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Binance Trader (RC 2)

This is an experimental bot for auto trading the exchange. @yasinkuyu



  1. Signup for Binance

  2. Enable Two-factor Authentication

  3. Go API Center, Create New Api Key

     [✓] Read Info [✓] Enable Trading [X] Enable Withdrawals
  4. Rename to / orders.sample.db to orders.db

  5. Get an API and Secret Key, insert into

     API key for account access
     api_key = ''
     Secret key for account access
     api_secret = ''
     [API Docs](
  6. Optional: Modify recv_window value (not recommended)

  7. Optional: run as an excutable application in Docker containers



sudo pip install requests

Python 3
    import os
    import sys
    import time
    import config
    import argparse
    import threading
    import sqlite3

Usage (trading module)

python --symbol XVGBTC

Example parameters

# Profit mode (default)
python --symbol XVGBTC --quantity 300 --profit 1.3
or by amount
python --symbol XVGBTC --amount 0.0022 --profit 3

# Range mode
python --symbol XVGBTC --mode range --quantity 300 --buyprice 0.00000780 --sellprice 0.00000790
or by amount
python --symbol XVGBTC --mode range --amount 0.0022 --buyprice 0.00000780 --sellprice 0.00000790

--quantity     Buy/Sell Quantity (default 0) (If zero, auto calc)
--amount       Buy/Sell BTC Amount (default 0)
--symbol       Market Symbol (default XVGBTC or XVGETH)
--profit       Target Profit Percentage (default 1.3)
--stop_loss    Decrease sell price at loss Percentage (default 0)
--orderid      Target Order Id (default 0)
--wait_time    Wait Time (seconds) (default 0.7)
--increasing   Buy Price Increasing  +(default 0.00000001)
--decreasing   Sell Price Decreasing -(default 0.00000001)
--prints       Scanning Profit Screen Print (default True)
--loop         Loop (default 0 unlimited)

--mode         Working modes profit or range (default profit)
               profit: Profit Hunter. Find defined profit, buy and sell. (Ex: 1.3% profit)
               range: Between target two price, buy and sell. (Ex: <= 0.00000780 buy - >= 0.00000790 sell )

--buyprice     Buy price (Ex: 0.00000780)
--sellprice    Buy price (Ex: 0.00000790)

Symbol structure;
    XXXBTC  (Bitcoin)
    XXXETH  (Ethereum)
    XXXBNB  (Binance Coin)
    XXXUSDT (Tether)

All binance symbols are supported.

Every coin can be different in --profit and --quantity.
If quantity is empty --quantity is automatically calculated to the minimum qty.

Variations; --symbol TBNBTC --quantity 50 --profit 3 --symbol NEOBTC --amount 0.1 --profit 1.1 --symbol ETHUSDT --quantity 0.3 --profit 1.5

Usage (balances module)


Run in a Docker container

docker build -t trader .

docker run trader


I am not responsible for anything done with this bot.
You use it at your own risk.
There are no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied.
You assume all responsibility and liability.


Fork this Repo
Commit your changes (git commit -m 'Add some feature')
Push to the changes (git push)
Create a new Pull Request

Thanks all for your contributions...



Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL

Filter failure: PRICE_FILTER

Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server's time.


- MACD indicator (buy/sell)
- Stop-Loss implementation
- Working modes
  - profit: Find defined profit, buy and sell. (Ex: 1.3% profit)
  - range:  Between target two price, buy and sell. (Ex: <= 0.00100 buy - >= 0.00150 sell )
- Binance/Bittrex/HitBTC Arbitrage  


- October 7, 2017 Beta
- January 6, 2018 RC
- January 15, 2018 RC 1
- January 20, 2018 RC 2


Code released under the MIT License.

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