Tracking Map On Android

Periodically tracking and recording user's location in the background
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Location, motion, and activity recording framework for iOS
21 days ago8apache-2.0Kotlin
This is an Android Spyware App, Which uploads user data such as Contacts, Messages, Call log & recordings, Send messages, Photos, Videos, etc.
Tracking Map On Android73
11 years ago1Java
Periodically tracking and recording user's location in the background
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Simple code to add blue dots for every UITouch in an app - Helpful for recording app demos that show touch locations during use.
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ReminderPro(location, note, voice recording)
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Pugmarks is a tool which can be used to record Location tracks and routes on a map interactively along with Photos, Videos, Audio clippings and Messages mapped to locations. The tool is aimed to help crowdsource local resources, tracks and folklore along routes.
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##Tracking map on Android

Note: this is originally based on my other repo, but it has been changed drastically therefore I think it would be easier to just create another new version. The old one still works, but from now I will only update this version.


###What's new 2012.07.19

  • Now be able to keep tracking indoor using Network location provider
  • Location update interval for GPS is 2s, Network is 30s

###What could it do

  • start the background process to periodically track user's location (GPS enabled)
  • for every point it records, it also obtain nearby places via Google Places API
  • store data and meta info into local database
  • an icon on notification bar to indicate the running process and also be able to go back to the app
  • start/stop functions
  • export location data (to "sdcard/tracking/")
  • draw points on map based on the data
  • create log file automatically


  • Android support library: could downloaded via Android SDK manager
  • Google API Java client
  • Google Place API sample from ddewaele, updated to be compatible with the newest version of google API


  • You have to obtain your own google api key.
  • map drawing not real time

Feel free to fork it; have fun.

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