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require vue 2.x and vue-router 2.x.


vue-navigation default behavior is similar to native mobile app (A、B、C are pages):

  1. A forward to B, then forward to C;
  2. C back to B, B will recover from cache;
  3. B forward to C again, C will rebuild, not recover from cache;
  4. C forward to A, A will build, now the route contains two A instance.

!important: vue-navigation adds a key to the url to distinguish the route. The default name of the key is VNK, which can be modified.





npm i -S vue-navigation


yarn add vue-navigation


Basic Usage


import Vue from 'vue'
import router from './router' // vue-router instance
import Navigation from 'vue-navigation'

Vue.use(Navigation, {router})
// bootstrap your app...



Use with vuex2


import Vue from 'vue'
import router from './router' // vue-router instance
import store from './store' // vuex store instance
import Navigation from 'vue-navigation'

Vue.use(Navigation, {router, store})
// bootstrap your app...

After passing in store, vue-navigation will register a module in store (default module name is navigation), and commit navigation/FORWARD or navigation/BACK or navigation/REFRESH when the page jumps.


Only router is required.

Vue.use(Navigation, {router, store, moduleName: 'navigation', keyName: 'VNK'})


functions: [ on | once | off ]

event types: [ forward | back | replace | refresh | reset ]

parameter( to | from ) properties:

  • name
    • type: string
    • desc: name of the route(contains the key)
  • route
    • type: object
    • desc: vue-route`s route object
this.$navigation.on('forward', (to, from) => {})
this.$navigation.once('back', (to, from) => {})
this.$navigation.on('replace', (to, from) => {})
this.$'refresh', (to, from) => {})
this.$navigation.on('reset', () => {})


Use Vue.navigation in global environment or use this.$navigation in vue instance.

  • getRoutes() get the routing records
  • cleanRoutes() clean the routing records

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