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A lightweight Promise-returning helper for loading the Google Maps JavaScript API

  • The Promise’s fulfilled callback is passed the google.maps object
  • Optionally set a timeout, an API key, the language, and more


Editable demo (CodePen)

const loadGoogleMapsApi = require('load-google-maps-api')

loadGoogleMapsApi().then(function (googleMaps) {
  new googleMaps.Map(document.querySelector('.map'), {
    center: {
      lat: 40.7484405,
      lng: -73.9944191
    zoom: 12
}).catch(function (error) {

N.B. Just like the Google Maps API itself, this module is client-side only.


Without this module, you would need to specify a named global callback, and pass said callback’s name as a parameter in the script tag’s src. For example:

window.googleMapsOnLoad = function () {
  // `` available here
<script async defer src=""></script>

This module abstracts this ceremony away, and fits better with modern bundlers like Browserify or Webpack.


const loadGoogleMapsApi = require('load-google-maps-api')


Returns a Promise.

  • Fulfilled if loading was successful. The fulfilled callback is passed the google.maps object. If loadGoogleMapsApi is called multiple times on a page, the fulfilled callback will be passed the previously-loaded google.maps object.
  • Rejected if we weren’t able to load the Google Maps API after options.timeout.

See Usage.

options is an optional object literal:

Key Description Default
apiUrl The Google Maps API script tag URL ''
channel Client usage reporting channel undefined
client Client ID undefined
key Your API key undefined
language Language undefined
libraries Supplemental libraries to load []
region Region undefined
timeout Time in milliseconds before rejecting the Promise 10000
v API version undefined


$ yarn add load-google-maps-api



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