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Türkçe sıra sayıları eki hesaplama fonksiyonu. (Add ordinal suffix to a number - for Turkish language)

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✅ It can calculate all ordinal suffixes, up to Trillion and beyond! 🚀

Türkçe Açıklama (Turkish description)

Türkçe sıra sayıları eki hesaplama fonksiyonu. Trilyon değerinden sonrası dahil sıra sayılarını hesaplayabilir.


npm install ordinalize-tr


const { ordinal } = require('ordinalize-tr');

ordinal(5); // Returns: "5'inci"
ordinal(5, false); // Returns: "inci"

Usage in Browser

<script src=""></script>
  window.ordinalizeTR.ordinal(43); // Returns: "43'üncü"

Type Signature

const ordinal = (num: number, onlySuffix: boolean = false) => string;


As always, I'm open to any contribution and would like to hear your feedback.

Just an important reminder:

If you are planning to contribute to any open source project, before starting development, please always open an issue and make a proposal first. This will save you from working on features that are eventually going to be rejected for some reason.


MIT (c) 2020 Mehmet Yatkı

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