor and bundler. npm version
tessellate-editor Experimental editor for composing reusable components. npm version
tessellate-viewer Experimental layout service for composing Mosaic fragments. npm version
tessellate-transform Experimental JSON transformation tool. npm version

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Tessellate v2

The next version of tessellate is under development in the next branch of this repository.

Dynamic fragments

A Mosaic Fragment is a web service that provides some partial HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Multiple Fragments can be composed into a complete web page by the Tailor layout service. Tessellate is an opinionated implementation of such a Fragment.

tessellate-fragment responds to incoming requests based on a customizable* logic and uses React to render precompiled JavaScript bundles into static HTML. tessellate-bundler compiles those bundles ahead of time based on an abstract JSON document and with the help of webpack. We call this a dynamic Fragment because the bundles can be updated independetly from the Fragment and because they are selected dynamically for each request.

Tessellate offers a simple yet powerful solution to integrate content providers into a Mosaic stack for micro services in the frontend. Instead of implementing specialized Fragments to render different parts of a website, you can simply transform all your content into precompiled JavaScript bundles that Tessellate knows how to render. Please read the architecture overview to learn more.

* subject to ongoing development


The Tessellate micro services can easily be installed as Node modules:

npm i --save tessellate-bundler tessellate-fragment


Each micro service reads configuration from environment variables, command line arguments or a file. See each subproject for details.


Tessellate requires Node.js >= 7.6 and uses Lerna for managing packages. Run the following commands in the root directory to get started:

npm install   # Install dependencies and initialize packages.
npm run dist  # Compile all packages.

We recommend using Atom text editor together with the Nuclide plugin and Flow for static type checking.

Here's how to install Nuclide (requires Atom) and Flow:

apm install nuclide
npm install -g flow-bin


For details on pull requests, commit messages and conditions for contributing please see


Go to for detailed documentation.



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