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Metadescription allows you to easily specify lots of different metadescriptions for all your different pages/controller actions. This is helpful for SEO

Installation instructions

  • Add to your Gemfile
gem 'meta_description', github: 'yanismydj/metadescription'
  • Add the tag to your application.html.erb file in your <head> section
<%= metadescription %>
  • Create and customize a meta_descriptions.yml file in config/meta_descriptions.yml Example file:
default: 'this is the default meta description'
  index: 'this is the meta description for the home#index page'
  your_action_name_here: 'the metadescription for your_controller_here#your_action_name_here'
  all: 'this metadescription will be used controllerwide for this controller'

Overriding metadescription for an action or a controller

If you need to set the metadescription for a specific action or controller, just set a @metadescription instance variable in your action or in your controller IE:

# action specific
class HomeController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @metadescription = "This page is SEO optimized for whatever it does!"
# controller specific
class HomeController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :set_metadescription

  def index

  def set_metadescription
    @metadescription = "This page is SEO optimized for whatever it does!"

That's it!

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