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WhatsApp Clone ⚡

Platform - Android, IOS and Web

Whatsapp Clone provides an in depth view of implementation on how to create a full-stack, mobile, hybrid web application from scratch. This repository covers implementation of 3 major platform's mainly Android, IOS & Web using React Native & MERN stack 🔥.

You can see the following features in action in this repository,

  • Instant & Realtime textual One to One chat
  • User's Online/Offline availability
  • Last Seen time
  • Unread Message count indicator
  • Realtime Status update
  • Multiple Status view along with progress
  • Web Login via QR code scan
  • WhatsApp Web with realtime chat & status
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Major Technologies Used

React Native ReactJs NodeJs
Firebase Storage Typescript ExpressJs
Native Base React Virtualized MongoDb
Axios Material UI Mongoose
Momentjs Typescript
React Navigation JSON WebToken Momentjs
React Native Camera Momentjs JSON WebToken

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Live Action

Platform Support

The project includes Mobile app developed for Android & IOS platform along with a Website similar to WhatsApp Web.
Refer the following links for platform specific implementation,

Platform Screenshots

Refer the following links for platform specific screenshots,


Yuvraj Pandey

I am a passionate Engineer which likes to push himself on various fronts of technologies.

For more exciting updates follow me,


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