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Burp-molly-pack is Yandex security checks pack for Burp. The main goal of Burp-molly-pack is to extend Burp checks. Plugins contains Active and Passive security checks.


  • Build fat jar with Maven mvn package or download release version
  • Change and save burp_molly_config.json
  • Put path to config in MOLLY_CONFIG Environment variable

export MOLLY_CONFIG=/path/to/burp_molly_config.json

  • Run Burp Suite in console java -jar burpsuite_pro.jar
  • Add Plugins Jar file in Extender Tab


Contributions to Burp-molly-pack are always welcome! You can help us in different ways:

  • Open an issue with suggestions for improvements and errors you're facing;
  • Fork this repository and submit a pull request;
  • Improve the documentation.

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